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Lakers beat Raptors in a “shootout”

Posted by Arsenalist on October 20, 2008

I’ll be honest. I had no idea a replay of this game was on TV and was shocked to find it on at 12:15 AM just as I was about to go to bed. It was the fourth quarter and the Laker commentators were commending the Raptors on playing well and celebrating the Lakers comeback which had put them up 4 going into the fourth quarter. So I sat down, made myself some tea and started watching the fourth quarter expecting the Raptors to hang tough and maybe even pull out a rare win in LA. How wrong I was. That fourth quarter was the worst I’ve seen the Raptors play in years. The Laker bench was running backdoor cuts, throwing alley-oops off the glass, getting five offensive rebounds on one play, getting deep posts against us while we were bumbling the ball like it was covered with acid, ball-watching the rebounds, not getting back on defense and worst of all not matching the Lakers’ enthusiasm. I don’t know what was going on in the first three quarters but it definitely wasn’t this.

I had to turn it off. Yes, I turned it off at the 1:25 mark when Jamario Moon tried an MJ fadeaway to no avail. This happened right after the Lakers had gotten another offensive rebound for a layup and I said to myself, “Self, turn this shit off and go to bed”. Here’s the box score and here’s a recap.

They interviewed Bryan Colangelo in the fourth quarter and asked him about the O’Neal trade and he flat-out said: “We were desperate for an interior presence…and took an educated risk.. It’s odd that a team that has a 6’11” PF and a 7’0″ C desperately needs an interior presence but that was the case. I too felt that we needed an interior presence, more specifically a pure rebounder and defender but I never figured he’d add someone like O’Neal because of the fear of redundancy. So when the trade was made many people had positive reactions because it did address a need but at the same time it came at a cost that seemed too high. It’s like asking for a Honda but getting a Hummer except now you don’t have any money for gas. I do stand by this trade, I think the other one that was on the table was Gerald Wallace for TJ Ford straight-up which looks enticing on paper but as can be argued wouldn’t have made the team better since Wallace is basically a good player on a bad team. He also happens to have a longer contract. So how did O’Neal do last night? 12 points, 4 rebounds on 4-8 FG in 21 minutes. Can’t stretch a guy like that out in preseason on back-to-backs, probably a wise idea that he rested.

No rest for Bosh though, 11/11 in 34 minutes a night after he played 36 minutes. This sounds like a bit much for a couple meaningless preseason games but maybe it’s Bosh who wanted to play, he’s been eager about getting on with the season for some time now. Ukic’s minutes are rising, they’re up to 20 now but he’s not making the most of it going -31. Ouch. I don’t care how flaky a stat that is, if its that low its saying something about your play. Bargnani was -27 and played most of the fourth quarter where Chris Mihm had his way with him on the glass. The most impressive Raptor that I saw was Hassan Adams. I know, I know. He hit a couple jumpers, got a sky-high offensive rebound and even threw one down. It means nothing though and only confirms that the preseason is too long. Way too long.

Messiah’s grading the Raptors preseason performances and he’s fairly bang-on with his grades, I’ll repeat them here. I’d give Jamario Moon a D-, that’s about the only place I disagree.

In other freaky news, Kenny George, the tallest college player at 7’7″ had part of his foot amputated! And you though you were having a bad day.

Only more preseason game left, its tomorrow in Edmonton against Denver. After that it begins.

8 Responses to “Lakers beat Raptors in a “shootout””

  1. nunya said

    You missed a huge dunk by Graham. No one mentions what a godawful passer Parker is. This team has no guard/sf worthy of starting and is going to get slaughtered by all the teams with strong wing players i.e. all the teams that will make it through the playoffs.
    Colangelo has shit the bed on this one and anyone still defending this trade is in denial and possibly and idiot.
    It was a mediocre team last year…this year, because of the redundancy at power forward, and yes, O’Neal is a power forward, at the expense of adding talent at the wing, it is a worse team.
    If Bosh or Calderon are injured, which is of course HIGHLY possible as they will have to play ridiculous minutes, then this team will be lottery bound.

