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Rod Benson talks about summer camp

Posted by Arsenalist on July 22, 2008

Uber NBDL blogger Rod Benson talks about his summer camp with the Raptors including how Sam Mitchell doesn’t accept anything less than defensive perfection (insert a big f*****g joke here). I sat through watching this team fail to close-out and rotate the entire freaking year, I’ll attribute this slip of Benson to not getting any PT:

The first practice was all about instruction. Head coach Sam Mitchell made it very clear to all of us that our focus would be defense, so I was making every effort to be in the right spot and to talk. Only an idiot would do otherwise, I thought. Still, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t escape the ridicule that seemed to catch up with everyone who failed to employ the correct defensive tactics. If there was one thing I learned from coach Sam during that first two hours, it was that he doesn’t accept anything less than perfection.

Beijing’s getting closer and the reason I’m picking the Americans to win isn’t because that they’re a much better team than any other country but simply because they have Lebron James. An experienced Lebron James. In tournaments past they’ve lacked that one go-to guy that could get them out of their doldrums when things weren’t going their way or when there was one too many defensive gaffes and offensive Larrybrowness. Safe to say that getting points will not be as hard as it’s been the last two tournaments given how Lebron’s learned to suck the defense and even give out contracts to people named Boobie.

Chris Bosh talks about the lack of size in the US frontcourt and how its not a concern since talent-for-talent they matchup against any team’s 4/5’s. Bosh is likely to play backup center to Dwight Howard which is a good thing. In the upcoming season he’s going to be asked to switch around and play the C more often since Bargnani and O’Neal’s natural position is the PF.

New Jersey made another nice acquisition: Keyon Dooling. A defensive-minded guard who can shoot and plays hard, much like Darrel Armstrong who he’s likely to replace. So far NJ’s acquired Eduardo Najera, Yi, Jarvis Hayes, CDR, Dooling and Brook Lopez. That’s a nice young core but aside from Vince I don’t see legit proven talent on that team. They almost seem to have too many role players at this point.

Juan Dixon wants to be a Raptor again apparently. Actually, Juan Dixon would like to play anywhere and would be more than happy if any team would take him.

Matt Devlin’s loving Toronto, he sounds like a very humble guy that’s got his head on straight. John Bitove’s in the news.

Off to work.

14 Responses to “Rod Benson talks about summer camp”

  1. Pickstar said

    I beg to differ about LBJ. Yes he is very dominating, and virtually unstoppable, but Kobe and Kidd is what makes this team go. Both don’t accept losing to any foreign team, and that’s why the US will win it all.

  2. eastcoast said

    thanks for keeping the blog going Arse.

  3. FAQ said

    Offense is ‘athletic’ … defense is ‘intellectual’ …!!!

    NBA bballers are no great minds … believe it ..!!!

  4. khandor said

    In part, I agree with Pickstar … Kobe Bryant is the ‘new addition’ who makes this version of Team USA tick. Without Mamba even this collection of NBA talent could fall prey to a well-oiled international machine like Spain, Argentina or Greece.

    At this level of competition, Kobe Bryant is the best on-ball defender in the world … and, when he decides to defend the Point Guard on the opponent’s team (which he can do easily with a big PG like J-Kidd … who can defend many teams’ OG due to his size … on the floor with him), or their Best Wing Scorer, the USA becomes exceptionally difficult to score against.

    Defense & Rebounding have always been the strengths of American basketball and having a multi-dimensional player like Kobe on the squad who is also the best scorer in the world right now gives their team the type of athletic intensity/size/defense/rebounding at the Guard position that their recent Olympic/WC representatives have lacked.

    Kobe is the straw that stirs the drink for USA Basketball. If not for Kobe … with this team being coached by Mike K (who is a strictly mediocre head coach) … this Jerry Colangelo assembled team would once again be vulnerable to a one-game upset that would send ‘Uncle Sam’ home again without the Gold Medal in men’s basketball.

  5. khandor said

    re: Offense is ‘athletic’ … defense is ‘intellectual’ …!!!

    More stereotypical hogwash.

  6. khandor said


    Based on what I’ve heard so far, Rod Benson has ZERO chance to make the Raptors team this season. It’s this type of nonsense which lowers the Raptors in my eyes. Benson is a fine blogger. Full Stop. The Raptors are not interested in constructing an elite level NBA team … they are a P.R. machine whose primary goal is to make money for their ownership. Full Stop. :-(

  7. khandor said

    As well … IMO, the biggest NBA signing news was Matt Barnes moving to the Phoenix Suns. MB is the type of player that Steve Kerr should be looking to add to his revamped team. A solid pick-up for the Suns.

  8. David Moro said

    Ahhh…so letting Rod Benson onto their team was purely a PR move in a subtle yet daring attempt to make money for MLSE….or not.

    They are not interested in going over the cap, no. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to win, it means they are in this for…(pauses for schock value) the MONEY!!

    Who knew? Stupid owners. Don’t they know winning big and losing money is the way to go?

    Sheesh, play big or stay home!

    Letting Rod Benson play as a connection to the Raptors not being elite?

    Really? Are you off your meds?

  9. khandor said

    re: Raptor summer ball … Does the name ‘Master P’ ring a bell.

    The best franchises in the NBA try to win the championship AND make money for their owners in the process. The ‘con artist’ teams try to make money for their owners under the guise of trying to put a competitive team on the court every year … which they say aspires to win the championship someday down-the-road but never makes the type of moves in the off-season which take the team in that direction.

    Signing Rod Benson to this summer’s team is a prototypical ‘3-card monte’ move by this organization. :-(

  10. FAQ said

    khandor Says:

    re: Offense is ‘athletic’ … defense is ‘intellectual’ …!!!

    More stereotypical hogwash.

    So I guess you categorically agree with my other statement, namely:

    “NBA bballers are no great minds … believe it ..!!!”

    Thank you … but doesn’t that somewhat contradict your initial assertion ..??!!!

  11. khandor said

    Because I don’t take the time to point out each/all of someone’s blunders in judgment DOES NOT mean that I (in fact) agree with anything someone else has to say about a specific matter. That which I agree with … I say, “I agree.” Nice try though. :-)

  12. FAQ said

    ^^^ Cherry-picking your arguments is the sign of insecurity at best and low mentality at worse. Take your pick …

  13. Arsenalist said

    C’mon guys..I know its summertime but lets all just give it a rest.

    BTW, sorry about the lack of post today.

  14. khandor said

    If choosing wisely which arguments you choose to fight and which you choose to leave alone is a sign or either “insecurity” or “low mentality” to you … then, let’s just say, IMO, “You are entitled to your own opinion.” LOL :-)

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