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Posted by Arsenalist on October 23, 2008

Good morning.
Instead of the normal blog today there’s some big site news. To put it in a a singular sentence let’s just say there won’t be any any more Raptors talk on this blog. It will return to the team that it was originally created for – The Arsenal.

Now you’re wondering what will happen to the daily Raptors talk that has become the norm in this space and whether you’ll have to look elsewhere for your Raptors content. The answer is yes, you’ll have to look elsewhere and will no longer give you your daily Raptors fix. The good news (if you can stand me) is that I’ll be coming along with you. A few of us bloggers have “joined forces” and put our resources together to build one great site rather than have a few good ones.

Myself along with, and have come together to create a brand new Raptors website which is so much more than that. These latter two websites will still run on their own for a while and will possibly merge with the mothership in their entirety. Dinosty has been brave enough to shut down his entire operation and dedicate himself to the new project. Needless to say, I’ve also emigrated all the Raptors content from over to the location and I hope that you all can join us there. This is an entirely non-profit venture and nobody’s getting rich off of it, more on that in the next few weeks to come. It’s done entirely for the love of the team and the sport.

This was a long overdue move. I’ve always had discussions about creating one great resource for Raptors fans and I have to thank Dinosty for bringing this idea up again in early September. Once he pitched it, it was a matter of finding the right people to execute the job and I think it’s been a job well done.

So without further ado, I present to you

This is the first version of the site and we plan on growing very fast and will have some growing pains as we go into uncharted territory. There’s tons of information on the site including a stat tool that you can easily waste days on. There’s tons of video and pictures along with other goodies already on the site and they’ll be updated daily.

Most of all its a community rather than just a website and the first sign of a community is an official Raptors party. In fact, we have 21 of them – every Friday game night at Philthy McNasty’s we’re going to create our own Sea of Red. I also hope to meet a lot of you who’ve been daily visitors to this blog for quite some time.

I’ll be a daily writer for the Raptors Republic so if you happen to enjoy some of the stuff that’s written here, don’t worry, it just happened to move, not disappear. If you’ve subscribed to the Raptors RSS feed of this blog you won’t miss a beat as any new content from RR will be directly fed to your RSS reader. If you haven’t been using the RSS feed its time you did by clicking here.

That’s all there is to it. Thanks to everybody for making a site called Arsenalist one of the best Raptors blogs out there. It’s the comments that make the site good, not the actual articles. Head on over to and give us your thoughts by commenting on the intro post. It’s party time today, we’ll talk about the mediocre preseason tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone!

18 Responses to “Raptors content moved to”

  1. . said

    SUPER MEGA RAPTOR-TRON COMBINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fluxland said

    Thumbs down, Arse. Not to the site itself.. just the decision.

    Heads up.. some of the wallpapers are mislabeled and some no worky.

  3. Paps said

    Thanks for all the good work you have provided over the years. I’m glad you’ve moved and are not gone.

  4. Raptors2009 said

    I like it. I think Flux is just emotional right now.

    I think its a good step….as long as you’re still writing the bulk of the posts which I’m assuming to be true.

  5. Sam said

    Excellent idea. Good luck.

    Fluxland, you commin’ out one Friday? I at least owe you a drink.

  6. Arsenalist said

    Flux buddy, talk to me…..

  7. Endo said

    LOL at Flux! He’s about to jump off the fucking ledge! Hang in there man, Arse is not dead, you just got to visit a different URL.

    I wish I could come to those Friday night events but I’m ways away. Site looks very sweet.

  8. khandor said


    Men At Work.


  9. fluxland said

    *takes off noose, comes off stool*

    Yeah, I am not one for change I guess. This was “drastic”. Darn emotions! :(

    I don’t wanna rain on the parade or seem unappreciative, tho. No doubt, the site looks simply fantastic. You (guys) knocked it out of the park, Arse. I may have a few reservations, but who cares.

    All the work you have done here, day in and day out, will not be forgotten, Sir. : )

    Sam, glad “we’re cool”. I’m having issues with my jaw joint, lots of pain and headaches.. I was not in the most diplomatic mood yesterday.

    Khandor, it’s bravissimo. :P

    One love, all! :)

  10. PapiJulio said

    Hey Arsenalist, are going to have to Retire your Jersey????

    You’ve done a awesome job! I don’t have time to search for all the latest Raptors news so I just came here. Full of content, great links and bloggers who seem to be ‘Purple Blooded Raptors Fans’ who understand the game and stuck with the team since day 1.

    Thanks for keeping the Raptors interesting when they really suck!!!

  11. Arsenalist said

    No retiring yet man..if anything this is more work…actually, its a lot more unpaid work. Looking forward to it though.

    Good to see Flux is alive.

  12. Migs said

    Hey Arsenalist,

    Gotta say thanks for the awesome job on the site. Visiting your blog has been a part of my morning routine, and I’m glad I’ll still be able to read your thoughts about our beloved team.

    On a side note, I’ve always wondered what happened to the Blue Baller (aka The Flagrancy).. would you happen to know? Any chance of luring him out of retirement into RaptorsRepublic?

  13. Arsenalist said

    No idea man..his last post was after the NJ series..hope he’s alright.

  14. Pickstar said

    1st paragraph scared me, didn’t know where I was going to get my fix. Arsenalist, you have always provided great insight, look forward to seeing more of it.

  15. Chinstrap said

    While I’m purely here for the Gunners talk, good luck on the new venture!

  16. nolaboyd said

    Speaking of which, Arsenalist, can we anticipate more actual Gunners talk? I mean, your speedy posting of goals and highlights has made you a legend on five continents, but you used to also talk intelligently about Arsenal a bit every now and then. If, you’re leaving that to folks like aresblogger and Yogi, that’s cool…just curious.

  17. Arsenalist said

    I hope to nola, I hope to…

  18. gunner4life said

    great job champ.
    love the arsenal.
    keep it up

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