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Arsenal vs Manchester United MOTD Highlights & Goals 2-1

Posted by Arsenalist on November 8, 2008

So I set my alarm for 7:30 AM and it doesn’t ring (or it rang but I was too sleepy). When I finally wake up at 9 AM I see Arsenal up 2-0. How sweet is that?

Nasri 1-0

Nasri 2-0

da Silva 2-1



Life just got a little better!

Arsene Wenger Interview

Red Nosed Reindeer Interview

MOTD Highlights: Arabic + English

Game Analysis

MOTD Highlights – English

Match Report

14 Responses to “Arsenal vs Manchester United MOTD Highlights & Goals 2-1”

  1. Jimmy said

    Fanastic result, I have snet numerous messages back home to Ireland, to every scum supporter I know and typically no replies, lol
    come on you gooners.

  2. Dave said

    That second goal was beautiful. How many passes did they make before breaking through? Non-stop pressure right out of the half too. Great stuff.

  3. Mr Huhu said

    good stuff.. shud b better if bendner can score goals

  4. solon said

    thank god arsenal finally found their missing touch..but the late comeback from da silva and 6 added minutes realy make me felt…’plz ref…blow the whistle’ …finally gallas & co celebrated ‘moral boosting win’..couldn’t imagine if we lost..

  5. Lokesh said

    YES! so so so relieved. Arsenal once again prove every1 wrong and even with a depleted squad come out on top and deservedly so. SO glad i can go 2 work and rub it in 2 all those United supporters.

  6. lufc said

    haha great 2nd goal!!!!

    welldone arsenal…. it was a joy for a leeds fan to watch the scummers getting out classed


  7. nolagunner said

    The dailymotion is down already, as expected. Is there an alternate english MotD?

  8. Arsenalist said

    Thanks nola, fixed.

  9. kaka said


  10. kaka said

    great two goals keep it up

  11. nolagunner said

    See, that kind of responsiveness is why I click on the sponsor every time I drop by :)

  12. 46 said

    Well, Wenger said to judge him at the end of the season and I will! Only the Champ.League or the Pem.League will do. Not even both domestic cups will do.

  13. I.D. said

    I went on four hours sleep before my first day at a new job just to sit watch this before the weekend was out. Entirely worth it. Quality is there (for the most part) It’s just a matter of focus. :) First day went well.

  14. arsenal-freak said

    Arsenal vs Manchester United [EPL-2009] Full match Video

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