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Raptors finish 23rd in the NBA…

Posted by Arsenalist on September 4, 2008

…in nickname rankings. That’s your Raptors headline story for the day.

I was going to do a big spiel about how crazy Raptors fans are and how we should all try to get along despite our differences and opinions. It seems Raptors nation is split on our off-season and any point of view supporting an argument is quickly rejected by the other party. It makes for some good conversation but after 3 1/2 months a lot of the arguments get redundant to the point of eye-rolling. The dissent that exists in Raptors nation is a little sad to see. Or at least it was until I was reminded of the great Chinese sage Confucius who said:

When everybody says things are right, something is very wrong.

Aah, who knew you could get a dose of philosophy in this space. Point is that despite people questioning each others’ sexual orientation in debate and referring to each other as genital organs when discussing Andrea Bargnani’s effectiveness, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just humbly request that an argument is somewhat supported by some facts other than the accusations mentioned above.

Our boy Mike Ulmer interviewed Raptors strength and conditioning coach Keith D’Amelio and asked him some inane questions. I was hoping he’d ask him what Andrea Bargnani’s situation was because by the looks of it he had gained a few pounds. No such luck there, instead we find Ulmer suggesting the Raptors eat hemp hearts and husked hemp seeds, he’s basically one step away from recommending pre-game weed.

Training camp starts around September 29th with our first pre-season game being on October 7th at Cleveland. You can check out the pre-season schedule here which takes us all across North America. From the East coast to Moscow to the Mid-West to the West coast and then to Western Canada and finally home. Last year when you asked the Celtics what was the turning point of the season, many pointed to their European trip in the pre-season as being crucial since it allowed them to gel together as a team. I don’t have any such expectations of the Raptors but you have to wonder whether Sam Mitchell can integrate 5 new players into the team. I’m sure having no system actually helps in this case.

Of course we’ll talk a lot more about training camp as it approaches but its imperative that we establish a rhythm early on, especially concerning Bosh/O’Neal/Bargnani usage.

The Fan House has a video of Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard sitting on a bus as Bosh makes the “Hoowaaard, Hoowaaard” chant from the playoffs. Didn’t know you could do that when you lost the playoff series.


16 Responses to “Raptors finish 23rd in the NBA…”

  1. Raps Fan said

    bargnani fans are gay penis’…so are raptor fans in general…all of yous…

  2. fluxland said

    Preach Arsenalist! Preach!… my cyber brother! LOL.. In all seriousness, good call.

    Have you seen the video Bosh took of LeBron, Deron and few others eating McDs in what appeared to be a gas station? Great stuff.

  3. FAQ said

    JO was brought in because Bosh was agitating for help or else he was going to do a ‘vince’ on the Raptors. Bosh knows he is only an athletic entertainer who must look after his future welfare which may not involve the Raptors after 2010, and that should be obvious to all. I can see a Bosh-less Raptor team by 2010 .. either by FA or trade … and don’t be surprised if Bosh is traded for several good pieces. Of course, much depends on Barg’s development ….

  4. khandor said


    Actually …

    1. LA Lakers
    2. Detroit Pistons
    3. New Orleans Hornets
    4. Houston Rockets
    5. Utah Jazz
    6. Boston Celtics
    7. Orlando Magic
    8. Dallas Mavericks
    9. San Antonio Spurs
    10. Phoenix Suns
    11. Washington Wizards
    12. Philadelphia 76ers
    13. Portland Trailblazers
    14. Cleveland Cavaliers
    15. LA Clippers
    16. Denver Nuggets
    17. Indiana Pacers
    18. Chicago Bulls
    19. Atlanta Hawks
    20. Sacramento Kings
    21. Toronto Raptors
    22. New Jersey Nets
    23. Miami Heat
    24. Milwaukee Bucks
    25. Charlotte Bobcats
    26. Golden State Warriors
    27. New York Knicks
    28. Memphis Grizzlies
    29. Oklahoma Thunder
    30. Minnesota Timberwolves

    can easily see Toronto finishing with the 21st W-L rec’d in the NBA this regular season … if the WRONG COMBINATION (re: injuries & the improvement of other teams) of circumstances BREAKS AGAINST the Raptors.

    There are going to be a whole swack of teams who finish in the range of 30-45 Wins this season and, at this point, realistically … it’s a total crapshot for an NBA Analyst to suggest that it’s more likely the Raptors finish #8 or #15 than #18 or #21, etc.

