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Arsenal vs. Fenerbahce 2nd Leg Highlights: Kill me please!

Posted by Arsenalist on November 5, 2008

Before the game:

Adebayor is out for three weeks because his Achilles is messed up. Honestly, I think Arsenal would have to win 7-0 today for me to even feel a little excited about this. Our passage to the group stages is all but wrapped up really. Our problems lie on the domestic stage and the Man Utd fixture coming up is 12568 times more important than this game. Hey, at least we have RVP for this one. Remember, we lose him for three Premiership games (I think) leaving us with Vela and Bendtner up front (Oh, joy). Fuck me, why am I talking about the premiership again? It’s Champions League tonight.

Even a big win here means nothing because we’ve made it a nice little habit of laying a domestic egg after a great European performance. It’s apples and orange, crack whores and call girls, Obama and McCain, fucked and getting fucked. You know what I mean, its not the same. Either way, let’s go you Gunners.

Oh yeah, I’ll try posting highlights if they don’t block the streams. Those cunts.

During the game

Don’t be mad at Van Persie. God just hates him to the point that he’s got to be the unluckiest striker in all of football. When he’s not breaking the goalie’s nose he’s putting a dent in the crossbar. 0-0 at the half against Fenerbahce.

1st half highlights: Download :: Watch

After the game

Nil. Fucking. Nil. How lovely of a scoreline is that? And here I am saying 7 goals wouldn’t be enough. We looked like shit and we played like shit and sorry to say this but even Fabregas played like shit. I’ve never seen him make so many ill-conceived passes. I’m scared to see Bendtner and Vela head up our frontline against Man Utd. This game was the old Boring, Boring Arsenal and Wenger looked like he wanted to snap somebody’s neck and Pat Rice was very fearful of that. Didn’t even shake that cunt Argones’ hand. Our best chances came in the first half with RVP hitting the crossbar and then coming inches from scoring.

In the second half we never looked like we were going to score and even when Vela was brought on he couldn’t create much. The defense didn’t have much to do and Fabianski got the nod ahead of Almunia who had a headache or some shit. I don’t know. Give me credit for sitting through this fucking affair and not wanting to yell at the monitor which would’ve pissed off a lot of my co-workers. Fact it, without Theo or Adebayor out there our wing-attack sucks. Samir Nasri is a nice little player but he can’t do it alone (the mofo bobbled a perfect chance to score in the first half) and he’s no Flamini that could win you some tough headers in midfield. Silvestre got his nose busted.

Anyway, here’s some analysis of the game which you might hate but its true. So fucking true.

Highlights and Analysis: Watch :: Download

6 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Fenerbahce 2nd Leg Highlights: Kill me please!”

  1. s said

    thaks forward the highlights, im here after every arsenal game that i cant watch. you must have a great job that you can just sit and there and watch games

  2. a said

    The setanta analysis is just what me and my mates were saying during the game. This is getting depressing.

    If he doesn’t get some steel in january, a proper tall defender, a strong midfielder who can get stuck in and win balls, then we win nothing and Fab is likely to leave next summer. Can’t say I would blame him. He asked for quality, and Wenger told him Song, Diaby and Eboue were quality. Wrong answer.

    He keeps repeating the same phrases, keeps defending the youth policy, but as I see it, it’s not the age that’s what’s wrong, it’s the lack of quality. 5-6 of those players playing week in week out are pure bench material. They will never be anything more than that for a top club.

    Fabianski does seem like a good goalkeeper, but is it wrong to want a world class one? Almunia is not the standard a club chasing the championship should have #1.

    I remember how it was before Wenger, I am eternally greatful for his work at the club, he transformed us. Heck, I even think the stadium should be named after him when emirates lose the naming rights, he’s earned it.

    But if United beat us convincingly next weekend , somebody has to start saying something to him at the club. Maybe he’s become a bit diluted after having only yes men around him for years? He still has the skill to turn this into a winning team, but he has to take out his wallet and pay for quality in january. With the current economical conditions, this should be a buyers market.

  3. dudu said

    I think we need a always-want-to-fight midfielder like Flamini & P.Viera to burn the Arsenal heads. Delnison is not strong enough, Diaby too.
    Hope we can see the best performance of Arsenal when fight against MU at weekend.

  4. I.D. said

    This was a poor game. In all fairness though we are starting our third option at a few positions. Hey does anyone remember Rosicky? Or Eduardo? Yeah…I miss those guys.

    I must have a little rant though about Bendtner. Talk about a player in over their head. I really dislike him. And contrary to what someone posted above I think most of our young talent would be highly coveted by many world class clubs and will be with a few years under their belts. Bendtner is not included in that group. Wrong pass, wrong play, horrid touch, trying to do what he can’t- every time. He is this year’s Senderos for me (I would cringe to see that man on the pitch). With Ade hurt, I think I might have to skip the next few games for health reasons myself if I have to watch the poofy haired Bendtner ruin yet another move upfield with some jackass errant pass to an empty patch of grass, or the other team. /rant

    Defense and midfield, still holding us back. Denilson is not the kind of midfielder we are asking him to be. And much too inexperienced to be holding for Fabregas, who deserves more freedom than this, come on Wenger! Djourou actually looked good out there, but Fenerbahce, don’t impress me upfront. Gallas is so love hate. Toure needs to take sedatives before a game I think. Song, okay he is a bench talent. Silvestre is ManU cast off and they might be running circles around us soon :\

    The youth thing is nice but it also bites us in the ass when one or two starters take a knock and then our next option in a big EPL match is like 17 and never started a game in their life. I just don’t get the sense behind this if the goal is to win every year rather than in the ‘future’. The point isn’t so much what Wenger can do to fix this in a couple months, it’s what did he expect out of this group? When I think most people called
    that we took some heavy loses this summer on top of things we were obviously lacking last year (well specifically Flamini and maybe Gilberto) and needed to react more positively with replacements. Looks like a mistake and might cost us yet another year. Oh well. Go Gunners!

  5. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    Unlucky again. I think we really ought to get someone wrap himself around the post to deflect it in. For those who think that the league consists of 11 games, good luck to you. You probably need a shrink. If there is anything that we should do, it is to attack Man Utd fast. They can’t react fast enough.

    The right wing (Neville) is most easily exploited as the defender is very…. useless.

    If you say the year is over, you can go ahead and wear your favourite jersey.(The one with the word “AIG” on it, you know you want it!)

    If Wenger says we win Silverware, you just have to believe him. There isn’t much in reality you can do besides watching.

    Prediction: 1-0 Fab

  6. I.D. said

    I’ll assume you’re referring to me, but since you have such an obvious synergy with the infallible mind that is Wenger’s I am surprised you even stoop so low as to acknowledge me.

    That being said I’d like you to point out just where anyone mentioned the season was over after 11 games? And the AIG thing, well hat’s just low blow.

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