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Arsenal vs. Blackburn Rovers Goals and Highlights: English Premier League

Posted by Arsenalist on September 13, 2008

Blackburn 0, Arsenal 4


Robin van Persie 1-0: Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 2-0: Watch :: Download

Requested Video: Entire goal again with all the passes that lead up to it Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 3-0, Penalty + Foul: Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 4-0: Watch

Halftime Highlights: Watch :: Download

MOTD Highlights: Watch

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Arsenal posts coming up

Posted by Arsenalist on July 16, 2008

Lest we forget this blog does cover two teams albeit the vast majority of the posts are Toronto Raptors related. However, that’s only because there are already 36,698 Arsenal blogs out there and adding another one to that list whilst sitting in Toronto doesn’t make much sense.

As Arsenal pre-season approaches you will notice posts containing Arsenal videos. For those of you with no interest in football, you can subscribe to the Raptors feed and get all Raptors related posts delivered to your favorite RSS reader. If you’re appetite is for Arsenal videos, grab the Arsenal feed and you’ll never be bothered with things about Joey Graham et al. If you do visit the website regularly, you’ll have to deal with both type of posts. The Raptors posts will greatly outnumber the Arsenal ones as there’s only one Arsenal post per game (usually the same day).

I hope to cover most Barclay’s English Premier League, Champions League, Carling Cup and FA Cup fixtures for the Gunners. I am on vacation between August 6th – August 24th so I’ll miss anything Raptors and Arsenal related there.


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Nathan Jawai Highlights (Cop-out post)

Posted by Arsenalist on June 30, 2008

I’m in Vancouver for work. So here’s a cop-out post containing highlights of the future Raptors Hall of Famer:

Better post later (maybe?):




Warriors Pre-draft Interview:

Jazz Pre-draft Interview:

NBA Draft Aussie Prospects:

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Arsenal vs. Derby County Highlights: Adebayor hat-trick!

Posted by Arsenalist on April 28, 2008

Derby County 2, Arsenal 6

Highlight of the game: Adebayor rubbing that dance in the fuckers face. Enjoy the goals, my favorite is the Walcott one, reminded me of Thierry Henry a bit. You know, coming down the left and angling it away from the goalie into the side-netting. Classic stuff. Eboue wasn’t half-bad today, but then again this is League 2 opposition. Also, check out Gallas on both their goals. Tsk tsk.

Nicklas Bendtner 1-0: Download :: Watch

Some Cunt 1-1: Download :: Watch

Robin van Persie 2-1: Download :: Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor: 3-1: Download :: Watch

Very Big Cunt: 3-2: Download :: Watch

Theo Walcott 4-2: Download :: Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor 5-2: Download :: Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor 6-2: Download :: Watch

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Arsenal vs. Manchester United Highlights: End of a season

Posted by Arsenalist on April 13, 2008

Manchester United 2, Arsenal 1

A very sad day for the Gunners. After taking the league on a deserved Adebayor goal, William Gallas inexplicably puts his arm to the ball and gifts United a goal. After that our defence falls asleep and allows the overrated Hargreaves to fool us on a freekick which was given because of a phantom foul.

But ignore all that, the problem was still something very familiar: Arsenal’s inability to take easy chances. Adebayor being the guilty party yet again. We shoulda coulda woulda been up 3-0 in this game if we had a striker the quality of Henry up front. I don’t know why RVP was playing in midfield for most of the game, I imagine his finer finishing ability would’ve been put to good use up front.

We again dominated 75% of the game but somehow managed to lose off of set pieces, a problem that’s been there for quite some time. There’s very little solace in knowing that we were the better team yet again. Wenger needs to fix up the defense for good this summer. Alexandre Song starting in place of Senderos for such a crucial game is testament that we have very little depth in the back four.

The season ends with Arsenal playing some brilliant football for the first half, getting decimated by injuries to key players and finally putting forth a commendable effort to finish out the season. Unfortunately, the ref ended our Champions League campaign and its fitting that we lose at Old Trafford by gifting United a goal and being passive on a set-piece.

This year has been a learning experience and has allowed us to identify exactly where we need to get stronger: defense, concentration, experience and leadership. Its up to Arsene Wenger to address those issues in the summer. What would’ve been the outcome of this season if Eduardo, RVP, Sagna and Rosicky would’ve been healthy? For the most part, I do think we have the talent to compete, its the intangibles that seem to be missing.


