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Arsenal posts coming up

Posted by Arsenalist on July 16, 2008

Lest we forget this blog does cover two teams albeit the vast majority of the posts are Toronto Raptors related. However, that’s only because there are already 36,698 Arsenal blogs out there and adding another one to that list whilst sitting in Toronto doesn’t make much sense.

As Arsenal pre-season approaches you will notice posts containing Arsenal videos. For those of you with no interest in football, you can subscribe to the Raptors feed and get all Raptors related posts delivered to your favorite RSS reader. If you’re appetite is for Arsenal videos, grab the Arsenal feed and you’ll never be bothered with things about Joey Graham et al. If you do visit the website regularly, you’ll have to deal with both type of posts. The Raptors posts will greatly outnumber the Arsenal ones as there’s only one Arsenal post per game (usually the same day).

I hope to cover most Barclay’s English Premier League, Champions League, Carling Cup and FA Cup fixtures for the Gunners. I am on vacation between August 6th – August 24th so I’ll miss anything Raptors and Arsenal related there.


One Response to “Arsenal posts coming up”

  1. Chinstrap said

    Well my town’s team was spirited out to Oklahoma, time for more footie.

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