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Arsenal vs. Burgenland XI Highlights and Goals: Pre-Season Friendly

Posted by Arsenalist on July 28, 2008

Burgenland XI 2, Arsenal 10

Good afternoon from Toronto.

Enjoy the goals from this slaughter. Bummer about their two goals, we could’ve had 25 if we wanted to. The game means nothing and wasn’t a good test, I’d like it better if we pick stronger opponents so that there’s some measure of success – games like these don’t tell us much aside from that we’re young and talented which we already knew. Match Report.

Jack Wilshire 1-0 ‘1 (commentator is wrong): Watch :: Download

Nicklas Bendtner 2-0 ’14: Watch :: Download

Nicklas Bendtner 3-0 ’19: Watch :: Download

Carlos Vela 4-0 ’25: Watch :: Download

Nicklas Bendtner 5-0 ’30: Watch :: Download

Carlos Vela 6-0 ’33: Watch :: Download

Nicklas Bendtner 7-0 ’37: Watch :: Download

Carlos Vela 8-0 ’52: Watch :: Download

Jack Wilshire 9-0 ’65 (foul + penalty): Watch :: Download

Theo Walcott 10-0 ’69: Watch :: Download

If you’re some sort of a sick fuck who wants to see the other teams’ two goals, fear not, download them here.

Enjoyed the highlights? Click on a sponsor link. You can also grab the Arsenal feed.

16 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Burgenland XI Highlights and Goals: Pre-Season Friendly”

  1. Diego said

    Looks like it was a walk in the park for the guys.
    Thanks for posting the goals so quickly!

  2. arsenal brap said

    burgenland is shit got battered

  3. sam said

    Wasn’t impressed by many of these goals. Looked as if they had so much room they only needed to walk the ball into the net. Poor competition.

  4. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I know it’s early days and it was against a low quality team, but I am seeing where Bendtner looks more comfortable on the ball. Congrats Guns, keep the momentum.

    Does anyone else think Bendtner looked like Henry in scoring his hat-trick goal?

  5. jck said

    Cheers for the goals buddy, don’t know if I could have stomached 90 minutes of listening to those wanks they call “announcers”. Sure the Burgenland XI was beyond terrible, but other than Sagna and Clichy none of our starting XI played any role at all, outside of Theo coming on, and they still mashed it up.

    Vela looks every bit a player, and he had some shifty moves on all of his goals. I followed him at Osasuna last year, and have been eagerly awaiting his Arsenal debut.

    Granted our home kits this year are beyond terrible, but I’m thinking about getting a Vela away kit.

    PS Arsenalist, I know you focus only on footy and basketball, but can I assume you’re a Leafs fan as well?

  6. Arsenalist said

    jck – no you may not assume I’m a Leafs fan, quite the contrary actually. I don’t follow hockey at all but I do like it when the Ottawa Senators beat the Leafs, its a joy really. If you’re a basketball fan living in Toronto I’m sure you would understand my feelings.

    The announcers were extremely harsh, they expected Arsenal to score 35 goals today, anything less was deemed a “lack of concentration”.

    Thanks for swinging by.

  7. jck said

    That’s a relief, because I live in Ottawa, and am quite a fanatical Sens fan. I would hate to boycott your blog because you happen to support hockey’s equivalent of Liverpool (ie huge pockets of fans wherever you go, and cockiness that belies the years its been since either club have won the league title, as well as a thorough media bias).

    Keep up the good work, cheers.

  8. cc said

    first goal was scored by ramsey

  9. Arsenalist said

    I had it as Ramsey too but for some mysterious reason gave it to Wilshire which is weird.

  10. JediKnut said

    Thanks so much for the goals!

  11. JediKnut said

    Arsenalist – I’ve packed all the files into one 72MB rar file, so it’s easier to download. Yeah, it probably takes longer, but atleast it’s just one click.

    If anybody wants, you can get it from:

    Hope you don’t mind! :)

  12. […] Numerous Puff Pieces July 29, 2008, 9:15AM Filed under: Alex Song, Arsenal, Cesc Fàbregas, Transfer Rumours, William Gallas That is all that’s around today. There are a number of nicey, nicey happy stories doing the rounds this morning, amongst the odd piece of transfer fiction. A young Arsenal side produced a quality display in a rather relaxed affair against Burgenland yesterday. I won’t go into that into too much detail but I am starting to understand all the hype surrounding young Mexican Carlos Vela. Young Guns has, as usual, a very succinct match report and goals can be found on Arsenalist. […]

  13. Urak said

    man, bendtner was the bomb! his ball control was flawless. see the 4th goal of bendtner. walcott looking every bit like henry.

  14. Senorsensor said

    Thanks for getting the vids up Arsenalist. Recommended by arseblog and really good to be able to see all the goals. Can be difficult on a Mac.

    I’m very excited about this season and even though we’ve owned him for a while I think vela will feel like a substantial new signing (sagna, eduardo level). Assuming Ade sorts his s#$t out I think we’ll only be a quality, hard hitting midfielder away from a very strong team. I trust in Arsne!

  15. Radford said

    Wilshere did score the first goal, the commentator fucked up, if you look number 16 is Ramsey he missed and Jack Wilshere dinked it in.

  16. drey said

    im luk lik henry fi real

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