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Quick Saturday Round-Up: Raptors hire Gordon Herbert + Summer League on TV?

Posted by Arsenalist on July 12, 2008

Just a couple tidbits happening, the Raptors officially announced that they’ve signed Nathan Jawai. The new news is that he will participate in the Las Vegas summer league (July 11th – 19th) but he’s not listed on the official roster yet. The Raptors take on the Kings tonight at 4PM EST and you might be able to catch the game on P2P.

Michael Grange is saying that we’ve signed a Canadian assistant coach by the name of Gord Herbert. He’s the most successful Canadian to coach in Europe and will work closely with Bargnani, Ukic and Jawai. His Wikipedia page has a bit of info on him.

Current head coach of Aris BC…Herbert attended the University of Idaho and went on with his basketball career in Finland for 12 years…his playing career ended in 1994…Herbert played for Canada at the 1984 Summer Olympics…and at the 1986 FIBA World Championship. Herbert has coached many teams including Frankfurt Skyliners, with which he won the German League in 2006, as well as Paris and Pau Orthez with which he won the French cup in the 2006-2007 season. On July 7, 2007 he officially became head coach of Aris BC.

Leo Rautins is going off on the officiating after Canada’s loss to Germany. If only he’d be as outspoken when calling Raptors games we’d have a lot more fun:

“Everything you could imagine happened. I’ve never seen more travel calls in a game in my life against us, blocks. . . All I can say is I’m just going to tell you what was told to me by German officials, the head of the scorers table told me it was an embarrassment. That kind of sums it up.”

The Knicks might be close to shedding Zach Randolph by trading him to the Clippers who are trying to fill the void left by Elton Brand. Funny, I thought they had narrowed their choices down to Emeka Okafor and Josh Smith. I don’t see the Clippers falling for this one.

The freaking Nets signed Eduardo Najera for 12M over 4 years. Debatable money given he’s 32 but he’ll play hard for them and should be good for at least a couple of those years. Jorge Garbajosa is said to have received an offer from the Lakers; you think Pau Gasol had anything to do with this?

The Anne Hathaway vs. Megan Fox matchup was won by Megan Fox.

That’s about it.


4 Responses to “Quick Saturday Round-Up: Raptors hire Gordon Herbert + Summer League on TV?”

  1. Raps Fan said

    bc fails us again…he couldn’t have made a call to the lakers and maybe engineered a trade and used all of garbo’s salary, instead of buying him out, and having $2mill of it count against the cap? the spurs are also interested apparently. so much for he has no value anymore. expiring contracts always have value…always.

  2. Raps Fan said

    also, he can ball, so a guy who can ball, is a glue guy, and does all the dirty things with a reasonable contract that expires at the end of the season. seems like a fucking no brainer.

  3. FAQ said

    Here is an interesting article from the Saturday Globe & Mail, on which I will not comment because it refers to Toronto fans in general. Perhaps you, Arsenalist, may want to expand on it with your thoughts. Here’s the start of the article”

    Centre of the universe, middle of the pack

    JEFFREY SIMPSON – July 12, 2008

    It being mid-summer, with the Leafs giving their fans a Finger, the Raptors signing yet another star player to improve their fortunes and the Blue Jays already talking about next season, here is a question: Why are Toronto professional sports teams so consistently mediocre?

    More at:

  4. khandor said

    re: here is a question: Why are Toronto professional sports teams so consistently mediocre?

    Answer: In part, due to ‘fans’ like FAQ … who blindly allow their teams’ managements to run amok for years and years. :-)

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