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Hassan Adams deal + Salary cap + Signings from elsewhere + Las Vegas

Posted by Arsenalist on July 9, 2008

Good morning.

Hassan Adams signed a 2-year deal with the Raptors on Tuesday. Terms aren’t disclosed but I’m thinking its Jamario Moon Year 1 money which was around half a million per year. A nice chunk of change just to warm a bench, or at least I’m hoping he’s going to warm a bench while we acquire a legit scorer at the swing position at some point this off-season. The last thing we want is him to have as big a role as Moon had last season, that would be fatal.

According to Eric Smith, the Raptors will also be announcing their new play-by-play voice soon. This doesn’t count as the “two major announcements” set for Wednesday (1:30 PM, 3:30 PM) when the Jermaine O’Neal trade will become official. Yes, the other “major” thing is Hassan Adams.

The NBA announced the new salary cap which is now at $58.68 million, up about 3 million from last year. The Raptors after signing Calderon will be just at that number counting Garbajosa’s salary at 100%. In reality only the buyout amount counts against the cap so we’re clear of the luxury tax. This also means that the best we can offer anyone without going over the cap is the mid-level exception.

Philly couldn’t ink Josh Smith but it looks like they’re going to get Elton Brand. Here’s the Atlantic power forward situation: Kevin Garnett, Elton Brand, Chris Bosh and Zack Randolph (I know, I know). I would think this acquisition more than offsets our trade for Jermaine O’Neal and makes Philly even more of a threat next season. Philly’s also made a salary-shedding trade with the Timberwolves who are now known as the “worst cap managers in the league”. How Kevin McHale is allowed to run a franchise after all he’s put that team through is the biggest unknown in the NBA.

Corey Maggette is staying in the West which has to be considered good news; the Warriors winning the sweepstakes since they were one of the few teams that could offer him more than the mid-level exception. This means Mickael Pietrus is out and off to Orlando who have bolstered their already strong SF position. As of today, both Orlando and Philly have to be considered superior to us. Add this to the list of teams that are outright ahead of us (Boston, Cleveland, Washington, Detroit) and you’ll notice we’re a 7th seed – yikes!

James Posey’s a free agent as of today as he’s opted out of his 3.8M deal. He’s increased his market value to the point of inflation. Sure, he’s a nice enough defensive presence and can knock down threes but its easy to forget that he’s playing with three superstars. No other team will afford him the space and freedom that he got in Boston. As much as I’d like to see the Raptors get a defensive slasher at the wing position, getting Posey might be paying too much for the returns he’ll provide, especially since we already have a Jamario Moon – a cheaper but less effective version. There’s interest from the Cavaliers, Wizards, Hornets, Spurs, and Lakers.

There’s also this little story about Jamario Moon going to Alberta for the Raptors summer camp (July 14-18). This of course is the same week as the Las Vegas summer league which starts on July 12th. Wasn’t he supposed to be working on his technical skills during this time?

Here’s the Las Vegas summer league schedule, don’t know about the TV but if its not on Raptors TV, check The Raptors TV schedule isn’t out for the week of the 14th but they are showing games on the 12th (PDF link), just not the Raptors one.

Opponent Date Time
Sacramento Sat, July 12 4:00 PM
Denver Mon, July 14 6:00 PM
Philadelphia Thu, July 17 8:00 PM
L.A. Lakers Fri, July 18 8:30 PM
Golden State Sat, July 19 6:00 PM

If you’re jonesing for some ball until then, there’s the Orlando league which features the two top picks.

Something totally random now. I was watching the Jays game and Rod Black was doing a fine job of calling the action. Given how brutal he is at basketball, I expected some of his crapiness to eek through the Jays telecasts but he’s holding his own out there. Kudos Rob. On an entirely different note, I’ve decided that Jennifer Hedger is closer to being hot than not.

That’s your Wednesday blog. Later.

13 Responses to “Hassan Adams deal + Salary cap + Signings from elsewhere + Las Vegas”

  1. Raps Fan said

    i’m so disgusted with what is happening right now. orlando is going ot be ridiculous next season, the 76ers are going to be 2nd in the atlantic, and the raptors are a 45 win team unless they can land a guy who can create scoring opportunites from the wing, oh yea, and defend on the perimeter (unless you want to overpay for posey as you stated). fuck…altraps depressed the shit out of me last night, and it is worse today…fucking bc…

  2. cuzzy said

    Yep the East is getting tough and the Raps are a Bosh injury away from being in the lottery again.

