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Arsenal vs. Sunderland Highlights (MOTD) and Goals: English Premier League

Posted by Arsenalist on October 4, 2008

Sunderland 1, Arsenal 1

We can’t afford to be dropping points to shit teams. Don’t give the “Sunderland are a tough team in the mold of their manager” bullshit argument because if we want to have a chance to win the league, these games should be routine not fucking painful headaches.

Fuck me, but isn’t it a little too late to bring in Vela??? The guy should’ve been in there at halftime to create some enthusiasm after that first half display. And why are we playing only one striker upfront?? When has that ever worked for us in the last two years that it deserves further testing? This game was painful and if I had to sum it up in one word it would be “Unimaginative”. The goal they scored was a complete fluke, a prayer that was answered. Too disgusted to write more.

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MOTD Highlights

1st Half Highlights: Download :: Watch

Disallowed Robin van Perise Goal (Walcott incorrectly adjudged out-of-bounds): Download :: Watch

Some cunty looking schoolboy 1-0: Download :: Watch

Cesc Fabregas: Download :: Watch

Arsene Wenger Interview

Match Report

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Arsenal vs. Aston Villa Highlights: Bendtner rescues point

Posted by Arsenalist on March 1, 2008

Arsenal 1, Aston Villa 1

A point rescued. We were still feeling the effects of the Birmingham nightmare and weren’t at nearly our best. For every one pass forward, we made two back hoping to create a “better” channel. This of course gives even more ammunition to those commentators who continue to mercilessly point out how we pass too much for our own good. Although they’re all closet Man U supporters sometimes they do have a point. Arsenal were a little too methodical in this one and never applied real pressure towards Villa who were only too happy to run at us on the counter.

The crosses were off, the passing wasn’t crisp and if we we had lost it would’ve been fully deserved. Many thanks to Adebayor for finding Nicklas Bendtner who slotted one home on the last kick of the game. Man U beat hapless Fulham which means we drop two more points but still stay on top of the league. This Arsenal squad hasn’t faced adversity like this before, injury to key players, pressure at the top of the table and emotional distress from the fallout of last week. Hopefully Bendtner’s goal will put a stop to the bleeding and spark the return of the Arsenal side that was playing so well earlier in the year.

Nobody is expecting us to get a result in Italy but a win there would give this team the confidence and belief that it so desperately needs right now.

Cesc Fabregas was scoring goals at an unsustainable rate earlier in the year but the goals have dried up for him and it’s not a surprise, however he should’ve scored towards the end of the first half but instead shot it high. With Eduardo gone and RVP missing, we sorely lack a predator who can also create on a dime with traffic around him. Arsene Wenger pointed out that RVP is almost ready for training which is great news, it’ll pull the pressure off Adebayor and add the creativity we’ve been missing inside the area:

“We will not rush Robin van Persie back, but the news is quite good. It is difficult to say, we go step by step, but he should come back into normal training very, very quickly now.”

10 games left and the two mammoth fixtures at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford will ultimately decide the title race. Even though Arsenal are top of the league, they are the underdogs to win it.

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MOTD Highlights

Senderos Own Goal ’27: Download :: YouTube

Final Stretch + Bendtner ’90: Download :: YouTube

Maloney Shot that hit the bar

Fabregas’s chance just before the break

Walcott’s chance

Flamini shot

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Arsenal vs. Birmingham City Highlights: Uggghhhh

Posted by Arsenalist on January 12, 2008

Arsenal 1, Birmingham City 1

A bad result for Arsenal, dropping two points at home to Birmingham wasn’t something anybody saw coming. I thought we played a bit too narrow and unnecessarily relied on deep crosses instead of just using the width of the field using our passing. We wasted a few first half chances when Birmingham was playing in awe of us instead of actually playing. In the second half, they tightened up defensively and our offense regressed into taking the easy way out. I thought the introduction of Bendtner was a good idea, probably should’ve come sooner seeing how we couldn’t connect to the end of our crosses all game long.

We didn’t create too many chances in the game and were guilty in the first half of the old Arsenal sin of passing too much and allowing the defense to recover instead of shooting. That’s what makes us good and that’s what bites us in the arse at times. Today it bit us. I thought we were a bit complacent today and almost expected to score at some point in the second half and never soaked Birmingham with enough pressure to put them on their back foot. Instead we hoped to connect on low percentage passes which played right into the hands Birmingham who were there to be broken if we had tested their resolve.

Winning the Premier League is no easy matter and the fight for the top of the table will come down to the last week and those head-to-head fixtures against Man Utd and Chelsea – just like how it’s supposed to be. You’ll find both goals below, just look at them once and forget about this game. Onwards. Here’s the Match Report. Do keep an eye on the Feed.

Emmanuel Adebayor Penalty + Foul on Eduardo ’24: Download

O’Connor ’48: Download

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Lucky Liverpool earn a pathetic undeserved point

Posted by Arsenalist on October 28, 2007

Arsenal 1, Liverpool 1

We deserved to win this one 3-1 at the minimum, Bendtner missed the open net late after Fabregas’ shot off the post fell right to his feet. Arsenal dominated this game and Liverpool’s possessions were meaningless and rarely threatening, the goal they got was off a 50-50 freekick where our wall let us down. Almunia couldn’t do anything and we conceded early but even so this game had that 3-1 feel from the beginning with Arsenal attacking right after the Gerrard goal.

Arsenal’s performance was impressive with the only miscues being some mistimed passes by Flamini/Fabregas/Hleb but other than that we were solid. The most frustrating thing about this game was…….you guessed it…..Ade-f**in-bayor. I lost track how many times he was caught offside in the first half on threatening sequences. When he did attack Hyppia/Carragher, it was always hesitant moves that were slow in developing. The quick-thinking that Fabreags/Hleb/Rosicky have seem to be completely missing from Adebayor. His first and second touches have never been great and today he showed just that while underlining the difference between Henry and him. Or for that matter RVP and him. The quality of our midfield goes to waste when Adebayor has piss poor games like this.

Arsenal were solid on all fronts, even Gallas making a brilliant goal-saving block on Gerrard late on after we had tied but before Bendtner blew his chance. Bakari Sagna is a center-back that I want to see at Arsenal for years to come, he’s a mean muthafucka who will strike fear into the hearts of opposing strikers for years to come, what a great signing by Le Boss. Emmanuel Eboue was the only player other than Ade that had a subpar game, his crosses were off-target and he was unable to provide anything meaningful from the right side. Carragher elbowed him in the face in Liverpool’s box but the referee turned a blind eye to it, maybe the knock did him in.

A bit surprised by Wenger going with pretty much a 4-5-1 with Adebayor up-front. Liverpool’s defense was leaky at best and after their midweek loss in Europe they were ripe for the picking. I think Arsenal could’ve done more in terms of applying pressure early on and forcing Liverpool to defend. Gunners should’ve had all three but lady luck shined on the Kop. Andy Gray must’ve wet his pants.

There’s a much more level-headed take over at A Cultured Left Foot, definitely worth a read.

This game was on Canadian TV so I didn’t record highlights, however you can get them from here. Grab the feed.

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