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Arsenal vs. Sheffield United Goals and Highlights: Carling Cup

Posted by Arsenalist on September 23, 2008

Arsenal 6, Sheffield United 0

Carlos Vela is cooler than the other side of the pillow. And that second goal is too slick. Check the Match Report.

Watch the highlights which have all 6 goals and a few highlights.

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Arsenal vs. Burgenland XI Highlights and Goals: Pre-Season Friendly

Posted by Arsenalist on July 28, 2008

Burgenland XI 2, Arsenal 10

Good afternoon from Toronto.

Enjoy the goals from this slaughter. Bummer about their two goals, we could’ve had 25 if we wanted to. The game means nothing and wasn’t a good test, I’d like it better if we pick stronger opponents so that there’s some measure of success – games like these don’t tell us much aside from that we’re young and talented which we already knew. Match Report.

Jack Wilshire 1-0 ‘1 (commentator is wrong): Watch :: Download

Nicklas Bendtner 2-0 ’14: Watch :: Download

Nicklas Bendtner 3-0 ’19: Watch :: Download

Carlos Vela 4-0 ’25: Watch :: Download

Nicklas Bendtner 5-0 ’30: Watch :: Download

Carlos Vela 6-0 ’33: Watch :: Download

Nicklas Bendtner 7-0 ’37: Watch :: Download

Carlos Vela 8-0 ’52: Watch :: Download

Jack Wilshire 9-0 ’65 (foul + penalty): Watch :: Download

Theo Walcott 10-0 ’69: Watch :: Download

If you’re some sort of a sick fuck who wants to see the other teams’ two goals, fear not, download them here.

Enjoyed the highlights? Click on a sponsor link. You can also grab the Arsenal feed.

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