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Arsenal vs. FC Porto Goals and Highlights: UEFA Champions League

Posted by Arsenalist on September 30, 2008

I don’t do the analysis. You post a comment of what you thought of the game. Who cares what I think??

Here are the vids:

Full Match Highlights (HQ) Download

Robin van Persie 1-0: Download :: Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor 2-0: Download :: Watch

Robin van Persie 3-0: Download :: Watch

Foul on Bendtner, Adebayor penalty 4-0: Download :: Watch

Arsene Wenger Interview and Match Report

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12 Responses to “Arsenal vs. FC Porto Goals and Highlights: UEFA Champions League”

  1. jck said

    That’s a bit more like it then, eh.

    Porto are higher quality than anyone we’ve played domestically, but this result still seems to me to be flattering to deceive.

    VP and Ade did the job today, but if they continue to be so wasteful in front of goal, I wonder how long it will be before Bendtner usurps one of them. The man must be wondering what else he has to do to get a game.

  2. fourstar said

    Agreed, one wonders what Bendtner and Vela (and they are a potent combination) have to do to get a start.

    Sponsor clicked, by they way, although miraculously, for once, the game was on terrestrial TV here in the UK!

  3. Grey Roco said

    Porto plays a slick style so we didn’t have any problem. We have problems with the physical fouling sides. I wonder how ol’ Roy will play us Saturday. Hmmm physical?

  4. Logomofin said

    Dude, you’re doing a FANTASTIC job with this site man. Keep it up dude!! Arsenal still have some work to do though. I’m not getting carried away anymore

  5. J in KC said

    Thanks for the vids, clicked the sponsor link too. The goals were very nice, esp that first, but the match reports do make it sound like we spurned a good few chances and it could have been a real slaughter. I won’t let it worry me right now though, as this is a really solid result against quality opposition. Hopefully now we can go on & concentrate equally as well in the Preimership & knock the crap out of Sunderland at the weekend.

  6. J in KC said

    PS Dang, just looked at the sponsor link. Had I not just moved away from Cleveland, I might just have used that link to grab a ticket to the Raps-Cavs pre-season game coming up. Oh well.

  7. lolz said

    Haha, you’ll see. Someone is gonna bag a hat-trick against sunderland. its not a striker tho.

  8. nolagunner said

    blip has taken down that highlight video, Arsenalist.

  9. Arsenalist said

    Thanks nola. Updated the link to a download.

  10. nolagunner said

    I thank you with both words and mouse clicks.

  11. seawas said

    he arsenalist, i really appreciate your work and if i miss an arsenal game you are always reliable. Thanx a lot for that, but i’ve been wondering why you’ve stopped doing the analysis. i remember checking your website after every game just because of that, not for vids only. i liked it a lot, funny stuff, but most importantly it was true (most of the time at least). good journalism man ,haha, very subjective, but honest. But for quite some time there’s been just a few lines for arsenal games, instead there’s articles about the raptors with thousands of words, allthough the season hasn’t even started. That’s alright with me, but at the end of the day i wanted to answer your question saying “who cares what i think?” with “I do!” I’d like to read more of your fuckin analysis man, a lot more!

  12. Arsenalist said

    seawas, I’ll start to do more analysis in a couple weeks. Probably after the Fenerbahce Champions League game in Turkey or after the West Ham away game.

    I just think there are tons of good Arsenal blogs already that say all that’s needed to be said. But I do understand the need to do a write-up after every game. Hopefully soon.

    Thanks for swinging by.

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