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Arsenal vs. Wigan Highlights & Goals 3-0: Young Guns Fire

Posted by Arsenalist on November 11, 2008

Before the game

It’s Wigan’s first team versus some guys who skipped school.

During the game

Simpson 1-0: Download :: Watch

1st Half Highlights: Download :: Watch

Simpson 2-0: Download :: Watch (a finish Adebayor can learn a lot from)

Vela 3-0: Download :: Watch (check the look on Kirkland’s face)

Mexican Wave as Vela get subbed off: Download :: Watch

Fabianski Great Save: Download :: Watch

After the game

Full Match Highlights (DailyMotion – those cunts usually remove these videos)

Arsene Wenger Interview

Steve Bruce Interview

Match Report

I can see a Carlos Vela yellow shirt coming my way very soon. The man is cooler than the other side of the pillow. I’ll be the first to say it, I think this team can beat our first team. At the very least they’ll score a couple goals on them. No doubt. A nice night at the Emirates, Arsenal lowered their prices for this game when they should’ve raised them.

Who would’ve thunk that the Carling Cup would be the most enjoyable tournament this year? Watching these teenagers dismantle a full-strength premiership team brings joy to the cockles of my heart’s heart. The look on that fuck Titus Bramble’s face when he gets schooled by a kid old enough to be his son is just priceless. Let’s not have a letdown this weekend otherwise this feeling of happiness and joy is going to disappear real fast.

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25 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Wigan Highlights & Goals 3-0: Young Guns Fire”

  1. Grey Roco said

    Sexy ball from the youngsters! Who did Simpson hug on the Arsenal bench I wonder?

  2. rateflip said

    i’m sitting in lancaster pennsylvania and can watch the goals/highlights as soon as the game is done! cheers bru, great job

  3. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    Meanwhile, Man Utd get owned by QPR 0-0.

  4. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    damn noooooo man u scored!

  5. nolagunner said

    Nice turnaround on the highlights. Missed the 2nd goal, got to see it 15 mins later. :) But no, these kids could not beat the first team…I mean, most play once a month max, and are totally wired for it. Even if they had to do it once every 2 weeks, they wouldn’t have the same mental/physical energy.

    But Vela…holy shit. He needs to be given some first team time. We need him and Walcott on the same pitch…just terrifying for a defense.

  6. Guilherme said

    Grey Roco Simpson hugged Frimpong

  7. Ravi Bopara said

    thanks for the upload.. great team, great goals. wenger should let them play a prem game?

  8. goodey said

    Carlos Vela is mad!! he need some time on the 1st team he is sooo much better than shitty Bendtner!

  9. nice game …. bravo the gunners … !!!

  10. Sid said

    Vela is definitely way better than Bendtner. We need him in the first team.

  11. jonny said

    holy shit. the lukas fabianski save was madness. reminded me of the save david seaman made so many years ago

  12. shogunner said

    Bendtner on sub list again? I’ll smite da management!!!!! crayzie vela or simpson? just wat da doctor ordered. dese boys r off da heezy 4 sheezy.

  13. Gibbo said

    Love the fact that young Jack wasn’t old enough to drink his own Man-of-the-Match champagne. The kids are indeed all right.

  14. Tony Akers said

    Well How does Bendtner get into the team instead of Vela I think Bendtner is the biggest lot of shit I have seen in am Arsenal Shirt he misses far more goals than Ade and boy does he miss some also think Ramsey should be in the midfield but above all Wilshire we be world class if Fab decides to go Wiltshire will take his place and believe me we wont even miss Fab and I love him To Bits come on THE KIDS.

  15. […] chipped the keeper. If ever there was, that goal was the icing on the bodacious cake. You literally must see it for yourself to appreciate the quality of this young […]

  16. IMO said

    Vela is amazing!!! Definitely the gunners need him on the 1st team!!!

  17. Gooner14 said

    Thanks for the upload! great site!

  18. Tosser said

    Bendtner and Vela. Yeah. The exact same strikers. Easily just swap one for the other. Come on… Vela was outstanding but he does not fill the same role as Nicklas. Go kids!

  19. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    “And Burnley wins the Penalty Shoot-out! And in the first time in 6 years, Chelsea fail to make the Quarter-Finals!” Gotta love how the commentator puts it.

    “PALYVUCHENKO!!! 3-0 Spurs! And Liverpool really have their work cut out!”

  20. […] and one of the best saves I have seen from Lucas Fabianski made it a brilliant match to watch, goals and highlights from Arsenalist for those who misssed […]

  21. […] Arsenal vs. Wigan Highlights & Goals 3-0: Young Guns Fire Before the game It’s Wigan’s first team versus some guys who skipped school. During the game Simpson 1-0: […] […]

  22. arsenal for every one the lovely football ever i have been born or on the earth withj my parents arsenal is good forevevet

  23. Tony said

    Sometimes, i prefer watching these young chaps. Does anyone know where to fing highlights of their reserve matches?

  24. Tony said

  25. Tom said

    Brilliant goal, what a finish. As ever Arsenal have a wonderful youth team and Wenger has a habit of bringing them on quickly.

    Why the abuse of Titus Bramble though? What has he ever done to you? Show a bit of respect.

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