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Arsenal vs. Birmingham City Highlights + Pictures: Gunners robbed as Eduardo breaks leg

Posted by Arsenalist on February 23, 2008

Birmingham 2, Arsenal 2

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Eduardo Injury Update from

All being well, Eduardo will have his leg in plaster and using crutches for the next six to eight weeks. After that time, partial weight-bearing exercises will be scheduled into a slow rehabilitation process. It is hoped that Eduardo will be running again in six months time and making a full recovery after nine months. Eduardo will be released from hospital in a few days.

That’s great news.

That was not a penalty. Clichy got all ball, the video below shows that. That’s about all the analysis I’m willing to make. That and Taylor should never play football again.

I feel dirty dropping 4 points to the Brums. We played like shit against them in January but this time around, deserved to win. Two set-pieces gift-wrapped by the ref resulted in two goals. Horrible night for the Gunners, if there’s a silver lining, it’s that Walcott finally broke the ice and scored two league goals. Bad result in FA Cup followed by mediocre result in Champions League followed by a bad result in the league. This is when things started to go south for us last year but this year is different. We played awful last year during this time period, but this year it’s a question of injuries (RVP, Rosicky), bad luck (Adebayor and the crossbar) and bad refereeing (penalty today).

I’m not concerned, we’ll shake this off next week against Villa and finish the job in Italy. Prayers with Eduardo, he’s out for a long, long time, will miss the season obviously and is out for Euro 2008. Say what you will about Arsenal’s bad disciplinary record, we’ll argue with ref, go for a bold tackle, but we don’t try to end players’ careers. The FA needs to realize people come to watch players like Eduardo, not riff-raff like Martin Taylor. I’m very interested as to what the suspension will be for this guy, seeing how we’re the Gunners and not Man Utd or Liverpool, he’ll get off with a slap on the wrist. At what age do they teach you how to tackle? This fucker still hasn’t learned, ban this guy for a season. Wenger is pissed, and rightfully.


Eduardo injury pictures:

eduardo da silva ankle injury arsenal birmingham

eduardo da silva ankle injury arsenal birmingham

There are two more, these are more gruesome, so view it at your own risk. Here’s the other one. Here’s one at a unique angle.

Finally, this one is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC in nature. The injury video is the last one on this page, scroll down for it.

My Arsenal Feed.
Match Report.
BBC Match Report – Arsene Wenger Post Match Interview.

MOTD Highlights

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McFadden penalty + Clichy “foul” ’90 2-2 Download :: YouTube

Martin Taylor’s horror tackle on Eduardo who breaks his leg Download :: YouTube :: FootyTube video + discussion :: High Quality

Bad tackle on Hleb Download :: YouTube

Adebayor fouled, penalty not given Download :: YouTube

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Arsenal vs. Manchester City Highlights: Eduardo with a bicycle kick!

Posted by Arsenalist on February 2, 2008

Manchester City 1, Arsenal 3

The Gunners are back on top after a dominant performance at Manchester City. City threatened midway through the second half but other than that short stretch, it was all Arsenal. Eduardo’s goal was brilliant, great composure shown by the Crozilian after chesting the ball off an Adebayor header, superb finishing. Clichy made a rare mistake on the City goal which was a bummer but the man has been solid all year so we can look past it.

Emmanuel Adebayor is The Top Gun.

What are the chances of the Spurs helping out against United today? Match Report

BBC Sport Match Report – Ends up having post-match interviews Arsenal RSS Feed

Adebayor ‘8 1-0: Download

Eduardo ’26 2-0: Download (Overhead Bicycle Kick)

Fernandes ’28 2-1: Download

Adebayor ’88 ‘3-1: Download

1st Half Highlights: Download

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Arsenal vs. Burnley Highlights (3rd Round FA Cup): Eduardo and Bendtner pull Gunners through

Posted by Arsenalist on January 6, 2008

Arsenal 2, Burnley 0

Isn’t Turf Moor the coolest ground name in English football? I think so. Anyway, Eduardo continues his fine form with a calm, cool, collected, composed, compassionate and creative finish. Did you expect anything less? In all seriousness, we played like shit and are lucky to have survived the Burnley pressure after they were whittled down to 10 men. I’m not too sad to lose Eboue to the ACN after this one, as the halftime guy from ESPN (idiots, all of them) pointed out, “It’s like he’s wearing a colored uniform, keeps giving the ball away every time”. Eboue needs to understand what his limits are abide by them, his departure will mean more time for Walcott who is just about due to score his first league goal – I can’t take the suspense anymore!!

