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The Arsenal

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If you’re looking for a really good and comprehensive Gunners blog, there are many out there including ArseBlog, The Cannon and A Cultured Left Foot. The space reserved for the Gunners on this blog is for heartfelt rants and thoughts at random times. Video highlights are often added to keep things fresh. It’s my way of keeping in touch with The Arsenal even though I’m thousands of miles away. Also, this is probably a good place to plug which helps me watch a lot of Arsenal games here in Canada. I wrote about them a while back too.

You can view all Arsenal posts by following this link.

Here’s some nice Arsenal videos from YouTube:

Dennis Bergkamp highlights

The Greatest Goal Ever: Thierry Henry vs. Manchester United

Ian Wright Compilation

59 Responses to “The Arsenal”

  1. quietstone said

    Hey Arsenalist,

    Nice job…me, a fella gooner from Singapore. Cheers.

  2. Bee said

    Hey…. I just moved to Surrey,BC. from Norway lately, and was at a complete loss of words when I woke up “early” on Sunday the 21st of Jan to hopefully watch th Arse – M*nU game, only to be terribly disappointed (and consequently disgruntled). And neither did I have access to internet, to plug my ppstream, Tvants and ppmate-ridden laptop and watch us stick one over the mancs.

    This is just a concurrence to your earlier claim of P2P saving your life.

    Great victory yesterday though…Denilson and Diaby were a revelation…and everybody worked hard. Always thought that we were a better team with Hleb than without, and Ros has sort of been omni-present in almost everything good coming in the opponents half, these last two games.

    Up the gunners…

  3. […] have had to rely on the vids and the testimony of the Arsenal blogs…which is divided. The Arsenalist Muses describes it as being “just downright nasty and despicable” , while Arseblog reminds us […]

  4. […] have had to rely on the vids and the testimony of the Arsenal blogs…which is divided. The Arsenalist Muses describes it as being “just downright nasty and despicable” , while Arseblog reminds us […]

  5. collin said

    henry is the MAN

  6. Thierry Henry says Goodbye to Arsenal Fans

  7. mike said

    DUDE, you like all the things I like!?!?

    I honestly thought my dad and I were the only football/arsenal fans in the entire country. in this hockey-obsessed country of ours, its nice to know others some fellow countrymen appreciate the genius of arsenal. my friends are hopeless.

    anyways, cheers for the highlights. i see you made the 7am wake up call as well.

    ps – is also a GREAT site for finding game streams. i highly recommend it.

  8. arsenalist said

    Nice to know there’s human life out there mike. Thanks for the link, will check it out.

  9. RVP fan said

    any leads on some gunner pubs in toronto?
    im tired of watching and getting drunk by myself.
    I need to know a place where fellow arsenal supporters can go to catch a game!

  10. Summit said

    FABREGAS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ezboy said

    I felt sorry when Hennery says good bye arsenal fans but am glad that we have Vanperesi.

  12. Paul said

    hey just moved to toronto from london
    looking for a place to watch the arsenal games
    any knowledge??

  13. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I’m still in mourning…yea it wasn’t first team, but still….

    (it’s Spanish btw, only one I could find)

  14. arsenalist said

    no gunner, i don’t want to see those highlghts, i actually recorded them but didn’t put them up…..nothing to see here…

  15. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I understand u on that Arsenalist…. hey, what about the Andre Ayew (Marseille) purchase? any ideas on that? & opinion?

  16. Pat said

    Fealing disheartened about the spurs game??

    Same shit feeling as all of us.

    I didn’t get to see the Newcastle game, and I wanted to check the highlights, since you usually have them up quick, from what I hear.

    Its alright, you’re probably not sober enough, after that

  17. gunner widge said

    hey peepz

    hu u think is arsenal’s best singing???

  18. Luke said


  19. Pat said

    Damn, I hope we have more heart in the Milan game.
    Arsenalist, I was on the fsc website and I posted something like this:
    “With this squad, I’m scared of a 5-1 repeat.”

    I was damn close.

    Lets hope those injuries are just fabricated stories to prevent criticism of wenger.

  20. siren said

    I’m wounded and sore too… urgh…

    On to the next game then eh? xx

  21. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Man…….I dont even know where to start. Although maybe a bit of cliche, I still got take consolation in the fact that numerous injury woes complimented by a little mental breakdown, had a part in that loss. Well, hey, we all know that’s not gonna have an effect on the Premiership and a better performance at UEFA, right??? Well I know for sure.

    I’m wearing my recently acquired Adebayor jersey, proud, right about now.


    “One Love!”

  22. rizwan said

    Great game…
    This says a lot for this young group of players….
    Arsenal had possession for most of the second half and they came up big with 2 goals.
    first english team to beat the defending champions in their own stadium…
    go gunners!

  23. Guner said

    Greeting to all Gunner fans..from Mauritius

  24. Ashleigh said

    Any pubs in Toronto where we can get together to support the boys???? I’ve seen this question asked before…no replies. So thought I’d throw it out there again.

  25. Stan said


    Thanks for the great website. In my country Kenya, about 90% of the population (football fans that is) support Arsenal. Since I came to the US for further studies, I have had some trouble getting to watch some of Arsenal games becoz it always conflicts with my schedule, thanks to ur highlights I can see what I’ve missed.

