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CDR vs. Rush + Raps get high-tech + Detroit fire sale

Posted by Arsenalist on June 6, 2008

Stop the presses, put the phones down, ignore the workouts, screw the draft – we have some breaking news: Starting this fall the Raptors will play under a brand new 17-screen scoreboard supplied by Mitsubishi Electric which uses the “Black Package” Diamond Vision high-definition technology! The idea is to distract the other team by having them in complete awe of the scoreboard. This will easily be Colangelo’s most influential move of the summer, let’s see how it pans out.

Let’s turn now to Jim Kelly who talks about the workouts of Bill Walker, CDR and Brandon Rush on Thursday. The Raptors were concerned about Bill Walker and Brandon Rush’s injury problems and after the workouts today they feel Rush has fully recovered and has gotten even better than before, not to mention more athletic. Walker still hasn’t regained the athletic and jumping ability he had a year and a half ago and it appears that its making the Raptors wary of him. There were concerns about CDR’s shooting ability when he’s tired and it looks like he didn’t do as well as they would’ve hoped. Kelly seemed generally impressed with Brandon Rush, especially his composure on the court. You can see all the interviews here and Doug Smith’s article is basically a transcript of Kelly’s interview.

The Rush vs. CDR battle started in college and looks to continue in the NBA. They were matched up in yesterday’s workout and it was Rush who got the better of his counterpart because of his defense. You would’ve thought if there’s one thing CDR has over Rush it’s got to be his reach and athleticism on the defensive end; then again it was one workout….and one national championship. How much can missed FTs tell you about a player? I’m not saying CDR is a Nick Anderson but there’s something to be said for a guy who’s 6-7 from the line and then goes 0-2 in the clutch. So far Rush has the edge over him and if the Raptors are going for a swing guy at #17, they need to pick up Rush. And I’m not even saying this because I’m a Kansas supporter, seriously.

Chauncey Billups is considered to be the likeliest candidate to be traded on the Pistons. At this point a team wouldn’t touch him unless they’re looking for that final piece of the puzzle in a championship team. As suggested a while back in this space this is the start of the fire sale in Detroit which could also see Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince depart. Richard Hamilton is the one you’d want to pick but he apparently falls in the untouchable category. We already have a great trading relationship with Detroit so if Prince is on the outs the Raptors would be fools not to call.

A little to the side now. You know most of us bloggers just do this unpaid shit because we love the Raptors and want them to be part of our daily routine (Its sad but much better than masturbating). Take me for instance, after every game I angrily get up from the couch, swear at the TV, give my wife an angry look and storm off to the computer to write a heated PG recap. Others, like Ryan from Hoops Addict, actually go to NBA workouts, take notes, record audio, have one-on-one interviews and end up presenting a report that’s better than any TV or newspaper reporters’ out there. So if you’re going to click on one link in today’s post, click here and here and here. Much, much respect.

Rowan Barrett wanted to play some ball and Leo Rautins obliged. Now only if Magloire could grow a set of balls and play for Canada he might even be able to resurrect his fledgling NBA career.

Chris Bosh did his thing with Jay Leno last night and it was hilarious. Check out the video, it’s funny stuff. Nothing else going on really, oh yeah, Channing Frye is complaining about spending 25 bucks. Those cunty Celtics won again, if they win the title I won’t be able to eat for months.

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Gallinari better than Bargnani? + We’re not alone in the pursuit for CDR

Posted by Arsenalist on May 23, 2008

The Knicks are high on Danilo Gallinari and one longtime Eastern Conference European scout had the following to say:

“He’s better than [Andreas] Bargnani, no question….The guy doesn’t back down from anybody. You’re in his face. He’ll get right back at them….The only Europeans who succeed in the NBA are the tough ones. The Italian league is better than college. If you put him in college ball, he’d be getting 25-30 (points) a night and everyone would be going ga-ga.”

One thing is for sure, this isn’t a Raptors scout talking. And just for Bargnani’s sake I’m hoping Gallinari is a dud.

There’s some love in the air for Chris Douglas-Roberts and we’re hoping he’s around at 17 but we’re not the only ones. The Orlando Magic are also interested and might do something ballsy like trade up in the draft to get him or even make a run at Brandon Rush. If we’re going to get CDR we’re going to have to play ball and outbid and outsmart other teams, he’s not going to fall in our laps like Danny Granger did a few years back. The tournament might have upped his stock beyond our reach. In a conversation between CDR and Draft Express he also mentions how the Nets are interested and if that happens, Richard Jefferson could be expendable.

I don’t know if this is good strategy or madness by Rick Carlisle but he’s going to change his entire offense so its easy for Jason Kidd to do his thing. Kidd’s 35 years old and can’t stay with any of the elite PGs in this league so the best the Mavericks can hope next season is a hollow regular season filled with wins that don’t mean squat when it comes playoff time. I think we saw just exactly how good Kidd is in New Jersey and how far he can carry a team, in the West the job becomes that much more difficult and the chance of him seeing the conference finals there are remote.

I couldn’t find any articles this morning where I could whore TJ Ford and Anthony Parker as trade bait so we’ll keep it quiet for today. The Knicks hunt for a point guard could turn towards Baron Davis which makes a lot more sense for them than acquiring the erratic Ford. As I said before, the only people on the Knicks I like is David Lee and Jamal Crawford and I doubt they’ll be willing to part with those two.

Since it’s a slow day we’ll throw in Mark Cuban’s views on marijuana smoking as pertaining to Josh Howard. Cuban doesn’t like it, probably smoked the wet kind and coughed his lungs out. There are unconfirmed reports that David Stern was with him when he tried it, a source close to the NBA says:

David Stern held the screen as Cuban took his hit. Cuban then gathered up the smoke and proceeded to do a mouth-to-mouth with Stern who passed out immediately into Darius Miles’ lap. Cuban then laid down a beating never seen before on an already passed out Joey Crawford who happened to be knitting a sweater on a nearby couch.

This little piece of information slipped past me and I found it on RealGM – Kevin O’Neill got hired by the Grizzlies as an assistant coach. The man knows his defense and should stick to it for earning a living, it’s when he tried to turn a team with Vince Carter on it into the mid-90’s Cavs that the shit hit the fan.

Finally I have some complete horse-shit to report, its this article at Bleacher Report, a site that fails to produce a single worthy piece out of the 64,857 it publishes daily. It lists the ten best fan bases in professional sports and I have to say the sniveling little cunts got it all wrong. I mean I’m glad Toronto FC made it but what are the Dallas Maverick fans doing there and more importantly what the fuck is Man Utd doing at #1 and where are the Raptors fans (biggest online presence ever)?. The whole thing is drastically wrong because if we were to talk about great fanbases the top 50 would be filled by football clubs from across Europe and South America. I will say this though, we are one of the most loyal fanbases in professional sports and that’s counting Europe.

You think Manu Ginobili’s diving is getting some press?

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