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Arsenal vs. Hull Goals & Highlights (MOTD): WTF!?!?!!?

Posted by Arsenalist on September 27, 2008

Arsenal 1, Hull 2

Can’t afford to take these games lightly. Bad display, bad result. We got a little too pass-happy in the first half and it cost us. Hull City didn’t even put 10 people in the box like they were expected to and yet we still didn’t manage to crack them open. Bad, bad result. There was little fluidity in our game and I can’t even count how many passes were intercepted, we didn’t play wide enough and allowed ourselves to be closed down rather easily. Once again we let a goal in through a set-piece (Gallas being the offender). Our defense is not good, we got away with it the last few weeks but its an area that needs to be addressed in the January transfer window.

Own goal: 1-0: Watch :: Download

Giovani: 1-1: Watch :: Download

Cousin: 2-1: Watch :: Download

MOTD Highlights

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