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Arsenal vs. Hull Goals & Highlights (MOTD): WTF!?!?!!?

Posted by Arsenalist on September 27, 2008

Arsenal 1, Hull 2

Can’t afford to take these games lightly. Bad display, bad result. We got a little too pass-happy in the first half and it cost us. Hull City didn’t even put 10 people in the box like they were expected to and yet we still didn’t manage to crack them open. Bad, bad result. There was little fluidity in our game and I can’t even count how many passes were intercepted, we didn’t play wide enough and allowed ourselves to be closed down rather easily. Once again we let a goal in through a set-piece (Gallas being the offender). Our defense is not good, we got away with it the last few weeks but its an area that needs to be addressed in the January transfer window.

Own goal: 1-0: Watch :: Download

Giovani: 1-1: Watch :: Download

Cousin: 2-1: Watch :: Download

MOTD Highlights

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Arsenal vs. Blackburn Rovers Goals and Highlights: English Premier League

Posted by Arsenalist on September 13, 2008

Blackburn 0, Arsenal 4


Robin van Persie 1-0: Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 2-0: Watch :: Download

Requested Video: Entire goal again with all the passes that lead up to it Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 3-0, Penalty + Foul: Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 4-0: Watch

Halftime Highlights: Watch :: Download

MOTD Highlights: Watch

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Arsenal vs. Blackburn Highlights: Senderos header gives Gunners 5 point edge

Posted by Arsenalist on February 11, 2008

Arsenal 2, Blackburn 0

The Gunners look to open a up a 5 point gap at the top of the Barclay’s Premier League…stay tuned for highlights.

Senderos ‘4 – 1-0: Download

Adebayor ’90 – 2-0: Download

Arsenalist’s Arsenal Feed Match Report

BBC Match Report – Ends up having PG interviews

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Arsenal vs. Fulham Highlights: Adebayor on the double

Posted by Arsenalist on January 19, 2008

Fulham 0, Arsenal 3

Complete domination of Fulham. After the Birmingham result this is exactly what we needed. Adebayor’s two unstoppable headers and a blistering run by Eduardo to find Rosicky put us up 3 goals on an afternoon where we only needed one. Unfortunately Reading couldn’t hold off Manchester United at home and fell 2-0 making the gain for the weekend a +1 in goal differential. I highly doubt it’ll come to that when it’s all over, but it is a gain for the weekend, however small. The GD stands at -6.

Our back four was hardly bothered today and Almunia had to do very little if anything, our midfield dictated the game with Hleb having another phenomenal performance where his prime footwork was on full display. The MOTM had to be Adebayor and his deceptively quick headers which wrong-footed the goalie twice, aren’t you glad Togo didn’t qualify for the ACN?

The RVP injury is bad news, right now we have arguably our most talented player and our best defender out for an extended period of time. It’s critical that the Gunners see this stretch through without further injury or setback.

Up next in the league we have Newcastle at home while Manchester United deals with Portsmouth in Manchester.

Here’s the Match Report and the BBC Match Report which ends up having post-match interviews. Make sure to grab the feed.

MOTD Highlights

Adeabayor ’18, 1-0: Download

Adebayor ’38, 2-0: Download

Rosicky ’81 3-0: Download

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Arsenal vs. Burnley Highlights (3rd Round FA Cup): Eduardo and Bendtner pull Gunners through

Posted by Arsenalist on January 6, 2008

Arsenal 2, Burnley 0

Isn’t Turf Moor the coolest ground name in English football? I think so. Anyway, Eduardo continues his fine form with a calm, cool, collected, composed, compassionate and creative finish. Did you expect anything less? In all seriousness, we played like shit and are lucky to have survived the Burnley pressure after they were whittled down to 10 men. I’m not too sad to lose Eboue to the ACN after this one, as the halftime guy from ESPN (idiots, all of them) pointed out, “It’s like he’s wearing a colored uniform, keeps giving the ball away every time”. Eboue needs to understand what his limits are abide by them, his departure will mean more time for Walcott who is just about due to score his first league goal – I can’t take the suspense anymore!!

Senderos didn’t look completely shaky which gives me some confidence that he just might be able to fit Kolo’s size 50 shoes while he’s gone. The thing that’s scary about Senderos is that he has that look about him that says “you know I’m going to screw up sooner or later and when I do it’s going to be large” and every time I look at his mug I think back to last year’s FA Cup against Blackburn. This is usually where the Senderos supporters point out his contributions in the CL in 2006 and I say yeah, but what have you done for me lately? I know, I’m a bitch.

This might be the last we’ve seen of Jens Lehmann who I’ll be sad to see go. He’s done mulling over an offer from Dortmund which he’s a fool to reject because it doesn’t look like Wenger will ever forgive him for his early season gaffes. The man sure holds a grudge. Here’s the match report but you also want to check out Third Gen – he likes to write and write and write.

Many thanks to the Arseblogger for finally adding a link in his sidebar. Feed.

Eduardo ‘9 Download

Bendtner ’75 Download

Match Highlights: Mega Video

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Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough Highlights: Unbeaten record smashed

Posted by Arsenalist on December 9, 2007

Middlesbrough 2, Arsenal 1

The 4-4-2 with Eduardo and Adebayor just didn’t work. Many felt that paired up with Adebayor might’ve been the best thing for the Arsenal attack but we were all wrong. Eduardo was anonymous in an Arsenal reverse that sees them hang on to a single point lead at the top of the table – still something I suppose. We’ve been hit hard by injuries with van Perise, Fabregas, Flamini and Hleb and have been struggling our last few games in the Premiership and Champions League, this is not a coincidence. We played really bad today and spent most of our possession trying to pass the ball between our back four and midfield which is struggling without the vision and creativity of Fabregas.

Just like Wigan, Boro played extremely well and pressured us from the beginning and got full support from both their fans in the stands. Kolo Toure made a play that was an anomaly for him and ended up bringing down Aliadiere after Almunia came out to defend for no reason. There was no way Aliadiere could’ve scored (he just doesn’t know how) as he was moving away from the net but Almunia made it difficult for Toure to maintain his pressure and forced a bad tackle out of him. The penalty probably should’ve been saved, see video below.

We were a little better after Walcott, Denilson and Bendtner came on but even then never looked like scoring a goal. There was more hoping for a Boro mistake than an Arsenal moment. Fabregas is the linchpin that holds Arsenal together and transitions the game from Kolo to Adebayor and without him there just isn’t a way to build a proper attack. Missing a playmaker like Hleb hurts in these games where we’re being pressured in midfield and seem to do nothing about it. No matter how much Sagna tries to go forward and for all the creativity of Rosicky, it’s befitting of them to try to create for the strikers on a regular basis.

Adebayor’s finishing has always been questionable and RVP can do much better, but that’s not why I miss RVP the most – it’s the freekicks, we are just dreadful on set plays and often just smash it right into the wall. The crossing from Eboue, Sagna and Rosicky was also poor today so Ade never really got any chances to score or waste. He probably should’ve done better in the first half on a semi-free header but managed to smash it wide.

Arsenal lose. Let’s get our players back and pour it on from there. Here’s the match report. More later…

Penalty Decision + Downing Goal (Goes under Almunia, WTF?) ‘4: Download

Tuncay ’72 Download

Rosicky ’90 Download

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