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What a joy these international friendlies are, just ask Theo

Posted by Arsenalist on November 20, 2008

Three months out. After he dislocates his shoulder playing in a meaningless midweek friendly. Now if this would’ve happened to William Gallas it wouldn’t have bothered me, but Theo? C’mon. We’re already going through a stage where we can’t by goals in the Prem and Theo was one of the lone threats we had. Nobody could keep up with is pace on the right and the man created at least two or three chances for us a game.

Now instead of looking to Eboue again to fill this role, why not bring in Jack Wilshere or maybe even Ramsey and see how they fare. They’ve shown spectacular skill and composure in the Carling Cup games (while beating Prem clubs) and deserve a shot here. I don’t know about you, but for me the most entertaining Arsenal play has come in the CC, not in the CL or Prem. More of that please.

That’s really all I wanted to say but here’s some more. The club’s been going through a real shitty stage, tying the scum, losing to Villa at home, the Stoke shit, the Hull hell etc. IMHO, the root of these problems is the midfield and defense, Fabregas looks lost out there playing without an enforcer like Flamini. Nasri’s effectively replaced Hleb rather admirably (on the wrong side) but that holding midfielder we’re so used to having in Gilberto and Flamini is missing. Rosicky will be back to train in 7 weeks so maybe he can provide that but that’s waiting too long. I think our Prem fate will be decided by then. It all comes down to AW spending some cash and acknowledging that his young Guns need help and can’t do it on their own – at least not yet.

Another disappointment of late has been Bendtner who hasn’t looked like Arsenal quality at all. Even when he’s one-on-one, he managed to fuck things up rather nicely. That play late against Man Utd when he had a chance to make it 3-0. Eww. He’s been forced into the starting XI because Van Persie’s stupid foul against Stoke. That was the dumbest Arsenal play I’ve seen over the last couple years, even worse than Lehmann’s fuck-ups. Going three games without your top striker will hurt any team, much less one that is so dependent on a finishing touch.

That’s it for this little piece on this primarily video blog. Expect some more.


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