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The perfect evening against an imperfect opponent

Posted by Arsenalist on October 19, 2008

Toronto Raptors 93, LA Clippers 89

If Bryan Colangelo had his wish Chris Bosh and Jermaine O’Neal would have close to 20/10 nights every night. Well, last night he got his wish although the Clippers missing Baron Davis and Marcus Camby might’ve taken some of the ecstasy out of it. I didn’t watch the game, couldn’t find it on TV so can’t really comment much but looking at the box-score it was a good night for the Raptors. Roko Ukic got to play 15 minutes (and Will Solomon only 9, I like where this is going) and Joey Graham took a step back from his Minnesota performance. I highly doubt we’ll see an article in every paper about him today, as it should be.

The win combined with the Lakers victory over Barcelona means that we get to play in the “finals” of the LA Shootout. This might be the only finals appearance of any kind the club makes this decade so lets enjoy it while we can. The only thing to note from this game is that Bargnani didn’t play because of a bruised right leg. It’s funny how the Raptors were flown all over from the East coast for this game just because they have two significant foreign players – got to love the NBA, they look for ways to generate fan interest in any which way.

So Mitchell was asked why the Raptors were able to pull off a road win and The Wise Man of the North responded:

“Inside presence, think about it. I told our guys, when’s the last time we shot 38 per cent (and won)? … Not very often. So you can win games shooting 38 per cent if you play D and get to the foul line (and rebound).”

Just thought about it and he’s right. Playing defense, getting rebounds and shooting more FTs will win you a lot of games but let’s not go nuts. We won by four points against a team who was missing their two best players. Just like you brush off the Minnesota loss you should brush of the Clippers win, that’s how the preseason works.

Somebody remind me again how great Hassan Adams is and how NJ was ruing letting him go and how we’re so lucky to have this talent that slipped through the cracks and fell on our laps. Hot garbage! He’s the new Maceo Baston, nothing more. He’s been entirely unimpressive thus far and this night was no different, his fat-ass went 0-2 with 2 turnovers and 0 assists in 5 minutes. Put a fork in him, he’s done. One more note on this game, ex-Raptor and brand new NBA employee Haywoode Workman was a referee for this game. I like this move by the NBA, more players should become referees. Tops on my list: Charles Barkley, Charles Oakley, Keith van Horn, Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace. Just picture Vince Carter arguing a foul call with Charles Oakley and instead of Oakley explaining his call he just bitch-slaps Vince across the face. You’d have people come to the games just to watch the officials!

Raptors Talk has an article about Bryan Colangelo letting players with good value walk. The author seems very down about this, in fact I think he wrote it just before he wrote a brief but thoroughly spell-checked suicide note and overdosed on pain-killers. He’s got a point, Bryan Colangelo seems to do nothing with marginal free agents who could have potential. I doubt we needed to buyout Garbajosa’s contract, there was interest from the Lakers and you’d think we could’ve offloaded him for a second-rounder somewhere. He did have the grit factor going for him despite his injury. Letting Mike James walk didn’t make much sense either, I’m positive he wasn’t the Colangelo mold of player so why he didn’t trade him at the deadline when he was having a good season didn’t click. Maybe Colangelo was in two minds about Mike James and couldn’t make a decision until after the season and if that’s true its a horrible trait to have in a general manager. I don’t now about Primoz…that might be a reach.

Andrew Bynum. I remember during the 2005 draft I said to myself, “Self, we should take a chance on Andrew Bynum. Chris Paul and Deron Williams are already gone and its a crapshoot from here on out. Why not reach on this raw talent?” But Babcock selected Charlie Villanueva and everybody got their panties tied up in a knot and it turned out to be a decent pick and the rest his history except that Andrew Bynum is on his way to becoming a perennial All-Star. Why am I mentioning him? Because he’s now asking for an 85 million dollar contract and despite the Lakers trying to play tough they’re bound to give it to him.

The Knicks are so down on Eddy “I just ate a bowl of” Curry, they don’t even make a secret of not liking him or wanting to trade him. The Magic also have a decision to make at backup PG and its come down to JJ Redick vs. Keith Bogans. You remember Keith Bogans right? He’s the guy we insisted on leaving open in the playoffs last year. Gerald Green dropped a spectacular 29, I still remember that little twat’s breakaway dunk against us in Boston at the end of a blowout. We’ll make him pay for it….just you wait.

That’s all I got. Have a lazy Sunday.

10 Responses to “The perfect evening against an imperfect opponent”

  1. JOhn said

    I guess the current GM does have his faults.