Match Report

MOTD Highlights

Arsene Wenger concedes title in post-match interview

Adeabyor: 1-0 Download:: Watch

Gallas Handball (can you believe this?) and Ronaldo penalty: 1-1 Download :: Watch

Hargreaves Goal 2-1: Download :: YouTube

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Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights (Carling Cup Semi Final): Eduardo finds Walcott, Walcott finds net

Posted by Arsenalist on January 9, 2008

Game Notes:

– Berbatov’s boyfriend was the commentator.

– Djourou and Senderos make me nervous. I’d rather have Sol Campbell than these two dicking around in the back.

– Denilson has trouble filling Fabregas’ shoes. Not really a surprise but the difference in quality is huge.

– It’s funny how right-footed Abou Diaby is.

– Second straight game where Eduardo’s picked out a run to perfection.

– The Theo goal was four inches away from being a handball, check the video.

– There wasn’t a doubt whether we’d come back despite playing like horse manure for about 88 minutes of this game.

– The Traore freekick from just outside the box made my go “Ughhhh”

Match Report.

– Make sure to catch grab the feed.

Short Match Highlights (not English)

Jenas ’37: Download

Walcot ’79 Download

Here’s an entire stretch of play which contains the Theo goal:

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Arsenal vs. Burnley Highlights (3rd Round FA Cup): Eduardo and Bendtner pull Gunners through

Posted by Arsenalist on January 6, 2008

Arsenal 2, Burnley 0

Isn’t Turf Moor the coolest ground name in English football? I think so. Anyway, Eduardo continues his fine form with a calm, cool, collected, composed, compassionate and creative finish. Did you expect anything less? In all seriousness, we played like shit and are lucky to have survived the Burnley pressure after they were whittled down to 10 men. I’m not too sad to lose Eboue to the ACN after this one, as the halftime guy from ESPN (idiots, all of them) pointed out, “It’s like he’s wearing a colored uniform, keeps giving the ball away every time”. Eboue needs to understand what his limits are abide by them, his departure will mean more time for Walcott who is just about due to score his first league goal – I can’t take the suspense anymore!!

Senderos didn’t look completely shaky which gives me some confidence that he just might be able to fit Kolo’s size 50 shoes while he’s gone. The thing that’s scary about Senderos is that he has that look about him that says “you know I’m going to screw up sooner or later and when I do it’s going to be large” and every time I look at his mug I think back to last year’s FA Cup against Blackburn. This is usually where the Senderos supporters point out his contributions in the CL in 2006 and I say yeah, but what have you done for me lately? I know, I’m a bitch.

This might be the last we’ve seen of Jens Lehmann who I’ll be sad to see go. He’s done mulling over an offer from Dortmund which he’s a fool to reject because it doesn’t look like Wenger will ever forgive him for his early season gaffes. The man sure holds a grudge. Here’s the match report but you also want to check out Third Gen – he likes to write and write and write.

Many thanks to the Arseblogger for finally adding a link in his sidebar. Feed.

Eduardo ‘9 Download

Bendtner ’75 Download

Match Highlights: Mega Video

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Arsenal vs. Chelsea Highlights: Gunners show grit as Gallas rises to the challenge

Posted by Arsenalist on December 16, 2007

Arsenal 1, Chelsea 0

The impressive defensive stand in the second half showed the true mettle of this Arsenal team. Chelsea did everything they could to get that elusive equalizer but we were up to the task, from Almunia to Adebayor we did enough to keep them at bay and still manage to produce counter-attacks that deserved much better finishing. But the bottom line is we rose to the challenge of Grand Slam Sunday and got a pressure win knowing that anything less would result in a reverse in the standings. As almost expected, Captain William Gallas provided the needed score in typical Gallas fashion – on a header in traffic. I don’t know why the commentators (clearly very big cunts) kept attributing the goal to a Petr Czech “mistake” rather than a rising Gallas who read the cross perfectly. I don’t know much about English commentators but they don’t seem to be as friendly towards Arsenal as they are towards the other members of the big four – maybe because of our foreign content?

It was good to see Arsenal play their game and not get lulled into a boring ping-pong match which Chelsea wanted to play. Sure, they disrupted our midifield’s passing at times but it didn’t stop us from mounting enough pressure that Chelsea was entirely content to play in their half and get whatever they can on semi-counters. Hleb, Flamini and Fabregas all looked rusty but that was to be expected and it wasn’t surprising to see some off-color passing on the part of Flamini and Fabregas. Gallas and Toure were clearing any danger that Chelsea presented while on the other end of the pitch Adebayor was playing the role of playmaker rather than target-man which doesn’t suit him well and the real attacking was done by Flamini and Hleb with Eboue/Sagna having their say by supplying through balls from the sides. Aside from being a little too elaborate on certain runs, the Arsenal attack performed well in the fist half and was punctuated by a Gallas header off a Fabregas corner which in itself came about after a determined run by Rosicky.

