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Arsenal vs. Tottenham Highlights (Carling Cup Semi Final): Eduardo finds Walcott, Walcott finds net

Posted by Arsenalist on January 9, 2008

Game Notes:

– Berbatov’s boyfriend was the commentator.

– Djourou and Senderos make me nervous. I’d rather have Sol Campbell than these two dicking around in the back.

– Denilson has trouble filling Fabregas’ shoes. Not really a surprise but the difference in quality is huge.

– It’s funny how right-footed Abou Diaby is.

– Second straight game where Eduardo’s picked out a run to perfection.

– The Theo goal was four inches away from being a handball, check the video.

– There wasn’t a doubt whether we’d come back despite playing like horse manure for about 88 minutes of this game.

– The Traore freekick from just outside the box made my go “Ughhhh”

Match Report.

– Make sure to catch grab the feed.

Short Match Highlights (not English)

Jenas ’37: Download

Walcot ’79 Download

Here’s an entire stretch of play which contains the Theo goal:

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Arsenal vs. Blackburn Highlights (Carling Cup): Eduardo on the double

Posted by Arsenalist on December 18, 2007

Blackburn 2, Arsenal 3 (ET)

We’re getting used to playing a good first half followed by a very mediocre one. Abou Diaby who according to some might be out of his way from Arsenal put us ahead with a left-footed strike. Soon after Eduardo provided a clinical finish on a through ball to put us up 2-0 prompting me to believe that this might be one of those Slavia Prague type games. But then we regressed and our youth got caught up trying to do things that were a little too intricate, in other words we lost focus and Blackburn capitalized albeit on a clearly offside goal. Things got from bad to worse when Santa Cruz latched on to a freekick from outside the area conceded by the too eager Mark Randall and equalized for the Rovers.

And that’s when the match turned into a feisty affair where the play of Alexandre Song, Philippe Senderos and Armand Traore kept the attacking Rovers at bay. Wave after wave of Blackburn raids were turned back by the young Arsenal backs and once we got possession we looked threatening with Eduardo and Bendtner unable to find that last bit of space needed to put this one away. Denilson was given a harsh straight-red on his attempted tackle on 90 minutes which meant that the Gunners would be a man down for extra time. But fear not, we are the Gunners. It was only a matter of time before 10-man Arsenal unlocked the Blackburn back four and it was a forward run by Song that found Eduardo who applied a finish typical of the Croatian striker – precise, clinical and accurate. Game Over.

Any team that thinks they can play a physical game against the Gunners in hopes of intimidating us and throwing us of our rhythm needs to check themselves again. Maybe this was true last year but definitely not anymore. It doesn’t matter who’s playing, 17 year olds or 28 year olds, we simply don’t back down and unrelentingly adhere to what makes us successful: a patient approach when we have possession that is bound to unlock the most miserly of defenses. The young backs have a lot to learn but today they showed that they’re up to the task by turning away McCarthy and Santa Cruz’s runs in the second half and extra time. Job well done.

Embedded Vids:

About Diaby 1-0

[livevideo id=21E0F8A60ED74FA7A98AC9CA6C9DBF1D]

Eduardo 3-2

[livevideo id=B7DED0BB4259414DB10957F5F9B3AA1C]

Eduardo Winner

[livevideo id=EEF248E3AEEF48A99873CF4244A04B0C]

Grab the feed and check out the match report. Check out the first half highlights, I’ve cut it off at the exact point where you can see the offside on the Blackburn goal.

First Half Highlights including all three goals Download or Alternate Link, Diaby Goal HQ, Eduardo’s first goal HQ

Santa Cruz 2-2 + Foul which led to the freekick which led to the Blackburn equalizer: Download or Alternate Link

Fran Merida takes forever to get dressed! Download or Alternate Link

Eduardo Goal 3-2!!! Download HQ

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Arsenal vs. Sheffield United Highlights (Carling Cup)

Posted by Arsenalist on October 31, 2007

Sheffield Utd. 0, Arsenal 3

Open these with VLC:

Eduardo ‘8: Download (English Commentary), DailyMotion (Non-English)

Eduardo ’50: Download (English Commentary), DailyMotion (Non-English)

Denilson ’69: Download (English Commentary), DailyMotion (Non-English)

If you want highlights in the future, you might want to leave a comment with a valid email address. They’re cracking down on blogs.

Grab the feed.