Senderos didn’t look completely shaky which gives me some confidence that he just might be able to fit Kolo’s size 50 shoes while he’s gone. The thing that’s scary about Senderos is that he has that look about him that says “you know I’m going to screw up sooner or later and when I do it’s going to be large” and every time I look at his mug I think back to last year’s FA Cup against Blackburn. This is usually where the Senderos supporters point out his contributions in the CL in 2006 and I say yeah, but what have you done for me lately? I know, I’m a bitch.

This might be the last we’ve seen of Jens Lehmann who I’ll be sad to see go. He’s done mulling over an offer from Dortmund which he’s a fool to reject because it doesn’t look like Wenger will ever forgive him for his early season gaffes. The man sure holds a grudge. Here’s the match report but you also want to check out Third Gen – he likes to write and write and write.

Many thanks to the Arseblogger for finally adding a link in his sidebar. Feed.

Eduardo ‘9 Download

Bendtner ’75 Download

Match Highlights: Mega Video

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Arsenal vs. West Ham United Highlights: Eduardo’s learning The Arsenal Way

Posted by Arsenalist on January 1, 2008

Arsenal 2, West Ham United 0

I think Eduardo’s time on the bench has served him well. He’s seen how Arsenal play and has had time to “practice” with the Carling Cup squad and is ready to apply his skill in the first team. The skill was always there and it was just a matter of him learning how to position himself in order to receive service and learn the tendencies of the midfield players. Now that he’s learned how to play with Fabregas and Rosicky he’s timing his runs to perfection and the goals are coming at a rapid rate. Obviously he’s not going to keep scoring three goals every couple games but it’s evident that the chemistry that was earlier missing is now there to stay.

Eduardo’s finishing at Dinamo Zagreb and with the international team has been clinical and he’s starting to reproduce that ability with Arsenal. The most impressive part about him to me is his composure when he receives the ball in the box, he knows exactly what he wants to do and goes about doing it like a pro. The transition from the softer Croatian league to the trenches of the Premier League seems to be on its way to completion. With Adebayor in form and Eduardo picking up the slack, RVP can take all the time he wants to recover knowing that when he comes back there will be competition for the 2 in the 4-4-2. Hopefully we’ll never see that blasted 4-5-1 Arsene Wenger used earlier in the year, we’re the classic 4-4-2 team and should stick with it through feast or famine.

The Gunners stay on top and start the year in style. Adebayor’s dance is also back, see the video below and form an opinion of it.

Update: Link to exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s the match report. Be sure to grab the feed. Arsene Wenger and Alan Curbishley’s post-match interviews can be heard in the BBC’s match report.

Eduardo ‘2 Download

[livevideo id=4F17650E4ED04440B17A508C019FE28E]

Adebayor ’18 Download

[livevideo id=2A0ADF2FC92640EDBC42D35256AE13FF]

MOTD Highlights

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Arsenal vs. Blackburn Highlights (Carling Cup): Eduardo on the double

Posted by Arsenalist on December 18, 2007

Blackburn 2, Arsenal 3 (ET)

We’re getting used to playing a good first half followed by a very mediocre one. Abou Diaby who according to some might be out of his way from Arsenal put us ahead with a left-footed strike. Soon after Eduardo provided a clinical finish on a through ball to put us up 2-0 prompting me to believe that this might be one of those Slavia Prague type games. But then we regressed and our youth got caught up trying to do things that were a little too intricate, in other words we lost focus and Blackburn capitalized albeit on a clearly offside goal. Things got from bad to worse when Santa Cruz latched on to a freekick from outside the area conceded by the too eager Mark Randall and equalized for the Rovers.

And that’s when the match turned into a feisty affair where the play of Alexandre Song, Philippe Senderos and Armand Traore kept the attacking Rovers at bay. Wave after wave of Blackburn raids were turned back by the young Arsenal backs and once we got possession we looked threatening with Eduardo and Bendtner unable to find that last bit of space needed to put this one away. Denilson was given a harsh straight-red on his attempted tackle on 90 minutes which meant that the Gunners would be a man down for extra time. But fear not, we are the Gunners. It was only a matter of time before 10-man Arsenal unlocked the Blackburn back four and it was a forward run by Song that found Eduardo who applied a finish typical of the Croatian striker – precise, clinical and accurate. Game Over.