    Jennifer Hedger is way more not than hot.

    maybe the sixers will give away Reggie Evans for nothing.

  3. RaptorsFan said

    Orlando will be the same as before, I just don’t see what Otis is doing by adding ANOTHER SF to their team, don’t they have enough? Pietris won’t make Orlando any better of a team.

    As of right now, the only teams that are clearly ahead are Boston/Detroit (reg season wise). Cleveland are playoff beasts, but they usually cost their season games and land as a mid-seed. Orlando will be better than us. Wizards are also unknown, how well is Arenas now? Though if all 3 are healthy, they are stronger, because of their guard play (Arenas/Butler). And finally Philly is ok, but how far can Brand and Iggy bring them? They aren’t exactly scary to me.

    I think we will be 5th weed.

  4. Could Be Interesting said

    All of you people who are pissing on BC are morons! Just remember the absolute mire we were stuck in under Babcock. He turned this ship around in very fast order and have been in the playoffs ever since. Now he is working towards making us Eastern Conference contenders. This is not as easy as all you armchair “GM’s” think it is.

    Rapsfan pull yourself off the ledge!

  5. Arsenalist said

    I smell a “BC hasn’t done shit because we already had Calderon/Bosh, our two best player before he even got there” debate.

    Seriously though Raps Fan, things aren’t thaaat bad. Other teams are definitely better but all you can expect as a Raptors fan is to have a shot at something good and provided we stay healthy and Bargnani steps up, I do believe we have a shot at winning a round. Just don’t expect anything more.

    I’d give Colangelo’s performance so far a B-. He’s screwed up the Bargnani pick and failed to address our defensive problems last year. By trading Ford he admitted that acquiring him was a mistake. He obviously failed to see Calderon’s talent at the outset. His two major moves have been really based on the drafting of Charlie V by Rob Babcock and you can argue that we got fleeced by giving up the #17 pick in the JO trade. As I said at the end of the season, this off-season is critical for the Raptors and will ultimately define how effective BC can be in Toronto.

  6. TauEpsilonNu said

    Its not too late BC, you can still get out from under the JO aquisition. Cleveland, Chicago, Miami and LAL would all like to get their hands on a low post presence. I would suggest LAL as a dance partner. JO for Gasol and Farmar. Gasol does not mesh in LA. JO being tougher and more culturally suited could put LAL over the top – not to mention Bynum’s return. In addition JO’s deal is a year less than Gasol’s. Farmar and Gasol though not the final pieces of the puzzle would propell the Raps into the upper echelon of the East for the foressable future. The 125% allowed salary gap would allow BC the financial freedom to acqiure a quality SG.

    The other listed teams all have something of value to trade but would probably make the Raps less competetive than the LAL trade.

    I just can’t warm up to JO on several fronts (injuries, attitude, running swing at fan, quitting on team last season while taking max money) and would prefer not to have him play for the Raps.

  7. Dinosty said

    Jennifer Hedger is definitely on the “hot” side of the scale, along with Kevin Pritchard and the 76’ers.

    What’s the league imposed moratorium for trading a player you’ve acquired? Three months?

    Oh, and JO is more “culturally suited” to LA? You’ve got one toe treading in the racist pool, my friend.

  8. TauEpsilonNu said

    I just finished watching the JO press conference – not ready to open that can of crow but definitly thinking about it. JO explained to my satisfaction last year’s missed games and came across as a square shooter. Note to self – be more critical about the shit you read.
    That racist pool only reflects back what you yourself see Dinosty, as there was no racial reference intended.

  9. Crank said

    Dinosty, how did Tau say anything racist? Is there a “rolls eyes” feature on this blog?

    The trade JO talk is very stupid. I’m not hot on this trade but we have to give the Bosh/JO partnership a shot before looking for trades with LA (they have Bynum BTW). If both are healthy I’d take JO over Gasol any day. You saw what you get with Gasol when the going gets tough in the finals, no thanks.

