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Roko Ukic sale and some potpourri including Dalembert being kicked out

Posted by Arsenalist on July 16, 2008

Danilo Gallinari’s play in the second half against the Cavs’ summer league team was very impressive. He played aggressively and with confidence, he mixed it up by shooting the three, going inside and displayed a tight mid-range game. Along with that he showed he had the handles to actually take slower defenders off the dribble by going either way. In short, it was a performance that might make skeptical Knick fans believers. He looked far more fluid than Andrea Bargnani and was a threat to do multiple things, not settle on one. Then again it was only one game. This kid might be a player.

During the broadcast of the Knicks/Sixers game Quentin Richardson was asked what he thought of the moves around the league including Elton Brand’s, he generally gave praise until they brought up the Jermaine O’Neal trade. Awkward silence ensued. That trade was “weird to me” said Quentin because it entirely changes the Raptors’ makeup and style of play. He’s got a point, we’ve gone from being a somewhat quick breaking team to an entirely half-court one with the addition of the big-man O’Neal and the loss of speed-merchant TJ Ford. The Raptors used to win games by having 5 guys in double digits and racking up the assist totals but next year the formula for success will be different – vastly different. You’d expect the points to be less spread out across the box score, a shorter rotation and more emphasis on post-ups and interior ball movement than ever before. The way Colangelo envisions the Raptors next year might be a complete 180 from his first two years! Call it a change of philosophy or a return to common sense but I like the direction. The execution is an altogether entirely different matter.

Barcelona have sold Roko Ukic to the Raptors for $650,000. This figure does not count against the salary cap, it’s just the transfer fee.

A bit surprised to see Marcus Camby traded to the Clippers for just a second round pick. Obviously the primary reason to make the deal for Denver is to shed nearly 16 million dollars in salary over two years. From the Raptors perspective you have to step back and say, hmmm..we could’ve gotten him here to solve the rebounding and defense issues and traded TJ Ford to satisfy the SF need. Hmmm…wouldn’t that have been something, eh? Either way, it looks more and more like Josh Smith isn’t going anywhere.

Nathan Jawai’s reminds us that he’s only been playing basketball for five years and still getting adjusted to the NBA style of play. He’s realizing the difference in talent and athleticisim between the leagues which is obvious but he also points out a key difference between the Australian league and NBA – no defensive three-in-the-key. Combine this defensive issue with the fact that he can’t simply tower over smaller players and get his on offense and it speaks of an uphill struggle to get in the NBA. He does have the right attitude so he might have a chance. A chance. If you didn’t catch the Denver game, there are highlights.

There’s no indication that the Raptors are remotely interested in Carlos Delfino unless he signs an offersheet for a ridiculously low amount which the Raptors could match because of them extending a qualifying offer to Delfino. It’s likely that Delfino’s next destination is somewhere in Europe, probably Russia. You have to think that Hassan Adams is essentially the replacement for Delfino which means that one of our most glaring weaknesses coming into the offseason remains unaddressed. The sad part about this situation is that aside from swings like Josh Childress and Ron Artest who aren’t coming here, there’s not much Colangelo can do. Realistically and salary-cap wise speaking, we can’t acquire someone like Gerald Wallace or Josh Howard or anyone who’s in the upper-echelon of NBA swings so we have to look at tier-two options like Andres Nocioni or Gordon Giricek. But hearing Colangelo speak, his main target for the rest of the summer is a combo-guard on the cheap and a player that I’ve always liked is Quentin Ross of the Clippers.

Some absolutely shocking news – Canada released Samuel Dalembert after their stunning victory over Korea, Leo says:

“Without going into too much detail, it’s a situation that we decided to move forward with the players who have the passion and desire to play for Canada. It’s disappointing for sure, but I think you have to have players who are a 100% committed to it. If not, it’s not going to happen for us.”

Leo Rautins showing some big time balls by kicking out a legit NBAer out of a roster that’s lacking any.

Michael Grange had some brief but key points about Canada’s loss to Slovenia. NBA Live ’09 is around the corner, check out the screen caps – very sweet.

Next Raptors summer league action is against the Sixers on Thursday. Approximately 110 days till the season starts. Later.

7 Responses to “Roko Ukic sale and some potpourri including Dalembert being kicked out”

  1. Pickstar said

    Marcus Camby, trade was really weird, but then again it always comes down to money. I am glad we didn’t acquire Camby, his injury woes are far greater than O’neals, and second his contract stipulated he gets a bonus for playing 60+ games, which just tells you how durable he really is. When we first drafted Camby, he did not want to be here, and I don’t see why that would change. We all know about players performances, when they go to a team that they don’t like or want to be with. At the end Camby would get paid his ridiculous salary, regardless of whether he plays or not, and in my opinion Camby doesn’t care whether he wins an losses, he is not out to prove anything to anyone.

