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Bryan Colangelo should be more like David Morway

Posted by Arsenalist on July 14, 2008

Dead Season is in full swing. Our beloved Raptors are in Vegas where they’ll play the Nuggets tonight at 6PM. Nathan Jawai is expected to get some play in tonight’s game; he’s still recuperating from an injury he suffered while reaching for some popcorn that fell through a movie theater chair earlier in the year. He did manage to retrieve the popcorn but injured his groin in the process. Says Nathan:

In hindsight it was probably a bad idea to twist my body and stick my arm between folding chairs for two bits of popcorn and I probably should’ve let it go, especially since I weigh 395 pounds. I’ll continue to work hard at not spilling popcorn and I’m confident that I’ll overcome this affliction.

In reality the giant injured himself in pre-draft workouts.

A non-Raptor to keep your eye on during the game is Denver’s second round pick Sonny Weems who likens himself to a future DPOY. There’s something about the hunger of an out-of-contract rookie desperately trying to get into the NBA that’s very intriguing and Joey Graham’s about to find that out. Graham’s great game against Sacramento was a nice enough event but to think that its increasing his trade value to anything meaningful would be foolish. You can put up big numbers in the summer and it won’t mean a thing if you didn’t come to training camp without an area of your game being improved. If Joey wants to seriously contend for Moon’s spot he needs to sure up his mid-range game, increase his lateral quickness and up his basketball IQ to the level where he doesn’t look confused when the ball’s in his hands. It’s a tall order for Graham but if he can nail 2 out of 3, you never know.

As for tonight’s game I’m expecting to see something better from John Lucas and Daniel Ewing, they were both awful against Sacramento and will be looking to rebound. If Jaycee Carroll continues to hit running floaters and knock down jumpers for the second game in a row, I’ll be switching to him as my outside pick to make the team.

Interesting blog from Indiana GM David Morway who takes us inside the war room of the Indiana Pacers and tells us how the deals with Portland and Toronto went down. They were targeting Brandon Rush from the outset and had made the Roy Hibbert agreement with the Raptors well in advance. He also says that they aggressively tried to acquire another pick in the first round but nobody was giving it up. Firstly, I wish Bryan Colangelo would write a blog like this and give us fans an idea of what was going through his mind. Secondly, if the Pacers valued first round picks to a degree that they wanted three of them, why didn’t the Raptors care to have even one?

Everybody in Charlotte’s on the trade block including Gerald Wallace. If he had been our major off-season acquisition I would’ve had a real problem with it. He’s been putting up big numbers on a very bad team and hasn’t helped that team achieve anything. In the process he’s gotten rewarded with a big but relatively reasonable contract (~9M). He’s also had issues with injury as you can see by his game tally. Having said all that, I would welcome him on this team given the talent already present in the front court. Salary-wise, this trade would be almost impossible for us unless we managed to shed someone like Kapono, Bargnani or Parker in the process, something I feel the Raptors are very reluctant to do.

I wrote an email to Matt Devlin yesterday:


Welcome to Toronto.

Day 1 Raptors fan here. Looking forward to hearing you call the games. Raptors fans are one of the most passionate fans in all of sports, for many people its very hard to believe that given the incorrect “hockey crazed” label of this town. Most of us understand the game very well and can “see through” the commentary and media coverage around the Raptors. I guarantee that you’ll be a fan
favorite (even more so than Swirsky) as long as you simply call things the way you see them.

I really look forward to hearing you and Jack together.


Eric Gordon’s done for the summer league and there’s no chance Greg Oden suits up for it either. Canada’s playing Slovenia at 6AM tomorrow.

Later. Feed.

8 Responses to “Bryan Colangelo should be more like David Morway”

  1. RaptorsFan said

    Heh, with everything going down in that JO trade, I thought that Bird was the GM of the pacers. At least it looked like it was him doing the dealings.

    And G-Wall still is one of my favorite players as well, but that contract yells out YIKES with him not staying healthy.