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Arsenal vs. Newcastle Highlights – Carling Cup 3rd Round

Posted by Arsenalist on September 25, 2007

2-0 to The Arsenal, Bendtner (’83) and Denilson (’89) the scorers.

Match Report

BBC has Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview

Arsenal Starting XI

Bendtner Eduardo
Diarra Denilson Song Walcott
Hoyte Eboue Senderos Traore

Sky Sports Report

[livevideo id=0D5C303F6E9242FD9D88A64782440D80]

10-minute Highlight Pack + Wenger Interview Download

[livevideo id=3DE268187D994A5EA7261E93DF4F427F]

Thanks, Arsenal Clips

Grab the feed.

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Carling Cup Final, Arsenal vs. Chelsea Highlights – Young Gunners lose

Posted by Arsenalist on February 25, 2007

It was Chelsea’s first team versus Arsenal’s second in the Carling Cup Final. No Henry, Lehmann, Gallas, Eboue, Adebayor, Gilberto, Rosicky or Hleb in the starting lineup for the Gunners, Arsene Wenger staying true to his word about playing his youngsters giving them what they deserve – a Cup Final. But when it was all said and done the ghost of Didier Drogba wasn’t done haunting Senderos. Drogba supplied a great header to a Robben pass and Senderos was way too late to contest Drogba. 2-1 Chelsea the final.

With a little more experience, slightly better defending and Henry instead of Baptista in there, this would’ve been Arsenal’s game. But take nothing away from Arsenal, their youngsters showed no signs of big match nerves and if anything it was the veterans that let the team down.

Equal possession early on but Arsenal playing much more confidently and creating chances for Fabregas and Baptista after carefully dissecting the Chelsea defense. Baptista unleashing a strong effort between John Terry’s legs which Czech managed to get a finger tip on. On the ensuing corner, Chelsea fans starting throwing stuff on the pitch as Fabregas is about to take the corner. Drogba can’t clear the corner and Fabregas gets the ball right before some nifty passing by Arsenal finds Walcott all alone with just Czech to beat from seven yards. The youngster makes no mistake. His first for Arsenal comes at a crucial time. The commentators were pure Chelsea supporters, they kept making excuses for John Terry everytime they had a chance.

Theo Walcott 1-0

After twenty minute Chelsea had yet to manage anything of consequence with Lampard’s effort being blocked nicely by Senderos. At this point the commentator mentions that Arsene Wenger has yet to beat Jose Mourinho which makes me very angry for some reason. Arsenal are on a 3 on 2 break when Baptista waits way too long before deciding on doing anything and ends up giving the ball away. On the counter-attack, the off-side flag incorrectly stayed down and Drogba was alone on the right with just Almunia to beat and he did so by going through his legs. Just before Chelsea scored, Arsenal had a chance to go ahead 2-0 but instead it’s 1-1. Traore having some serious trouble in the left-back position with Toure having to help out too often allowing Chelsea to create chances and Drogba and Shevchenko focusing their attacks entirely on Traore.

Didier Drogba 1-1

A nice run by Diaby on the left really showcased his skill but after an exchange of passes, his shot had no string from 10 yards out and humbly rolled to Czech. Arsenal, after regressing for about 10 minutes showed creativity and desire to go forward. But nothing on either side of any weight until Baptista is too late to connect with the header from the right and Czech collects. Later on Aliadiere breaks down John Terry and all he’s got to do is beat Carvalho but the Portugese gets a good foot on it. Arsenal with a great chance to take the lead. The commentators really love John Terry, they blame his injury instead of giving Aliadiere credit.

Second half starts out with a flurry with Arjen Robben reading the Shevchenko run but the pass is an inch too far. Abu Diaby finds open space on the left and the pass to him is perfect but his shot across goal is saved by Czech who covers the goal well. A better effort by Diaby might have beaten Czech. Diaby was running rampant in the second half, forcing free kicks and causing problems for Chelsea. This guy just made a case to be playing in the Champions League.

The contact on the John Terry injury was purely accidental – he wanted to score and Diaby wanted to prevent it from happening, nothing malicious on the part of Diaby whatsoever. Terry is substituted and Essien drops back to defense. On the other side, it appears Walcott can get past Wayne Bridge anytime he wants and Arsenal probably should have looked more to exploit that advantage but Chelsea go off the hook there. At 66 minutes, Traore replaces Eboue, the youngster was having his share of troubles on the field today, especially early on. Alexander Hleb replaced Diaby which was a little suprising, Diaby was playing well and covering the length of the field with his runs.

