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Arsenal vs. Blackburn Rovers Goals and Highlights: English Premier League

Posted by Arsenalist on September 13, 2008

Blackburn 0, Arsenal 4


Robin van Persie 1-0: Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 2-0: Watch :: Download

Requested Video: Entire goal again with all the passes that lead up to it Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 3-0, Penalty + Foul: Watch :: Download

Emmanuel Adebayor 4-0: Watch

Halftime Highlights: Watch :: Download

MOTD Highlights: Watch

Click on a sponsor to say thanks. Here’s the Match Report.

10 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Blackburn Rovers Goals and Highlights: English Premier League”

  1. fourstar said

    Thanks, as ever.

    I was in the car when these went in, got home, quickly checked – and there are the clips!

    Sponsor duly clicked :)

  2. Grey Roco said

    Adebayorrrrrrrrrrrr, Adebayyyyoooooorrrrrrrr!

  3. […] always, the goals are available at The Arsenalist click through if you missed any of the action today. Also, please click on of his sponsors, you […]

  4. Govindraj said

    Thanks for the goals. Have clicked on some four-five sponsor links. As the saying goes: one good turn deserves a 4-0 drubbing of a bottom 10 team. :)

  5. sak said

    great to have this service available and have click the sponsor! please make sure you have too!

  6. chaffey said

    ur a life saver. got married yesturday and match of the day didn’t record i was trashed been tring to watch it all night. i will be comming back dude. come on addy the daddy

  7. don one said

    think u arsenalist for all of this look unstopable

  8. Glenn Batson said

    Is there any way to see clip of the 27-28 passes (total possession by Arsenal) that lead up to the Adebayor goal before halftime?

  9. Arsenalist said

    There you go Glenn.

  10. Glenn Batson said

    Wow! I wanted this so bad to show my son’s Washington State Premier Soccer team. Thank you!!!!!

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