    Right now we have an outside chance of finishing Top 4 in the East assuming Bargnani plays well and Kapono, Parker and Moon are consistent. I don’t think there’s a logical trade out there that can take us any further than that. Even if we had kept the pick there’s nothing we could do to make ourselves any better than that…

  10. Raps Fan said

    RaptorsFan: you have to put Orlando and possibly philly ahead of the raptors right now. orlando was miles ahead of the raptors last season, and they just got deeper with a defensive stopper/slasher at the 2/3. that seems a great coup for me. we won 3 of 4 from philly, while they were shit at the beginning of the season

    arsenalist: the raptors are potentially a 5th or 6th seed, which means they get orlando or cleveland in the first round. i dont want to play either considering:

    1. scoring/defense on the wing is still suspect
    2. the team isn’t as deep
    3. there is no legitimate plan b in the event o’neal goes down again
    4. cant expect to walk over atlanta, chicago, miami (man i loved seeing miami last season) anymore
    5. milwaukee is all of a sudden better, the knicks will be better (wont walk over them either)

    i’m just saying, getting o’neal and adams is a good start, but we needed a pietrus, artest, wells, and that doesn’t seem to be happening. the mlse board needs to realize that open up their fucking wallets.

    o yea…smitch…you really think he has plays to leverage o’neal/bosh front court? did we see a half court game at all last season (other then the pick and roll, which frankly can only do so much)? did we add an assistant coach who has any idea about anything? like i said, good start, but fielding this team wont win us a round.

  11. RaptorsFan said

    When the F did Pietrius become a savior? If they had gotten Maggette, then I would say they are quite ahead of the Raps, but common, this is freaking Mickael Pietrius, the guy who has a similar IQ as Joey Graham. He’s not going to make Orlando any better from what they were yesterday, or 2 months ago. He’s a backup, 2nd and possibly 3rd stringer behind Hedo or Rashard.

    Last year Orlando got what 52 wins? I don’ think they’ll exceed more than 53-54 wins this following season. In fact, the Raptors I’ll argue to be in a better financial situation/future than the Magic – with them being shitted with Rashard’s ugly contract. Good luck dealing with that unless they trade Hedo for another piece – You can pretty much book Orlando to be in the same spot for the next 3-4 years, while other teams improve.

    Orlando is not that much ahead, if JO becomes healthy as ‘planned’. Both teams have good Forwards with mediocre guards shooting 3’s on the outside.

    And LOL at Milwaukee and Knicks being better. Sorry man, I just don’t see Jefferson and Duhon/Gallinari not making them a NOT walkover. Are you really THAT pessimistic about the team’s future?

  12. RaptorsFan said

    Forgot to mention, with the Clippers having a void after the ‘unexpected’ leave of Brand, means Clippers still have money to sign another big time agent.

    So be expected that Clips would mark up the price for UFA’s such as J-Smith from ATL, or even run at Deng from CHI, and Okafor from CHA. One of these ‘playoff’ teams are going to get hurt.

  13. Sorael said

    First I have to agree with RaptorsFan, Pietrus is at best a decent bench player. There is no way that his addition is going to mean much for Orlando’s success, short or long term.

    Second, Boston, Detroit and Orlando are the only teams in the East that a definitely better than the Raptors. Washington can’t play D and Gilbert Arenas may never recover from that knee injury. The Cavs have exactly one weapon on offence, one and a half if you count big Z. Philly have no one who can hit a shot outside of 12-14 feet.

    It’s not that I think that the Raps are great. They still need help a the SG spot for sure. However, most of the teams in the East are just as flawed or worse. The Raps are looking at somewhere between the 3rd to 6th seed depending on injuries and blind luck.


    Raps Fan,

    Miami is still going to suck next year, beasly will take a year to get comfortable Marion has yet to prove that he can be effective w/o Nash and Wade hasn’t yet come back from his multiple injuries.

    Milwaukee has absolutely to defence, they’re like a crappier washington.

    The Knicks have signed Duhon as their starting point guard and you expect them to be better. They could very well be the worst team in the league next year.

    Atlanta might be ok. It depends on whether the Clippers or Warriors manage to steal Josh Smith.

    The only team on your list that should be really be better next year is Chicago. As they have a lot of young talent. However, Rose will take at least a year to really get comfortable playing the point in the NBA. So, they are at least a year away from being a real threat to anyone.

    All the teams you mentioned will be fighting over the 8th spot in the conference, nothing more.

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