  2. PeaceDog said

    I only saw the 3rd quarter before I had to punch out for the night. But Joey (yes, Joey!!) looked freaking amazing in the quarter..he was all over the place, dunking and diving.. you gotta catch the game-in-an-hour of this one.

  3. Johnn19 said

    The shoot out was the Lakers only. The score was Rap’s 70 Lakers 63 with Bosh @ the FT line where he missed 2 trys,late in the 3rd, the Lakers went crazy, the Rap’s had Ukic in through the last 12/15 mins and the track meet for the Lakers was on, Lakers 49 Rap’s 19 from then on. No way the Raptors will beat the Lakers this year when they are playing well.

  4. Yoshi said

    I can’t believe I sat at my laptop watching the game on a random site, when it was on RaptorsTV. I hope Regular Season is much more entertaining than this.

  5. Paps said

    They looked great for 3 quarters!

    The bench is hurting. Hopefully BC can trade for a decent 3 sometime this season.

  6. Dave said

    It was a pretty good game. The Raptors had some good stretches but finished awfully. The Lakers always had 2-3 extra gears they could crank up, the gulf in class was evident and it was huge.

    I took a lot of comfort in some of Jermaine O Neal’s shots. He took a couple of fallaways out of the low post over Andrew Bynum’s long reach. I’m not sure but I think he made one of three … but that wasn’t what I was looking for. This time 12 months ago each one of those shots would have been rejected by Bynum. Heck this time 12 months ago guards where blocking that shot. That’s a good sign that he’s able to get that shot over a player like Bynum who’s one of the longest guys in the league.

    I thought Joey Graham had an up and down night. He was awful at the beginning with a few turnovers, poor shots and the poor movement off the ball. He only had one good stretch in the game and that was when Luke Walton was defending him, oh and Coby Karl too. The rest of time he looked poor. Radmanovic locked him up and threw away the key.

    Is it just me or is Jamario Moon performing a lot worse than this time last season? There’s a lot less cutting off the ball, less energy, less hustle plays, and less effort on the defensive end. I’m starting to get a bit worried about Moon, I’d like the old Moon to come back and join the team.

    That MJ fadeaway he took in the fourth, that was Humphries fault for not getting his backside out of the way … Moon had a switch and wanted to drive on the taller player on the left wing, Humphries didn’t space the floor well enough (in between elbow and the three, should have gone out to the three point line), angle was too tight when he drove right (help D off Hump easy, denied the drive) and Moon was forced into an off balance shot going the other way. I don’t know what Humphries was thinking on that play. Moon was doing the right thing until his teammate let him down. These are the type of plays that wreck my head. Moon was 0-8 on the night missing layups and dunks, not a good night for him.

    Chris Bosh took four shots in 34 minutes …… definitely preseason.

    I’m looking to seeing some regular season games. The wings are making far too many decisions and going off the dribble far too much for my liking, and far more than last season. I want to go back to the point guard making as many decisions as humanly possible. Hopefully it’s just a preseason thing and not a consequence of two low post players, which it might be.

  7. Arsenalist said

    Thanks for the recap Dave…definitely gonna catch GIAH for this one.

    You’re right about the MJ fadeaway..I just looked at it again and Hump had no business being there. Says a lot about our offense.

    nunya: the Joey dunk is pretty sick. Parker is a brutal passer, its like he doesn’t have any power in his passes so even if he sees an open guy he can’t find him in time. Take notice when he’s bringing the ball up the floor, he’s always scared to make a cross-court pass to a guy who is ahead of confidence.

  8. khandor said

    As I’ve before …

    Moon’s best position in the NBA is the #2 spot, and his 2nd best position is the #4. He is not a high calibre #3 in this League.

    Moon made a better first impression last season … when he played the #4 position where he could take effective advantage of the mis-match opportunities this position preents for him in this League. Conversely, when he’s at the #3 spot, Jamario is just another Wing player in the NBA … who has a very limited game off the catch, as well as off the bounce, at this level of competition.


    re: Hopefully it’s just a preseason thing and not a consequence of two low post players, which it might be.


    IMO, you’re heading in the right direction with, “… which it might be.”

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