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Arsenal vs Tottenham Highlights MOTD – North London Derby – EPL

Posted by Arsenalist on October 29, 2008

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Bentley 1-0: Download :: Watch

Silvestre 1-1: Download :: Watch

First Half Highlights: Download :: Watch

Gallas 2-1: Download :: Watch

Adebayor 3-1: Download :: Watch

Bent: 3-2: Download :: Watch

Van Persie 4-2: Download :: Watch

Jenas 4-3: Download

Lennon 4-4: Download

MOTD Highlights

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12 Responses to “Arsenal vs Tottenham Highlights MOTD – North London Derby – EPL”

  1. Chris said

    ARSENAL CAN”T DEFEND FOR SHIT! Really, Clichy? You’re gonna fall inexplicably? Really, Gallas is horrible in defense? Oh my! MAn!

  2. Bonnie Prince Charlie said

    Bloody hell. Just one mistake too many. If Clichy doesn’t fall down, if Clichy takes a shot from ten yards instead of passing to a covered Adebayor, if Almunia doesn’t spill that ball, if Wenger doesn’t start substituting like the game’s over, if if if. . . .

  3. Simba said

    So disappointing, not just because we lost ground against a hard-working (but extremely inferior) side, but because we could have really stuck the knife in and made them real relegation contenders with them playing the Scousers on Saturday! Gael was excellent all game until his slip but he never really calmed down after that appalling ‘tackle’ from that shit-head Bentley (should have been a straight red).
    For all the reports that will appear blaming our wastelfulness i cant help but feel that we are one of the most unfortunate teams ever! Even Modric’s shot was deflected round Alumunia and somehow the rebound found Lennon. And with Bentley deciding to play for the first time in his Spurs career scoring a blinder I was reminded of the Sunderland goal against us, a wonder-goal that came against the run of play, same with Geovanni’s strike for Hull. And by all accounts tonight Hull could have had 3 when only one nil down against Chelsea and ended up losing by 3. The Scousers get an incredibly fortunate penalty and Man Utd are playing the current whipping boys of the Premiership. In no way am i defending our performance in the last ten minutes, it was amateur but i would like to see a bit of luck fall our way and let us hold on and not see almost every shot the opposition has find its way in to our net.
    It will be a crime against football if this team wins nothing but it will be our own fault.

  4. seawas said

    just can’t believe it, can’t fuckin’ believe it…

  5. lagunner said

    What happened? For the last ten minutes or so, were we attacking? It really seemed like there was no concerted effort for goal or positional sense fr defending. Right now, I rally wish Arsene just loses it and beats the shit out of someone.

  6. jonny said

    f**K. bloody pathetic. had arsenal continued pushing instead of staying back and lounging around thinking “oh, the games over. that’s 3 points in the bag now”, they should have at least tried to have more possesion of the ball!!! i cant blame the team though. they’re still too inexperienced and a game like this will definitely teach them a valuable lesson. im fking pissed and devastated.
    i think our major problem is in midfield, its just absolutely porous. hleb and flamini used to do the dirty work but song and denilson are ridiculous.

  7. j2 said

    Against fulham they said oh they just had an off day…against hull they said oh it was a wonder goal from geovanni…against spurs…..EXCUSES! EXCUSES!! EXCUSES!!! This is how they will make excuses right up to the end of the season when they end up with no trophies.. you know i’m right. We’ve dropped all these points and we haven’t even met the other 3 members of the “big 4”.

  8. […] and listening to the commentators I got the sense that the first goal wasn’t his fault but watch the video of that first goal again (if you can stomach it) Bentley sees that Almunia is way off his line, Almunia realizes this, and […]

  9. ArseArse said

    Come on people, disappointing as it is, let’s get behind the team. True fans stand behind their team no matter what, and I believe all of us are true fans!

  10. Simba said

    The positive to take from this is that Spurs thought this was a great performance by them and only got a point! With a defence like that and a keeper who seems to have transferred in from the local Clown College most sides in the league will score against them and their attackers are generally poor. They wont score goals like the ones yesterday each game so they are still complete relegation fodder.
    Our problems are as ever inconsistancy-based, although the guy questioning Denilson’s performance was watching a completely different game to me. It was his best, he tackled hard and got the ball forward quickly. Clichy once again had a disasterous moment after an near perfect game (similar to the Birmingham game in Feb) and no one went to Jenas and Modric when they were lining up to shoot at the end.
    With today’s reports suggesting that Wenger prefers Silvestre and Gallas to Toure I think Wenger is finally coming round to the idea of Kolo in Centre Midfield as the defensive role. Who needs Yaya when we’ve got a ready made player in his mold.
    It will get better

  11. Non Edible Nacho said

    Thanks Arsenalist.

    Didn’t like the MOTD highlights though. Not your fault, of course, but it doesn’t reflect what the match was. We should have scored 8, and there were plenty of chances between our 4th and their 3rd that didn’t appear.

  12. Edible Nacho Cheeseball said

    The true test hasn’t come yet. If you look carefully at the 4 matches AFTER Stoke in the PL, you will notice something.. weird. Man Utd, Aston Villa, Man City and Chelsea. I swear someone set us up the bomb. The good news: If we can steal 3 wins from these, we will be serious title contenders. Don’t worry, I’ve done the Math.

    Then Wigan and Boro, followed by Pool and Pompy. We have to win all and draw at pool at least. A win at pool will give them a moral spanking.

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