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Jamario Moon got robbed

Posted by Arsenalist on February 17, 2008

One usually give two shits about the dunk contest but this year it would’ve been nice to see the crown return to Toronto and the Raps get a sweep of the top two ASSN competitions. Kapono’s demolition of the field (take that Lebron you pompous little prick) wasn’t a surprise and if anything, I was shocked he missed the one shot on the final rack which would’ve given him 26 on the night, thus breaking Craig “I practice 3s two months before the competition” Hodges’ record. When open, the man is deadly. When covered, he’s a waste of the MLE.

jamario moon dunk competition 2008

jamario moon dunk competition 2008

jamario moon dunk competition 2008

What was slightly depressing but deserving was Moon’s early exit thanks to some suspect judging which put a high value on props rather than substance. You’ve all seen this video by now which prompted many a pundit to pick him as the favorite and increased the size of Moon’s head by a 600% margin. That’s the only reason I can explain why he completely forgot that NBA rules stipulate that you must use another player to assist in one of the two dunks in the first round. When Moon did his first dunk he forgot to use a player thus forcing him to use Kapono as the assist-man on the FT line dunk – which is impossible because you need your full momentum and can’t be bothered to catch a pass, just ask Michael Jordan. The anti-climax that followed was a dunk from just inside the FT line, something very impressive but negated by the pre-competition hype and the really bad and unnecessary idea of marking the take-off spot which you miss by two feet.

Darrel Dawkins gave Moon an 8 on his second dunk which ultimately proved the difference. Moon’s dunk deserved at least a 9 which would’ve tied him with Gerald Green forcing a dunk-off. It’s not the low-score on Moon’s dunk that bugged me, it’s the high score on Gerald Green’s “Let’s put Rashard McCants on a ladder and have him pass me the ball” dunk which got all 9’s. This dunk was practically and alley-yoop, but easier. At least on an alley-yoop the pass has a chance of being off-target thus forcing the player to improvise and apply the needed correction, in this case all he had to do was catch it and slam it. This was possibly the worst dunk of them all and the sole reason why Moon was a spectator for the final round. The ball was caught on it’s way down and it wasn’t even that high to begin with (Rudy Gay’s alley-oop in the Rookie/Sophomore game was much higher). The windmill added a nice touch but that’s been played out. The candle-dunk was nice but not close to being as impressive as Moon’s left-handed near-FT-line catch-and-dunk of Kapono’s pass, yet it got nothing less than a 9. You might think I’m biased but I’m not evaluating this as a Raptor fan, but as an impartial observer.

The Superman dunk wasn’t even a dunk. It’s hard for me to look past that, this is the All-Star DUNK competition and you must DUNK the ball in order to get a score. Once again, props over substance. Take a look a the two pics below, you know what the main difference is? One of them was a dunk.

michael jordan poster 1988 dunk

dwight howard dunk contest superman

Dwight Howard did deserve to win, but Moon would’ve provided much better competition in the final round than Gerald Green who still thinks that the “between the legs” is more than just a treadmill move. Rudy Gay’s dunks weren’t all that bad, his second dunk was impressive, it was basically the same as Dwight Howard’s behind-the-backboard dunk except at a slightly more convenient angle which the judges will never pick up on unless they see a replay. The judges need to see a replay before they give a score, you can only measure the impressiveness of a dunk once you see it at a few different angles, evaluate the verticality, the body angle, the force etc.

Why does Magic Johnson open his mouth? Does he ever have anything to say besides inane banter? The TNT crew would do well by kicking out Magic and inside-joke King Reggie Miller. Kenny Smith’s been using the “Let’s go home” line since VC2000, it’s time to find new material.

Either Jamario Moon should make another YouTube video which shows what he can really do OR he should do something in-game – doesn’t matter if he travels or carries, just throw one down to get some face back.

How about the Atlanta Hawks acquiring Mike Bibby for next to nothing to strengthen their playoff push while Bryan Colangelo sits and waits. The only reason he’ll make a move is if his hand is forced and I’m glad Juan Dixon’s doing that right now.

Till another day. Grab the feed.

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NBA All-Star Saturday Night ’07: Not the worst but still bad

Posted by Arsenalist on February 19, 2007

It wasn’t completely miserable and it was almost watchable. Given the pathetic quality and composition of All-Star Saturday Night for the last 7 years, this was, we can safely say, not the worst. But there were elements of what the worst All-Star Saturday Night might have had. Some portions of the telecast were moderately entertaining but most fell into the category somewhere between don’t care and wtf. You should check out the Hype Guy’s entry for some hungover analysis. To check out some video highlights, see Chasin’s RealGM thread.