    – not enough bodies
    – high percentage of salary in 2 players
    – drafted 1st once, did not go well and now has no urge to draft in the first round

    If the injury bug hits like it has in Miami the team will literally run of players. One way to get to the lottery.

    But him and coach sure do dress well !!

    Of course as a fan I hope I’m wrong :-)

  2. Johnn19 said

    Last night Raps were up by 13, with no Camby, Davis, or Bargnani playing when Sam put that great defender Adams in, and LAC went 11-2 in the last minute with 3-3 pointers. BC should be looking for a replacement for Adams now, as I hope his contract is not guaranteed. He is behind Jawai on the talent list, so far, and Jawai has not played a minute.

  3. Arsenalist said

    JOhn, all your points are valid but a supporter of the regime might say:

    – not enough bodies
    Response: tighter, easier to manage rotation

    – high percentage of salary in 2 players
    Response: they both come off in 2010 giving us a lot of space

    – drafted 1st once, did not go well and now has no urge to draft in the first round
    Response: Bargnani needs time and…….well, there’s no excuse not to draft this year.

    This is not my respone but just the ones that I’ve gotten used to when making the same points you are.

    Johnn19: I agree, Adams looks utterly worthless. His contract is guaranteed for this year and the team has an option for next year at 800K.

  4. John said

    I enjoy watching the raptors play and hopefully this year they can improve. Now most of the league is getting ready for the free agents in 2010 and I was wondering who the Raptors would be chasing ?

  5. Dave said

    Joe Johnson looks the prime candidate to me.

    Here’s a list of the Free Agents in 2010:

  6. Raptors2009 said

    BC already refused to pay Johnson, what makes you think he’ll acquire him now?

  7. Dave said

    Colangelo didn’t refuse to pay Johnson … he offered him a maximum contract. Johnson didn’t want to be the fourth option, he wanted to be the man so he joined Atlanta. He adamantly refused over and over and over again and declared his wish to leave.

    A Calderon-Johnson-Bosh trio is pretty good. Get the rest of your house in order and you have a contender.

  8. khandor said


    I would be willing to bet you [and anybody else who might be interested] a sizable amount of my own $$$ that Joe Johnson DOES NOT end up signing a free agent contract with the Toronto Raptors during that specific off season.

    IMO … Joe Johnson will be one of the most highly coveted Free Agents during that signing period and will either re-up with the Hawks, under a max contract, or be scooped up by a different team, perceived to have a legit shot at winning the NBA championship, not the Toronto Raptors with their current roster.

    re: get the rest of your house in order and you have a contender

    Dave, no you won’t … because you have no idea, at this time, what the other top notch teams in the NBA will be doing during that signing period to improve their chances of winning the NBA championship, as well.

    Being a ‘legit’ contender or not … is always contingent upon and relative to the strength of the other teams in the League. :-)

  9. Dave said


    I agree that Joe Johnson is unlikely to join Toronto. But I’d say that about every free agent. Every top free agent is most likely to stay with their home club (except Redd), and if not every free agent is more likely to join a top contender.

    My point was that there is no reason to believe Colangelo wouldn’t offer Johnson max money … and that Joe was a reasonable target (in terms of ability to acquire, rather than a Wade) …. and that he would be a great fit for this team, which is why he should be a prime target.

    Johnson’s FA value would skyrocket if James/Wade/Bosh/Amare don’t go into FA, but if they do he’s a second tier FA who’s gettable. Acquiring one of those other three would be an extremely difficult task for the Raptors considering their (FAs) team’s situations, and likely number of suitors.

    Toronto will not be one of the most attractive destinations for free agents, but with Bosh/Jose and cap space they can be a quality destination and secondary bidder. If they can improve on where they are now they can of course change that and move up the ladder.


    I disagree on a Johnson-Bosh-Jose trio, that’s an excellent foundation that you can definitely build a contender around.

  10. khandor said


    Conversely, I do not think that Joe Johnson will be ‘gettable’ by the Raptors during that Free Agent signing period … which is, in part, why I suggested prior to the 2006 NBA Draft that the Raptors would be better of by drafting a dynamic Wing player with considerable upside, like Rudy Gay [after trading down into the middle-lower part of Lottery].

    Re-signing your own high calibre free agents is always going to be easier for a team like the Raptors.


    It’s not that I think Calderon-Johnson-Bosh would not be a solid trio together … cause I do … only that we have no way of knowing just ‘how good’ they would be in comparison to the other top teams in the league at that point in time [i.e. in terms of relative quality].

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