Any team that thinks they can play a physical game against the Gunners in hopes of intimidating us and throwing us of our rhythm needs to check themselves again. Maybe this was true last year but definitely not anymore. It doesn’t matter who’s playing, 17 year olds or 28 year olds, we simply don’t back down and unrelentingly adhere to what makes us successful: a patient approach when we have possession that is bound to unlock the most miserly of defenses. The young backs have a lot to learn but today they showed that they’re up to the task by turning away McCarthy and Santa Cruz’s runs in the second half and extra time. Job well done.

Embedded Vids:

About Diaby 1-0

[livevideo id=21E0F8A60ED74FA7A98AC9CA6C9DBF1D]

Eduardo 3-2

[livevideo id=B7DED0BB4259414DB10957F5F9B3AA1C]

Eduardo Winner

[livevideo id=EEF248E3AEEF48A99873CF4244A04B0C]

Grab the feed and check out the match report. Check out the first half highlights, I’ve cut it off at the exact point where you can see the offside on the Blackburn goal.

First Half Highlights including all three goals Download or Alternate Link, Diaby Goal HQ, Eduardo’s first goal HQ

Santa Cruz 2-2 + Foul which led to the freekick which led to the Blackburn equalizer: Download or Alternate Link

Fran Merida takes forever to get dressed! Download or Alternate Link

Eduardo Goal 3-2!!! Download HQ

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Arsenal vs. Sevilla Highlights: Gunners finally lose, luckily it doesn’t mean that much

Posted by Arsenalist on November 27, 2007

Sevilla 3, The Arsenal 1

A bad, bad game by Arsenal. We didn’t need to win this game but even so this was a performance which stunk of careless passes, missed defensive assignments and even laziness. Eduardo put us up early and after that we simply switched off and expected Sevilla to run away with their tails between their legs. That didn’t happen. You could look at our first loss of the season as a burden being lifted, it’s better to lose here when there’s little at stake than concede valuable ground in the league table. However, it’s not the loss that bugs you so much (even though the prospect of finishing second isn’t great), it’s the way we lost.

A weakened side which featured the return of Philippe Senderos was presented and Senderos was back up to his old tricks, giving away balls, letting headers go over his head and scrambling to make up for his undoings – the first Sevilla goal a direct result of his carelessness (video below). Senderos never had the quality of a first team Arsenal player and today was further confirmation of that. The Arsenal defense were worked heavily all game and the midfield’s inability to maintain any possession had a lot to do with that. It got so bad that Wenger brought in Rosicky to inject some sanity into a midfield which was giving away balls for fun. Cesc Fabregas was talking out as a precaution after a slight hamstring pull.

Gilberto’s best days appear to be behind him and I’m doubting that he’ll even get a charity contract from Wenger. It’s completely apparent now why Arsene Wenger chose Gallas as captain over Gilberto but in all fairness to the Brazillian, he hasn’t really gotten any playing time this year where he could establish a rhythm. Asking him to perform against a motivated and determined Sevilla attack might’ve been a bit much, same goes for Senderos. Denilson stepped in at midfield and although he’s a fine player his control just wasn’t there today. The communication between him and Traore was often poor resulting in Sevilla to easily pick off passes between the two.

There weren’t any bright spots except perhaps the play of Eduardo and Bendtner, unfortunately our midfield failed to supply any sort of ammunition to our two strikers. Well, I should say one striker because we had the 4-5-1 deployed with Bendtner up front, a formation that hasn’t yielded much success and should by all accounts be ditched in favor of a traditional 4-4-2. Packing the midfield never was our thing.

It’s best to forget a performance like this and attribute it to severe levity. Arsenal are now two points behind Sevilla and if the status quo remains, we’ll be playing a group winner in the Round of 16. And you just know it’s going to be Barcelona.

Check out the match report and make sure to latch on the feed. The BBC match report has the post-match interview with Arsenal captain Kolo Toure who praises Sevilla. It also mentions something about Arsene being sent to the stands, pretty mundane stuff, let’s just move on.

Eduardo 1-0 ’11: Download

Keita 1-1 ’24: Download

Fabiano 1-2 ’34 (plus phantom freekick): Download

Kanoute 1-3 (foul + penalty) ’89: Download

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Arsenal vs. Sheffield United Highlights (Carling Cup)

Posted by Arsenalist on October 31, 2007

Sheffield Utd. 0, Arsenal 3

Open these with VLC:

Eduardo ‘8: Download (English Commentary), DailyMotion (Non-English)

Eduardo ’50: Download (English Commentary), DailyMotion (Non-English)

Denilson ’69: Download (English Commentary), DailyMotion (Non-English)

If you want highlights in the future, you might want to leave a comment with a valid email address. They’re cracking down on blogs.

Grab the feed.

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