John Terry Knocked Out

Adebayor came in for Aliadiere who had a decent game and anytime there was service for him, he made something good of it. The Arsenal youngsters had a good overall showing, it was just moments of lapsed concentration that cost them this one.

Late in the second half is when Drogba struck for his second, a goal that would have been easily preventable had Senderos done his homework and paid even a little attention to what Drogba wanted to do. Arsenal didn’t have a single decent corner in the game with Czech collecting most of them easily. Exact same could be said for freekicks with Fabregas and Baptista’s efforts always hitting the wall, we really missed Henry here.

Didier Drogba 2-1 (These Korean commentators are awesome)

In the end, it was mayhem, red cards were everywhere. An injury time brawl ended up with Howard Webb dismissing Jon Obi, Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor. Adebayor continued to jaw at Webb and had to be hauled off the pitch. He’ll definitely be facing an FA charge. Here’s a few pictures that tell the story:

toure lampard carling cup

arsenal chelsea brawl carling cup

adebayor arsenal chelsea brawl carling cup final

After the final whistle, I just switched it off.

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Carling Cup: Arsenal vs. Tottenham 2nd Leg Highlights

Posted by Arsenalist on January 31, 2007

Is it wrong for me to feel really good that Ashley Cole is injured? Poor Scum, it’s hard to believe they had a 2-0 lead at home in the semis and blew it to the Gunner second team. Mido’s late header brought the Spurs some hope but it was all over when Aliadiere smashed one in during extra time.

The Henry/Adebayor dance is annoying to the point of being ridiculous. I bet that’s more Adebayor’s stupid idea rather than Henry’s.

Here are the goals and match highlights:

Adebayor 1-0

Mido 1-1

Aliadiere [2-1]

Chimbonda (Own Goal) 3-1

Match Highlights

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Sorry Spurs can’t hang on to gift wrapped lead

Posted by Arsenalist on January 25, 2007

First off my YouTube account was suspended because of copyright violations so I can’t put highlights up there anymore. I tried looking at sites like FlUrl and Metacafe but those appear heavily geared towards porn than sports. So for now, no highlights for this game until somebody else puts them up somewhere. They’ll be back for the Bolton game. For now here’s a clip from YouTube courtesty of la-roda.

There’s also another highlight package posted on DailyMotion.

Only caught bits and pieces of the game and once the Gunners were down 0-2, fear failed to settle in. If we can come back against Man Utd, the pathetic little scum are little opposition, even when the big guns aren’t playing. Baptista scores three goals in the game including two for us and we ended up earning a rematch at the Emirates. Arsenal rested nearly everyone and fielded the following squad for the game:

2. Abou Diaby
4. Francesc Fabregas
5. Kolo Toure
6. Philippe Senderos
9. Julio Baptista
13. Alexander Hleb
15. Denilson
16. Mathieu Flamini
21. Mart Poom
24. Manuel Almunia
27. Emmanuel Eboue
30. Jeremie Aliadiere
31. Justin Hoyte
32. Theo Walcott
43. Mark Randall
45. Armand Traore

As you can make out the plethora of talent wasn’t there. The decisive play of the game was Justin Hoyte’s run down the right to setup Baptista for his second easy one of the night. That made it 2-2 with still about 13 minutes to play. At that time I would’ve thought that there was no way this game was going to end tied as both teams had no trouble stringing passes together to at least create runs down the sides. Robbie Keane came close to scoring on a run down the middle but Almunia got his hand on it late in the game. Arsenal strung together a few counter-attacks after Baptista’s equalizer but the final touch never came. Although the on-loan Brazilian has failed to produce consistently in the league, he seems to be finding things rather easy in the Carling Cup. He’s scored six goals in his last two games which must make Arsene Wenger at least ponder a little whether to keep him on at the end of the season.

Next week’s tie at the Emirates will put the Gunners in the Carling Cup finals.

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Carling Cup: Arsenal demolish Liverpool 6-3

Posted by Arsenalist on January 9, 2007

This one was so one-sided that I hoped the Gunners would stop scoring so I would have to upload less videos to YouTube. The Beast gave Arsene Wenger a little more reason to keep him with a hatrick and then one. Liverpool just couldn’t cope with the pace and skill of Aliadiere. Benitez looked like a fool for not fielding his first squad although thats what he ended up doing by introducing Carragher and Alonso midway through.

Goals and Highlights:

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