We had two goals disallowed, a phantom Adebayor foul and a questionable offside decision. Aside from those two we missed about three sitters and by sitters I mean SITTERS. Luckily for us it didn’t come back to bite us. This post is devoid of any mention of Cuntley (except this one) because him and his face-punching ass doesn’t deserve any ink, even in a Canadian blog. I’m just ecstatic that we have Gallas and they have the biggest dog-turd on the planet.

Any Chelsea attacks were the result of unforced giveaways in midfield which doesn’t concern me much because it was mostly due to the players coming back. In short, we played our game in the first half and deservedly got a score out of a well executed set-piece. In the second half, Chelsea expectedly came attacking and we showed our defensive mettle. It looks to be a two-horse race in the Premiership. Richard Jolly figures Liverpool is done. Robin van Persie’s introduction brought an immediate threat to our counter attacks and quantified just exactly what we were missing against Sevilla, Newcastle and Middlesbrough. The race is on and the Gooners seem to be back in prime form. Third Gen’s comprehensive match report covers it all. Feed.

Match Report.

MOTD Highlights

Gallas ’45: Download

[livevideo id=57659DBEFB404C3C849228D10537576D]

Arsenal Chances

Alex Mistake (Min 12)
Click Here for Video
van Persie Chance (Min 75)
Click Here for Video
Arsenal Disallowed Goal (Min 85)
Click Here for Video
Arsenal Disallowed Goal (Min 89)
Click Here for Video

Chelsea Chances

Wright-Phillips Shoot (Min 13)
Click Here for Video
Shevchenko Shoot (Min 37)
Click Here for Video
Terry Injury
Click Here for Video
Wright-Phillips Miss (Min 75)
Click Here for Video
Shevchenko FreeKick (Min 92)
Click Here for Video

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Arsenal vs. Steaua Bucharest Highlights (Champions League)

Posted by Arsenalist on December 12, 2007

Match Report.

Extended Highlights

Highlight Pack Download

Click here to thank the guy who made the goal videos.

Diaby ‘8 1-0: Download

Bendtner ’42 2-0: Download

Zaharia ’69 2-1: Download

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Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough Highlights: Unbeaten record smashed

Posted by Arsenalist on December 9, 2007

Middlesbrough 2, Arsenal 1

The 4-4-2 with Eduardo and Adebayor just didn’t work. Many felt that paired up with Adebayor might’ve been the best thing for the Arsenal attack but we were all wrong. Eduardo was anonymous in an Arsenal reverse that sees them hang on to a single point lead at the top of the table – still something I suppose. We’ve been hit hard by injuries with van Perise, Fabregas, Flamini and Hleb and have been struggling our last few games in the Premiership and Champions League, this is not a coincidence. We played really bad today and spent most of our possession trying to pass the ball between our back four and midfield which is struggling without the vision and creativity of Fabregas.

Just like Wigan, Boro played extremely well and pressured us from the beginning and got full support from both their fans in the stands. Kolo Toure made a play that was an anomaly for him and ended up bringing down Aliadiere after Almunia came out to defend for no reason. There was no way Aliadiere could’ve scored (he just doesn’t know how) as he was moving away from the net but Almunia made it difficult for Toure to maintain his pressure and forced a bad tackle out of him. The penalty probably should’ve been saved, see video below.

We were a little better after Walcott, Denilson and Bendtner came on but even then never looked like scoring a goal. There was more hoping for a Boro mistake than an Arsenal moment. Fabregas is the linchpin that holds Arsenal together and transitions the game from Kolo to Adebayor and without him there just isn’t a way to build a proper attack. Missing a playmaker like Hleb hurts in these games where we’re being pressured in midfield and seem to do nothing about it. No matter how much Sagna tries to go forward and for all the creativity of Rosicky, it’s befitting of them to try to create for the strikers on a regular basis.

Adebayor’s finishing has always been questionable and RVP can do much better, but that’s not why I miss RVP the most – it’s the freekicks, we are just dreadful on set plays and often just smash it right into the wall. The crossing from Eboue, Sagna and Rosicky was also poor today so Ade never really got any chances to score or waste. He probably should’ve done better in the first half on a semi-free header but managed to smash it wide.

Arsenal lose. Let’s get our players back and pour it on from there. Here’s the match report. More later…

Penalty Decision + Downing Goal (Goes under Almunia, WTF?) ‘4: Download

Tuncay ’72 Download

Rosicky ’90 Download

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