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Arsenal vs. Reading Highlights – Adebayor on the double…err…no wait, the linesman called it back

Posted by Arsenalist on November 12, 2007

Reading 1, The Arsenal 3

Gunners needed to win by two goals to climb back to the top of the table and after Reading did their best to resist for almost a half, Flamini struck after a pinpoint pass by Hleb found his midfield run. Earlier Adebayor had made a mess out of a good chance and his offering to the left of Hanneman grazed the outside of the post making me think if he was every going to score again. But he did early in the second half on a fairly high quality shot which had to be placed very well. Everybody loves to hate Adebayor and I’m one of them but today he wasn’t half-bad. He should’ve had two goals but the linesman denied him on a call which wasn’t even close. The funny part was that the linesman was trailing the play when he made the call – there’s no way he’s in position to make such a judgment.

We conceded a pretty stupid goal late in the game (highlights below) which kinda sucked because I get a sick feeling that goal difference is going to play a huge part when this season’s all said and done. From Reading’s perspective they probably were better off trying to attack us and hopefully score rather than trying to sit back and defend with a defense that conceded 7 earlier this year. Oh well, they really never had a chance.

There’s a report out there that Wenger’s looking to improve in one area in the transfer market. Wonder what that is? It can’t be the midfield so that leaves us with the backs and strikers. Of those two positions I’d say the back is solid with Gallas, Sagna, Toure, Clichy + the fillers so that leaves us looking for a striker? Not sure of that either because you would think Eduardo’s abilities haven’t even come to the forefront yet and it’s too late to congest that position even more so he’s buried deeper on the bench. I didn’t even intend for this paragraph to be in this post but it’s too late.

PS to all your Arsenal fans. You need a basketball team to cheer for, how about the Raptors?

Check out the match report .

Flamini ’44 1-0: Download

[livevideo id=EF0312663827405C8C4C02098C6110CD]

Adebayor ’52 2-0: Download

[livevideo id=63793FFF450649089DA3F86BE1DC365E]

Hleb ’78 3-0: Download

[livevideo id=9AC3DEEFE93A41DBA91BB3296DE8412D]

Shorey ’88 3-1: Download

[livevideo id=E7D115A70DFC4A21944635B086EB5D50]

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