It’s very obvious that the chances of someone eclipsing Carter’s performance in the dunk-off is very low and when you figure that the best dunker on the court is actually a judge, it makes watching it even more painful. I was secretly hoping the judging panel would enter a dunk contest right there, I’d much rather see a 55 year old Dr. J fail at a windmill than Nate Robinson any day. According to Magic Johnson, Nate Robinson’s “a very, very talented player”, really Magic? How so? He can’t shoot or pass but I guess in the modern NBA, being atheltic equals being good. They actually came up with the Nate Robinson rule of a two minute limit on attempting dunks. Good thing that was in place since in the final round he exceeded the limit and if it weren’t for the hard rule that only two more dunks be attempted, we’d still be there.

all star dunk contest judges 2007 las vegas

I present the NBA All Star Saturday Night, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:

The Good

Jason Kapono’s 24 Points: One short of Craig Hodges’ record of 25. He went first in the final round and put pressure on Dirk Nowitzki and Gilbert Arenas to the point that both fizzled out. The competition itself was pretty boring but Kapono’s performance at least showed that the NBA picked a shooter that deserved to be there. Apparently Damon Jones was lobbying very hard for a spot in this competition and when he got it, he showed why the NBA was smart to leave him out.

Michael “The Russian Judge” Jordan:
Kenny Smith scored again when he labelled Michael Jordan as The Russian Judge after MJ produced 8’s and 9’s on dunks that could’ve easily received 9 and 10’s. When interviewed by shemale Cheryl Miller, MJ said, “I want to leave some room for improvement”. Well spoken.

Scottie Pippen draining some threes: Good to see Scottie Pippen in the same arena as MJ. Pippen drained a few threes and a half-court shot in some lame-ass competition called the Radio Shack Shooting Stars. The Chicago team actually won but it was given to Detroit based on some stupid technicality. Pippen wants to come back and play for a contender and Reggie Miller kept egging him on to hit some threes if he wants a 10-day contract. Pippen looked in pretty good shape and his shot wasn’t all that bad.

Dwight Howard’s sticker dunk: I thought the NBA was supposed to reward creativity. Howard pasting a sticker of himself on the top of the backboard deserved more than the 8 Jordan gave him. It’s unfair to put a guy the size of Howard in there and ask him to do a ‘Nique impersonation. Nice dunk, got ripped off.

Nate Robinson’s first dunk: Probably Nate’s best dunk ever but again the judges were way too harsh on the guy, especially when contrasted with the 50 Gerald Green received later.

nate robinson dunk contest

The Bad

Clock Malfunction: The clock malfunctioned three times in the Shooting Stars competition making a bad idea even worse. They finally kept track of time using a grandfather clock on the sidelines. Not that there was any flow to this affair or any excitement that might have been interrupted, but it showed that the technical staff running the show didn’t really do much rehearsing.

Kobe Bryant can’t pass: Kobe struggled passing to a hula hoop. It was sad to seem him waste 15 seconds on trying to make a simple pass. It cost him the Skills Challenge. Kobe then tries to shoot the ball instead of just laying it in to end the misery but missed the running jumper. All that could go wrong, went wrong.

Tony Parker coming out of a box: Some stupid little stunt with Pen and Teller saw Tony Parker come out of a box to the bemusement of the audience which didn’t know whether the ‘magic show’ was over or there was more to come. Seriously, basketball fans dont’ want to see this shit. We’d rather see Tony Parker in the 3-pt contest rather than this garbage.

Gerald Green dunking over a stool: Make no mistake, he did not jump over a table. And even if he had jumped over a table, it shouldn’t be a big deal since many, many people have dunked from that point of the lane and just because they did it over a table does not add anything to the equation. I don’t think anybody will agree with the 50 score on this one.

The Ugly

Tyrus Thomas: He literally performed like he was there for the cheque. It was painful to see him miss his first two dunks and then to top that he does a dunk that Kenny Smith did more than 15 years ago. Only Kenny did it better by reversing it. Very sad display, he should’ve just stayed home. I hate Magic Johnson as an analyst, talk show host, color guy, celebrity and anything else but give him props for telling Tyrus Thomas to “go collect that cheque” after his miserable performance.

Charles Barkley vs. Dick Bavetta: It says a lot when the NBA resorts to a race between a 300+ pound man and a 67 year old ref as secondary entertainment. They must’ve fed Dick Bavetta a lot of money to participate in this disgrace of a race. Barkley won and finished the race going backwards as a taunt towards Bavetta. Then he hugged him. Nothing made sense. I’d rather see TJ Ford and Tony Parker perform in a similar race but while dribbling a ball. NBA are you reading? Now that is a race fans would like to see.

Michael Cooper & George Gervin: Cooper seemingly missed a hundred shots when trying to drain the straight-away three in the Shooting Stars competition. Gervin looked like he was 80 years old and under a heavy dose of depression medication. The announcer yelling “no ice on that” after every one of his missed shots didn’t helper either. The NBA should really screen who gets to come back and represent them on TV.

Bill Laimbeer: Stop arguing with the ref Bill! Seriously man, it’s the Shooting Stars contest.

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