    Keep up the good work.

    By the way are you ready for GRAND SLAM SUNDAY (LIVERPOOL VS MAN U & ARSENAL VS CHELSEA!!!)

  26. kaya said

    why dont u guys get together and go to some bar in toronto and watch it together ..

    the game .. just a thought..

    some arsenal fan in toronto

  27. John said

    Love the site. Great mixture of the two teams. THanks for the highlights and insights.

  28. BALZAK said


  29. BALZAK said


  30. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    So Balzak, doesn’t that make you a Henry fan instead of an Arsenal fan?

  31. Gunner_in_Jamaica said


  32. arse said

    2 – 4 to pool….y’all must be proud!!!

  33. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Name the 5 “baddest” soccer players (in terms of behaviour & temper) you know in the past 10 years in order of “baddest”. My pick is below:

    5. Gennaro Gattuso

    4. Patrick Viera

    3. Roy Keane

    2. Paolo Di Canio

    1. Eric Cantona

    (I had a tough time figuring out which of the last two would be #1. Also, Aliaksandr Hleb would prob be #6)

  34. Ronald said

    This da damn nice thing u all have done for “GUNNER“ fans…I am a fella frm India,darjeeling…so East or west Arsenal’s the best….

  35. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Is the link below a hoax or what……

  36. mo said

    where do arsenal fans unite for matchdays?? i am from winnipeg moving to Toronto in the summer.. there isnt any arsenal group gatherings here.. but i am sure theres gotta be one in toronto somewhere. if not. 2009 the season of the Arsenal should have a get together point and some pub to watch the games and cheer on our team!

  37. Jonny F said

    Listen, for everyone in Toronto that wants to watch a game, I usually go to Scallywags at Yonge and St. Claire.

    There’s always a bunch of Gooners, but bear in mind that it’s an official Tottenham and Liverpool supporters bar (but they always show every major match), so usually it’s packed with them… but we always give ’em a good show.

  38. Kazelhlo said

    Hi!xxfq! hbplg fyanj buslk xvzxw

  39. henry said

    how come there is no official gunners pub in toronto???
    if manure, spuds and the scousers have official pubs for supporters to watch the game dont you think we should have one too???

  40. Martyn Peters said

    Thanks a lot for putting these highlights of the friendly games up. I recently moved to Mexico City from North London and it’s the only way I would be watching them. (Too cheap to pay the £4 a month for ATVO! hahaha) Come on you gooners and Carlos Vela!!!!

  41. Cathal Brennan said

    Hi, I would like to thank you for putting all of these highlights up!

    A pity they lost to Juve today!

  42. unclesean said

    Thanks for the friendly highlights mate.
    Nothing much on the telly here in Melbourne until the real stuff starts.

  43. lucky said

    what a goooool from henry

  44. rroni said

    arsennal CHampion 2008-2009

  45. Scott said

    Seems as if there are a lot of Toronto area Gunners fans, looking for a place to happen on match day. It doesn’t seem quite right sharing a pub with LFC and Spuds supporters though. Is there not a pub to make our own??

  46. Rahul said

    can ny1 get me the name of the song on the ian wright compilation

  47. Wrighty said

    ^^ “Jerk it out” by “Caesars”

  48. cesc said


  49. Rahul said

    thanx wrighty

  50. Thanks for your nice article.
    No doubt, Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry are the greatest ever players played for Gunners in the history. All of them dominated others in their during their reign at Arsenal.
    Once again thanks for the nice videos.

  51. DR. Helgeson said

    where are you man i need my highlights!!!

  52. Nick Brent said

    Cheers for the website, the video highlights are great. I know this would be hard as you live on the wrong side of the sea but if you could find a way to get videos of the MOTD analysis up that would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work.

  53. cetah said

    The gunners will forever shoot the other teams down……..
    believe it or not

  54. Jibran said

    Gunners in Toronto – email me or add me on msn so we can set up a meeting..I moved here recently and I don’t know where to go for the games.
    If anybody’s interested, please email me!
    (I’m 17, don’t drink, but I’m hoping the bars will let me in)

  55. Fluke said


    Just moved to Toronto. There are people like Jibran, Rvp fan, Paul, Kaya, Mo, Henry here and I am sure there are others. So if someone can suggest a bar and we will meet there. We can spread the news on the various arsenal forums too.

  56. Tayyab said

    Man this site is awsom
    wen ever i get the chance i chk out this site
    rock on

  57. ARSENAL4ERVER said

    nice <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3

  58. Arsenal Rox said

    Arsenal VS. Manchester United…

    Result: In my opinion, Arsenal is going to lose sadly, biterrly and sorrowfully. But oh well, it IS MU FC.

    BIG Disadvantages: Adebayor has an ankle injury for 3 weeks. (-.-) Mikael Silvestre has a “broke” nose during the stupid match against the noobs Fenerbahce. No Adebayor, Van Persie, Rosicky and maybe no Silvestre.

    Tell me, how screwed up can it get for Arsenal?! Tell me! :'(

    Anyways, good luck on the match against the Double Champions, MU!

    Arsenal Rocks Forever! :D



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