  2. Raps Fan said

    on the bright side, at least rautins wont be performing verbal felatio on dalembert during sixer games anymore.

  3. Arsenalist said

    Getting Marcus Camby would’ve been a severe reach but it was an option where we could address both of our needs (rebounding, slashing) given our reesources (TJ Ford). As we stand right now we used up our pick, our best trade piece and our salary cap for one player.

    This is an impressive statement move by Leo which says I don’t care if you have talent, I need you to play the right way and if you can’t do that you’re out of here. I caught pieces of the first game and Dalembert was concentrated on getting his rather than play as a team, it was very obvious.

  4. fluxland said

    OK… I haven’t seen any Canada games until this morning. I happened to turn on with 7 minutes left vs Korea. If you watched, that was when Canada had something like 50000 offensive rebounds on one trip and couldn’t score a bucket. I then wondered where Sam D. was…. thanks Arse.. now I know. I won’t ruin the rest of the game for anyone… you should catch the replay tonight.

    Pickstar.. wow those are some pretty inflammatory statements…

    “always comes down to money” – Uhh… not it doesn’t! Ever heard of the term “list of teams he would accept being traded to”? And I think Elton Brand recently proved it’s not all about money.

    “he did not want to be here” – I dunno about that..but once Zeke was gone I think it may have been the case.

    “doesn’t care whether he wins an losses, he is not out to prove anything to anyone.” – I doubt someone who specializes in rebounding ( a pure desire activity) could care less. But that’s just me.

    “At the end Camby would get paid his ridiculous salary, regardless of whether he plays or not” – as opposed to whom? JO?

    Agree with Arse! He would have addressed defensive and rebounding. More importantly he would have given you THAT board and THAT block that seal the game. Also, unlike JO he is not worried about “getting his” on the offensive end. He can be 20 and 15 or 4 and 23 and care less. Oh yeah.. and that Finals experience wouldn’t hurt either.

    I think the Clips will look back at this trade just like NY did (in hindsight) when they gave up Oak to us for him. Best thing that happened to them.

    “As we stand right now we used up our pick, our *best trade piece and our salary cap for one player.”

    That doesn’t sound right… anyway you slice it. I think we gave up too much and anything short of a CF will reinforce that.

    *That was Jose, IMO.. so I wouldn’t call it our best, but that’s just details.

  5. Raps Fan said

    i’d rather have o’neal then camby anyday. jo gives up a bit on the defensive end, but more then makes up for it offensively, is younger, and not as injury prone. and jo isn’t a cock sucker like camby.

    HOWEVER (there always seems to be a but with me), we could have split up ford/rasho/baston/17th pick into two trades to get a camby, and a scorer/defender on the wing. camby comes off the books in two years, and hopefully the wing is young and someone we would want to keep around for years to come.

    not saying that would have been a great/better situation, you still have to worry about one of bosh/camby going down, but you have to worry about that anyways…at least at the minimum, you have the athletic 3 to shore up the wing.

    as for dalembert, that totally doesn’t sound like the type of guy he is based on what i have seen over the years. good for leo for standing up, but seriously, he couldn’t work through that shit? i remember leo talking (on numerous occasions) how far dalemberts offensive game has come. if that wast true, why don’t you get your only nba’er on the squad a few more look? i don’t like leo either…that cock sucker.

  6. Sorael said

    Arsenalist – I’ve read somewhere that Delfino got a pretty hefty offer from a Russian club and will probably take it.

    Camby simply wasn’t an option. There was no way for the Raps to clear enough cap space to make the same trade with Denver. Denver clearly has realized that they were never going to win the championship with the team they had. Their only option then is to dump their more expensive veteran and try to rebuild around Melo before it’s too late. Camby was the only movable piece. I realize Rasho has a similar expiring contract, but I highly doubt that Denver wanted to pay 18 for his services next season.

  7. khandor said

    * No trade exception for Denver if they dealt Camby to a team that isn’t significantly under the salary cap. The Raptors are not in that situation.

    * Canada Basketball needs to be abolished and a new organization needs to be started in its place. FULL STOP.

    * The Raptors are now a treadmill team in today’s NBA. Too bad considering the potential they had in Feb/2006 (when Colangelo was made their full-time GM).

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