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Arsenal vs. Sunderland Highlights (MOTD) and Goals: English Premier League

Posted by Arsenalist on October 4, 2008

Sunderland 1, Arsenal 1

We can’t afford to be dropping points to shit teams. Don’t give the “Sunderland are a tough team in the mold of their manager” bullshit argument because if we want to have a chance to win the league, these games should be routine not fucking painful headaches.

Fuck me, but isn’t it a little too late to bring in Vela??? The guy should’ve been in there at halftime to create some enthusiasm after that first half display. And why are we playing only one striker upfront?? When has that ever worked for us in the last two years that it deserves further testing? This game was painful and if I had to sum it up in one word it would be “Unimaginative”. The goal they scored was a complete fluke, a prayer that was answered. Too disgusted to write more.

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MOTD Highlights

1st Half Highlights: Download :: Watch

Disallowed Robin van Perise Goal (Walcott incorrectly adjudged out-of-bounds): Download :: Watch

Some cunty looking schoolboy 1-0: Download :: Watch

Cesc Fabregas: Download :: Watch

Arsene Wenger Interview

Match Report

7 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Sunderland Highlights (MOTD) and Goals: English Premier League”

  1. […] As always, the Arsenalist has the highlights up already saunter on over there and check them out if you missed the game today. Don’t forget to help […]

  2. figo said

    we want to be on top vela and adybyor and we want to buy ronaldo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. deafmetal said

    It is after games like these, that I really have to question Lord VVenger’s decisions! OK. He went with almost the same team that beat Porto, but why then, at half time when it was facking OBVIOUS that they were not gelling didn’t he make 2 subs, bring Vela on (which he did but too late and for Walcott??!??) and bring Bendtner on (which again he did too late), and take off RvP and Ade. Show them that they can’t fuck about. Pull Fabregas back into the Midfield 4 and play a straight 442. He’s just too set inhis ways sometimes, and normally I’d say who can blame him, He’s been there for 12 years, but he also should have facking learned how to play effectively against a bunch of hoofers by now.

  4. Q unique said

    Agree, im pissed about the result. The porformance, and Wenger. He is done. Eboue is not winger. Bentdner is not a game winner. and Song can’t defend properly for 90 minutes. The glory days of the invicibles are looooong gone. Of all the top 4 we are most likely to fuck up week in and week out. We are dropping points like crazy and still haven’t played chelsea, liverpool, Man U, Tottenham, Villa… Disgusted.

  5. Dave said

    That first half was ugly. The Arsenal players were timid, especially in the final third. Disappointing performance.

  6. Ben said

    Fluke? I could understand if it went in off his arse but a 25 yard effort hitting the underside of the crossbar whilst jostling under pressure from an Arsenal player?? Give them some credit. You were lucky to get a point you twat.

  7. Simba said

    As always, some moron slips through the net and posts a load of bollocks. It was a fluke, it doesn’t have to come of a random body part to fall into that category. It was a ‘hit and hope’ at best and the fact it went where it did is more evidence that we have the most appalling luck at the moment. And ‘lucky to get a point’!?! We wounldn’t have been in trouble if the linesman could do his job and not panda to the home crowd begging for a goalkick when VP scored a perfectly valid goal.
    Tragically that doesn’t hide the fact that we will struggle to win things if this run of form continues. The truth is that a team that wins the League gets the rub of the green from time to time and luckily wins tight games, not scrapes last-gasp draws. Its disappointing but the Man Utd game this weekend was evidence of the luck going with some teams. I am not saying that they didn’t outplay Blackburn by any means but their first goal was a foul and the longer a team like Blackburn holds Man Utd the more chances they get and that is how upsets happen. After that first goal was allowed the Utd just sat back and picked Blackburn off at their own pace.
    I remain optimistic that we will win something but our fortune needs to turn around and fast.
    Great job as always arsenalist

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