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Arsenal vs. Fenerbahce 2nd Leg Highlights: Kill me please!

Posted by Arsenalist on November 5, 2008

Before the game:

Adebayor is out for three weeks because his Achilles is messed up. Honestly, I think Arsenal would have to win 7-0 today for me to even feel a little excited about this. Our passage to the group stages is all but wrapped up really. Our problems lie on the domestic stage and the Man Utd fixture coming up is 12568 times more important than this game. Hey, at least we have RVP for this one. Remember, we lose him for three Premiership games (I think) leaving us with Vela and Bendtner up front (Oh, joy). Fuck me, why am I talking about the premiership again? It’s Champions League tonight.

Even a big win here means nothing because we’ve made it a nice little habit of laying a domestic egg after a great European performance. It’s apples and orange, crack whores and call girls, Obama and McCain, fucked and getting fucked. You know what I mean, its not the same. Either way, let’s go you Gunners.

Oh yeah, I’ll try posting highlights if they don’t block the streams. Those cunts.

During the game

Don’t be mad at Van Persie. God just hates him to the point that he’s got to be the unluckiest striker in all of football. When he’s not breaking the goalie’s nose he’s putting a dent in the crossbar. 0-0 at the half against Fenerbahce.

1st half highlights: Download :: Watch

After the game

Nil. Fucking. Nil. How lovely of a scoreline is that? And here I am saying 7 goals wouldn’t be enough. We looked like shit and we played like shit and sorry to say this but even Fabregas played like shit. I’ve never seen him make so many ill-conceived passes. I’m scared to see Bendtner and Vela head up our frontline against Man Utd. This game was the old Boring, Boring Arsenal and Wenger looked like he wanted to snap somebody’s neck and Pat Rice was very fearful of that. Didn’t even shake that cunt Argones’ hand. Our best chances came in the first half with RVP hitting the crossbar and then coming inches from scoring.

In the second half we never looked like we were going to score and even when Vela was brought on he couldn’t create much. The defense didn’t have much to do and Fabianski got the nod ahead of Almunia who had a headache or some shit. I don’t know. Give me credit for sitting through this fucking affair and not wanting to yell at the monitor which would’ve pissed off a lot of my co-workers. Fact it, without Theo or Adebayor out there our wing-attack sucks. Samir Nasri is a nice little player but he can’t do it alone (the mofo bobbled a perfect chance to score in the first half) and he’s no Flamini that could win you some tough headers in midfield. Silvestre got his nose busted.

Anyway, here’s some analysis of the game which you might hate but its true. So fucking true.

Highlights and Analysis: Watch :: Download

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Arsenal vs Fenerbahce Highlights: Champions League 5-2

Posted by Arsenalist on October 21, 2008

Where was the defense?

Emmanuel Adebayor 1-0

Theo Walcott 2-0

Mikael Silvestre (OG) 2-1

About Diaby 3-1

Alex Song 4-1

Daniel Guiza 4-2

Aaron Ramsey 5-2

ITV Downloadable Highlights

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Arsenal vs. FC Porto Goals and Highlights: UEFA Champions League

Posted by Arsenalist on September 30, 2008

I don’t do the analysis. You post a comment of what you thought of the game. Who cares what I think??

Here are the vids:

Full Match Highlights (HQ) Download

Robin van Persie 1-0: Download :: Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor 2-0: Download :: Watch

Robin van Persie 3-0: Download :: Watch

Foul on Bendtner, Adebayor penalty 4-0: Download :: Watch

Arsene Wenger Interview and Match Report

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Arsenal vs. Dynamo Kyiv (Kiev) Goals & Highlights: UEFA Champions League

Posted by Arsenalist on September 17, 2008

Disappointing result but getting a late goal to rescue a point in Eastern Europe is always good. Adebayor should’ve scored early on after being gifted the ball by the back proceeded to……well, I don’t know what he did. A loss here would’ve seen us fall to third in the group but as it is we have a chance to go tops if we beat FC Porto on Matchday 2. Check the Match Report.

Up next is Bolton which should be a physical affair, if we win it’ll put a nice end to a very tough week which saw us play 3 away games.

Starting Lineups, Game Notes: Watch :: Download

Bangoura ’64 (penalty + foul): Watch :: Download

Gallas ties it late!! 88′: Watch :: Download

Full Match Highlights + Arsene Wenger Interview: Watch :: Download

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