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Arsenal vs. Stoke City MOTD Highlights: This might be this year’s Birmingham game

Posted by Arsenalist on November 1, 2008

Before the game:

After the Scum game I had to take a mental break from the blog. It was too devastating to even respond to comments in the post. Our defense is very pathetic and I always felt that Almunia is NOT an Arsenal-quality keeper. Whereas Lehmann used to let in “crazy” goals, Almunia just lets in bad goals. I’ll give up two crazy goals a year for 10 bad goals a year any day. In the end it was nothing short of a stroke of luck that they managed to steal a point, yes our defense was bad enough but Clichy falling like his ankles were clipped by ghost? How often does that happen? After the Stoke game (which if we don’t win I will burn down my neighbor’s house), we got Man Utd, Villa, Citeh and Chelsea. That’ll tell us if we’re title contenders or not.

It’s Stoke City in about fifteen minutes, I’ll do what I can to post highlights…as they happen….

‘Watch’ vids may be ‘processing’:

Fuck 1-0: Download :: Watch

First Half Highlights: Fucking painful. Download :: Watch

Double fuck, cunt horse shit 2-0: Download : Watch

Consolation goal that gave you false hope 2-1: Download :: Watch

MOTD Highlights

After the game:

I’m off to burn some houses. We have to recover against Man Utd and in the CL next week. This team looked fragile, unimaginative and lacking any leadership. Abou Diaby at 22 is our most experienced midfielder, that itself says a lot. Toure, God bless his soul, is starting to look more and more like Senderos and our discipline in defending is worse than ever. Have at it.

Make me rich, one nickel at a time.

14 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Stoke City MOTD Highlights: This might be this year’s Birmingham game”

  1. Jesus H. Christ Himself... said

    …couldn’t save Arsenal now. Commence toy/pram throwing.

  2. yay said

    okay asnl is totaly screwed

    but ur damn funny though

    “off to burn some houses” and the double fuck

  3. gunner28 said

    C’mon Wenger. Go ahead..enlighten me on how young the squad is…tell me how they have character…tell me how they are going to learn from their mistakes..blah blah blipiti blah

  4. Arsenal is crap official said

    If Wenger was at any other club, he would have been sacked by now. He says he has 30 million to spend, so spend it you dick head!!!!!! All the big clubs, what do they do – SPEND BIG!!!! THATS WHAT MAN CITY ARE DOING! THATS WHAT WE NEED TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    a loss is a loss.. but so what. It can’t be coincidental that they pwned newcastle, blackburn, bolton, porto, fenerbahce, everton and west ham. it just can’t be that coincidental. We need to bounce back. It’s Fenerbahce this mid-week. It HAS to be 3-0 or 4-0.

  6. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    Stoke played cheaply, like Spurs. Thats why spurs beat liverpool. thats why pool beat chelski and manure

    They played long balls ( unplanned of course ) without planning for the outcome, and always got lucky. Then their pitch is pretty narrow. but whatever.

    Injuries to Walcott and Adebayor were considered very bad. Stoke are really a physical sore losering team.

    Then van persie got the retarded red card. which was supposed to be a yellow. That means he can’t play manure.

  7. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    BTW this is this year’s boro match. except clichy scored rosicky’s goal.

  8. I.D. said

    Honestly, this is what we get with such a young team, inconsistency. It’s still distressing because we used to drop the big games, but now, I mean who the fuck is Stoke?!

    I REALLY wanted Wenger to dish out for an experienced holding force in the middle, but he obviously had other plans; to get even younger. Perhaps he’s going through some kind of mid-life crisis. Can someone just buy him a motorcycle? And lets get on with filling the glaring gaps we’ve had for years.

    What is going on with Toure anyways?

  9. Rick said

    RVP won’t be able to play chelsea or villa either, three match ban. um, personally, i think that this year’s birmingham game was against the scum on wednesday. line up em up, both draws that were winnable, both sparking team unrest, both due to a clichy error(last one probably just coincidental). we’ll see how we are after the long november (manu, chelsea, villa, mancity).

  10. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    Who is stoke? I’ll tell you. Stoke is the team that held Liverpool to a draw at Anfield, Beat Everton, Aston Villa and a bunch of nub clubs.

  11. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    If wenger says we can do it with these guys, believe him. I’m sure his strong tongue and voice will force it onto them. Besides, It’s not the january transfer window. don’t whine so much. JUST WAIT.

  12. I.D. said

    Edible Nacho Cheeseball, I needed a bit of a smack, so thanks. I still believe in Wenger, and I love all our young pieces really, but I am also afraid we will be too far out of it come January to have much of a say. Time will tell.

    My Stoke comment, albeit abnoxious in tone was entirely tongue in cheek sardonic ;)

  13. a said

    “Then van persie got the retarded red card. which was supposed to be a yellow. That means he can’t play manure.”

    It was violent play, he fully deserved it. He also owes Arsenal supporters an apology.

  14. John said

    I love the passion that you put forth in your writing. Keep it coming. And lets hope those boys can start to right the ship.

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