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Arsenal vs Aston Villa Highlights and Goals: Arsenal 0, Cunts 2

Posted by Arsenalist on November 15, 2008

Before the game

Liverpool won, we got to keep pace.

During the game

Almunia saves Young’s penalty. Foul included: Download :: Watch

First Half Highlights: Download :: Watch

A real cunt of a human being 1-0: Download :: Watch – Good ‘ol Clichy, fucking up in big games

A big whore villa 2-0: Download :: Watch I can’t believe a cunt with a name like that can score against Arsenal. Wenger, please fix this horsehit ASAP.

After the game:

Match Report

Lowest point of the season? I think so. Is William Gallas a fucknut? For sure. Are we wining the league? No. Does Sidwell sodomize Brad Friedel? Yes. Did anyone hear Nasri’s name? No. Is black a color or a fruit? Color. Who is Denilson? Is Bendtner Arsenal quality? No. But given Arsenal’s quality of late, yes. FUUUCCKKKK THIS SUCKS>

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Here’s an email I got from a loyal reader:

You should really do an open letter on the site to the Arsenal Football Club, or to Arsene Wenger

Tell him/them to get off his ass and;

– admit Gallas is a faliure and should be publicly stoned
– buy the hardman midfielder and bison sized centre back we’ve been missing since the days of Vieira/Campbell and
– stop trying to plug the DM holes with ppl like denilson and song
– if he wants to have faith in his young players, at least give Diaby a chance in a pure DM role, he at least has the body for it
– accept that sometimes we need to stop playing ‘beautiful’ football – honestly its not like the days of the invincibles anymore when it was fun to watch and they were always counterattacking and raising hell in the defense. Now we watch them pass and pass, give the defence time to recover, and end up with a scuffed shot at the top of the box with 5 men in front of it, or squeeze out a cross from our overworked fullbacks.

The commentary period during an Arsenal match goes like this:

– The commentary raves on Arsenal’s flowing ball
– As they predictably struggle to break down the team, or misplace some passes, the commentator calles it an ‘Un-Arsenal-like’ performance when in reality it happens in 1 of every 2 matches

I mean what is Wenger doing? THe invincibles played at an extremely fast tempo and counterattacked at will, almost never crossed and got physical with teams sometimes (we had that red card record at 1 point)

Now we play at Serie A pace, trying to pass teams into submission/walk the ball into the net. We do cross a lot more, which is sometimes a good thing because we have a true target man in Ade and sometimes Bendtner. But in general we are too slow and look for the extra pass to often. For every 1 clear cut chance our passing movement makes, theres about 3-4 that we f**ked up.

It not like our weaknesses are new – they have been obvious for years now – our lack of height/spine in midfield and defence and our tendency to overpass and walk ball into net. I mean, even the invincibles had some of these complaints but not nearly as severe as now. Wenger has refused to address them. He’s not a good tactician – he’s only used 2 different formations in his Arsenal carrer(42 451), never makes formational adjustments outside of the 442/451 and doesnt make special substitutions – i mean Ade at West Ham was a no-brainer, or throwing on Walcott for energy. He’s only excellent at discovering and rearing youngsters.

F**k man, sorry to rant a lot but I am just fed up of this, going on 4 seasons now, and you seem to be one of the few Arsenal suooprters out there not on Wenger’s dick and blindly swallowing everything Arsenal do. (Although the # of discontented Gooners grow daily) Even my friends today tried to defend Arsenal’s performance somehow. I shud start to watch the games alone. THe commentator said the AV game was a shocker. it isnt to me anymore

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Arsenal vs. Aston Villa Highlights: Gunners win 2-1 as I start to miss Lehmann

Posted by Arsenalist on December 1, 2007

I had to catch the game on a crappy TVU feed and the highlights I recorded don’t deserve to be broadcast (thanks Mrs. Arsenalist). Here’s some highlights I found at Verden’s Vevet. I vimeo’d them so they’re embedded.

matthieu flamini emmanuel adebayor arsenal gunners
First Half Good. Second Half Bad. Needed to gut this one out as Villa poured it on reminding me a little of Sevilla less than a week ago. This time however we didn’t make any defensive mistakes in the second half and despite a banged up midfield missing Hleb and Fabregas, Diarra and Flamini managed to hold off Villa for just long enough. The pouring rain didn’t help matters and made for sloppy passes that were very un-Arsenal-like, Villa was dangerous crossing the ball into the middle but credit goes to Kolo and Co. for heading away tempting cross after tempting cross throughout the second half. Gritty Arsenal performance led in the midfield by Flamini who deserves a new contract right now.

The first half had that 4-1 feel to it and even after Gardner snuck one in on us it wasn’t panic time. Flamini responded after an Eboue run and cross and sprayed the ball right at his feet. Adebayor soon headed home the second after some nice Sagna/Eboue/Hleb passing. At the time the goal was scored I thought Arsenal were destined to score at least three more but the rain and Aston Villa changed that.

It’s time to bring back Jens Lehmann, Almunia’s been good for us but let’s face it, Lehmann is the better goalie. I’m not saying Lehmann would’ve stopped the first goal, I’m saying if we’re going to win any trophies we’re going to need a better goalie than Almunia. His positioning has been questionable and he’s slower to react than Lehmann – nobody can deny that. Yes, Jens is crazy but I think he’s learned his lesson. We’re going to lose some players to the ACN and one can’t expect Almunia to hold the fort down, I say bring back Lehmann or get a new goalie (Green still available?). I don’t want to go to the knockout stages of the Champions League with Almunia as Arsenal’s #1 goalie, that does not bode well.

Check out the match report and if you haven’t already, get the feed. Aston Villa boss Martin O’Neill’s post-match interview is part of the BBC’s match report.

Here are the individual goals followed by the MOTD highlights:

14′ Gardner: Download

23′ Flamini: Download

36′ Adebayor: Download

You need to get VLC to watch the videos.

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