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Training camp continues…

Posted by Arsenalist on October 4, 2008

Devlin’s talking to O’Neal and he’s saying that him and Bosh are passing shots up in scrimmage when they should be shooting. Call it two new friends being super-nice to each other and making sure the other has a good share of the pie. Will one of these two men will rise and make the team his own? Do any of these two have the “Kobe mentality” of being second to none and will impose their will and leadership on the team? Both are very good players but I don’t think either one of them is the “gimme the f*cking ball” player. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means we don’t have a “gimme the f*cking ball” type player. But wait..wait..wait..what’s this…Chris Bosh is not quiet anymore, he’s going to be “gregarious” this year. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Eric Smith is at camp and naming Kris Humphries as the best player on the court from their latest scrimmage. He’s got more details about FT shooting, wind-springs and other such camp-happenings. Given his insider access Eric Smith’s posts have always been lacking any substance but not this one. He’s reporting the shit out of training camp. Dave Feschuk’s giving his opinions on the FT drill which makes you want to hate your teammates. The idea behind that drill is that it should simulate pressure on the FT shooter but I wouldn’t put it past some jokers for missing them just for kicks.

Michael Grange is pointing out some interesting numbers regarding Scott Foster’s refereeing, is he another rogue referee? You decide, I’m leaning towards a ‘yes’.

The Manatee is going to get another doctor to look at his heart and Joey Graham is still injured. The Heat picked up Shaun Livingston which is going to be a good, good acquisition for them. Before he went down with a knee injury he was considered an “up and coming” point guard and assuming he’s healthy now he’s going to give them a good scoring/assist punch.

Not much going on in Raptors news. We got a inter-squad game today, we’ll see how it goes. Check RaptorsTV from 2PM – 4PM today. No, its not the game but Boston Celtics training camp. Should be fun to watch.

I know its a short post but I’m working on some changes to the site which will make life better for everyone. Later.

14 Responses to “Training camp continues…”

  1. FAQ said

    Bosh and JO are passing to each other to get a feel of how each plays; they are trying to familiarize themselves because both will on the floor at the same time. Each can shoot, but how do they play for the pass?

    Humphries is hungry and Joey is playing stressed and that can set you up for injury. Humphries is confident and Joey is frightened because he can see the end of his NBA career.

    Will a ‘gregarious’ Bosh start shooting more 3-pointers and thus bump Bargs from SF??

  2. greg said

    Did anyone know that Donaghy refereed Game 6 between the Raptors and the Nets?

  3. Arsenalist said

    Yes, but he didn’t force Jose’s bad pass and he actually kept his whistle quiet when Jefferson drove to the rim on Bosh and scored (and probably got fouled).

    I think we discussed this a while back but I don’t even think the Nets covered the spread that day and it wasn’t one of those “lopsided betting” games the article’s talking about.

  4. fluxland said

    That wasn’t a Jose bad pass.. that was Sam’s inability to coach and awful play calling. *rolls eyes* Bosh was over reacting too.. no need for a call.

    Good call, and I’ve been saying it for a while.. we do not have a “gimme the ball and get the f out of the way” baller.. but hey, that cunt TJ Ford is gone… let’s go buy some black jerseys. And we can always enjoy CB4 flexing and screaming after a dunk while down by 20 points. YES!! GOOO CRAPTORS!!

    *end of Grahm’s career – when exactly did it start? Oh, he’s a beast in practice? My bad.

  5. nunya said

    Manatee is a really, really, really, really shitty nickname.

    At least Rasho used to make all his free throws.

  6. fluxland said

    Because nunya is an award winning one… jerk!

    Arse, I watching some Spurs-Mavs here… effing guide sucks.

  7. Paps said

    Are any pre games on TV?

  8. Raptors2009 said

    Yes, all preseason games are on RaptorsTV. Today is an intrasquad scrimmage so that doesn’t count.

  9. CouldBeInteresting said

    Hello All,

    Hard to believe but the start of the season is within striking distance. If this team keeps its nose down and just goes out and plays hard we could realistically find ourselves top 5 in the East.

    P.S. Flux I can’t believe your still heart broken about TJ. Seriously let it go!

  10. fluxland said

    Yeah, I have this thing with letting go. Not so much with TJ being gone.. just people calling him a cunt. When we got him it was the greatest thing ever (like people are acting about JO right now) when he left it was Thank Godness. We have this reputation of spitting on players when they leave. And yeah I still wonder what could have been with that guard combo. Oh well.. season is almost starting, we’ll see what this group has in store. I am nowhere nearly as optimistic as 90% of the fans. One serious injury away from scrapping the whole season… and that won’t be fun at all.

  11. MUHDIK said

    tj the cunt is gone ! YIPPPEEE!

  12. fluxland said

    I love how the MLSE *buy the merchendise* propaganda machine is in full force. Not one solitary word of negativity from anyone about anything. Everyone in camp is an All-Star. Read all this crap you’d think we are better then the Spurs, Lakers and Boston.. on paper, on the court.. F why don’t they just hands down the LOT right now and call it a season. I see the Leafs attitude of “we deserve the Cup simply cuz we are the Leafs” is starting to trickle down to the Raptors.

    Oh well, fun seeing some MoPete on RaptorsTV.. how we miss you now buddy!

  13. MUHDIK said

    mo pete?..that inconsistant bitch? 20 one game 3/4/7 the next 3…so u love mopete and tj?…..i bet you also think oj is innocent and that kimbo slice is the greatest….dummy.

  14. khandor said

    re: That wasn’t a Jose bad pass.. that was Sam’s inability to coach and awful play calling. *rolls eyes*

    Guess if we all saw the world from the exact perspective, the globe would be tilted permanently to one side and the earth’s rotational axis altered forever. :-)

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