  2. khandor said

    If Joey Graham had the opportunity to ply his trade for Jerry Sloan he would be perceived as a totally different player in the NBA.

  3. Raps Fan said

    how much of a better could joey graham be though? you look at guys who play well in a limited role, who don’t have the motivation issues, and when they get a better coach and a better defined role, they bloom. can the same be said for joey? and if so, what is kind of player could he hope to become, at best?

    i don’t even see him as a james posey type, which isn’t something you should be shooting for (aim high right?).

  4. Pickstar said

    I haven’t posted in a long time so I thought I should say something. Everyone really needs to stop expecting more from Brian C. He is a good GM, and every time another GM, makes a move, acquisition, or even a different take on the how GMs handle their business, people automatically say Brian C, should do that as well. Not that I am targeting Arsenalist alone, but some of these guys should do what Danny Ainge’s did a year ago. The bottom line is that Danny Ainge’s was a horrible GM, he has been for quite sometime. But all of a sudden, his counter part and the worst GM in history throws him a huge bone, in KG. Bam all of a sudden he is considered a remarkable GM, that everyone should follow. The reality is you can’t just get three all stars at the snap of their fingers. Danny Aignes got desperate, because his job was on the line, and face it he got bailed. Brian C is doing a good job by fixing our needs, given they maybe slow for most of you, but the truth is we don’t have a lot to work with, either draft picks or players, which makes it difficult to build a winner right away. I think he has done a great job so far, and I think that the following season will be the season which things start to take shape.

  5. Arsenalist said

    Hey Pickstar, long time. The title of this post was directed at BC starting a blog and letting fans know aka Morway. I’m not as critical as BC as other people here (khandor, raps fan etc.), I just think he’s done an average job, nothing great, nothing bad. He’s kept us afloat which is a very good thing for a loser franchise.

    This summer is BC’s biggest yet and the JO move was an act of desperation of sorts as much as anything. I like it though, about time he acquires some legit talent. Next year is big and if we underachieve, I think even part of you will be crossing over from admirer to critic.

    BTW, agreed on Ainge. But McHale only threw him one bone (granted, its a big one), but he did the rest.

  6. Raps Fan said

    ainge also gave up a lot of young talent and future all-stars in al jefferson and jeff green to land jesus and kg. with that said, he will still suck as a gm if the celtics have a fall from grace like the heat did.

    i bet he trades kg and allen to a contender in a couple years if the team can’t win another championship for younger pieces…that’s what i would do anyways.

  7. Dave said

    Pacers are in trouble. Their leadership, Morway and Bird, are digging themselves an awful large hole. Both trades they made on draft night hurt them.

  8. khandor said


    re: but the truth is we don’t have a lot to work with, either draft picks or players, which makes it difficult to build a winner right away. I think he has done a great job so far, and I think that the following season will be the season which things start to take shape.

    I disagree with this assessment of the Raptors’ situation in Feb/2006 when Bryan Colangelo was given complete control of this team.

    In a relatively short period of time, Wayne Embry (as the team’s interim GM) did a terrific job setting the table for what SHOULD HAVE BEEN a very nice run over an extended time-frame for the next full-time GM/Basketball VP for this team.

    MLSE dropped the ball by selecting Bryan Colangelo (an average GM with bling) to do this job, and nothing which has happened for the franchise since then is indicative of otherwise.

    The Raptors are headed for treadmill status, stuck perpetually in the middle (upper/center/lower) of the Eastern Conference and are NOW without the type of assets necessary (e.g. young star players in-the-making; high draft picks; considerable cap space; etc.) to eventually climb up to the very top of the NBA.

    It’s a real shame, too, considering that at the time (Feb/06) solid young players like Chris Bosh (a #4 Overall Draft Pick), Jose Calderon (a top Euro Free Agent) and (even) Joey Graham (a #17 Overall Draft Pick) were already on Toronto’s player roster, and the team had a lot of cap space with which to work.

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