    IMO … in an overall analysis of this team and the NBA, in general … it’s far more important to gauge correctly (i) HOW MANY and (ii) the QUALITY of the assets this team has on its roster, at the moment and moving forward over the next few years, in relation to the other top 4-8 teams across the league.

    Asset Assessment
    1. Bosh is a very good player.
    2. Calderon is a good player.
    3. O’Neal has been a good player, in the past.
    4. Bargnani can be a good player.


    5. Parker is an average player.
    6. Moon is an average player.
    7. Humphries is an average player.
    8. Kapono can be a good specialist.
    9. Graham can be a good specialist.
    10. Adams can be a good specialist.
    11. Solomon … ???
    12. Ukic … ???
    13. Jawai … ???

  5. khandor said

    As a simple point of discussion …

    If the Raptors would be going into this next season with a similar roster … EXCEPT for:

    i) Substituting Carlos Delfino for Wil Solomon;
    ii) With another youngish player like Rodney Carney, as player #14; and,
    iii) A veteran Big, like Jorge Garbajosa or Theo Ratliff or Donyell Marshall, as player #15;

    the legitimate prospects for this team would be that much brighter looking forward, from this vantage point. :-)

  6. FLUXLAND said I confused? It was a list ranking nicknames.. not a list based on wins and loss predictions.

    Arsenalist, the dissent and split you speak of among Raptors fans, is one made purely from the difference in age and maturity. One half are grade school children, as you can tell by comment #1 and that muh dik character, and the other half are clearly adults engaged in intelligent discussion.

    I realize that it may be unfair to either delete/ban irrelevant and inappropriate comments or the people that put them up, but the main reason some of frequent this blog is because it has not been a place where, for the most part, people post insulting, derogatory, mindless one liners. Being negative and pessimistic is one thing… but immature or infantile is another. I try to ignore it, but it’s sad how it ruins the appeal of the blog and more importantly shuns away people that may come by to check it out because they see it may be just another ” hey you are a homo .. suck my balls…haha i said balls ” site.

  7. Endo said

    Arsenalist, can you please get off your lazy ass and make a post for today.

  8. fluxland said

    *some of “us” frequent… thanks Arse.

  9. khandor said


    re: I confused? It was a list ranking nicknames.. not a list based on wins and loss predictions.

    Yes it was.

    And, if I’m not mistaken … I do believe that Arsenalist may also have been taking a ‘small jab’ (tongue in cheek?) at those within the Raptors basketball community who CAN so readily see/appreciate/tolerate/accept/etc. the fact that this team’s mascot might be ranked a relatively low #21 (out of 30) … but who (for some reason) CANNOT possibly see/imagine/tolerate/accept hearing from others/etc. how this same team, this year, could actually end up going in reverse, in comparison to where it’s been the last 2 seasons.

    Dealing for a former all-star … and then going backwards?

    Utterly incomprehensible!

    I just extended it a little bit further (tangibly) … for the purpose of clarity. :-)

    Humour is a good thing, no? :-)

  10. fluxland said

    Khandor! *zooom… over my head* ROFLMAO !!! ; – ) Gottcha!!

  11. Arsenalist said

    Endo, I got nothing today man. Maybe later.

    khandor, the Raptors’ mascot is undoubtedly #1 in the league. It’s the name of the team that’s ranked #21.

  12. Raps Fan said

    can’t a guy make a joke flux? uncalled for bro…

  13. fluxland said

    As was the “joke”… Raps Fan… as was the “joke”! Uncalled for and unnecessary. And trust, I know very well you don’t fall in that category, I read your work … it just so happened you were the last to post a “mindless one liner” which IMO, is in no way contributing to what Arse was/is trying to say. You were a victim of circumstance and I should have wrote “can be” not “are”.

  14. khandor said


    Mixed up ‘mascot’ and ‘knickname’ rankings in my comment.

    Thanks for catching that. :-)

  15. Cam said

    Hey Arse, i was reading another raps blog today and in the comments section read how u had a ’50 most embarrassing moments as a raptors fan’ article. Then i searched for it and couldnt find it. Did you write that??? If so mind posting a link for it? Keep up the blog!

  16. Arsenalist said

    Sorry to say Cam but I don’t recall writing that.

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