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Arsenal vs. FC Twente Highlights: Champions League, 2nd Leg, 3rd Qualification Round

Posted by Arsenalist on August 27, 2008

Arsenal 4, FC Twente 0 (6-0 Aggregate)

Arsenal advance to Champions League proper.

Nasri: 1-0: Watch

Gallas: 2-0: Watch

Walcott: 3-0: Watch

Bendtner 4-0: Watch

Full Match Highlights

Sorry for the delay, big hard drive crash. Don’t buy anything from Western Digital, especially that My Book.

Match Report. Click on a sponsor to say thanks.

7 Responses to “Arsenal vs. FC Twente Highlights: Champions League, 2nd Leg, 3rd Qualification Round”

  1. Niyibank said

    Thanks man! for posting this. It takes a lot of efforts….I enjoy the clips as I was at work unable to watch it live..But the clips make the match a glee for me

  2. fourstar said

    Sponsor duly clicked. As ever, you rock.

  3. […] it ended up 6-0 on aggregate and you can see all the goals from last night here. It was the best performance of the season, however that isn’t really saying much! FC Twente […]

  4. Jesse Harms said

    hey guys thanks for the goals, any chance of getting a link to download them in english commentary? Or MOTD highlights?

  5. Jay said

    Thanks a ton! Helps SO much :)

  6. […] I want to give a shout out to The Arsenalist, he always has the highlights from the matches: go there, click some sponsors, and watch the […]

  7. Puneet said

    thnx can i have a link to download the goals!

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