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T minus 1: No sign of what the Raptors might do

Posted by Arsenalist on June 25, 2008

Let’s start off the day with Chad Ford’s mock draft which insists on us taking Robin Lopez at #17. I don’t see it happening unless Brandon Rush, CDR or even Donte Greene are already taken. There’s no doubt that drafting a hustle-type big man is the easier thing to do, there’s far less expectations from a banger than from a scoring talent and also a greater sense of assurance about what you’re getting. Rebounding is Need #1 but wing scoring and defense is #1a. As evidenced by the rumours, we’re looking for a big man via trade so it makes sense that the draft is there for a young winger. Anyway, we’ll find out tomorrow.

Doug Smith points out 7 players we’re closely looking at of which 5 are big men. Rush and CDR and nowhere to be found. I highly doubt the Raptors will tell Smith or anyone for that matter who they’re looking at. Take the list with a bucket load of salt. He’s also saying the deal to Phoenix remains “very much alive”.

The Jermaine O’Neal trade talk when combined with speculation that we might go big in the draft leaves us with one question: What does this do with Andrea Bargnani? Has Colangelo given up on him and is already hunting for a C replacement? Is he planning on moving him to the three so rebounding is less of a responsibility? Michael Grange tries to answer questions like these and suggests that Colangelo might be closer to giving up on him than before. In my opinion, the first 20 games of the season will tell us exactly where Bargnani is and whether those intimate sessions with John Lucas worked or not. Until then, I’ll hold judgment but I’ll say this: If he doesn’t get it done in the first half of next season, I see no reason not to trade him and publicly admit the mistake.

From Indiana’s perspective only two players are untouchable: Granger and Dunleavy. The rest are available (even Tinsley) as long as you give them something they can use now. Larry Bird doesn’t appear to be too fond of rebuilding from the ground-up, he’s all about applying patches and hoping they stick. Since Indiana’s already picking at #11 its somewhat surprising that they’ll also be in the hunt for a pick 6 spots further down. They’re looking to swing trades and something tells me their interest in our pick is only because they want to package it with another trade.

The Knicks are up for trading practically anybody on their roster as long as it gets them a shot at O.J Mayo. Donnie Walsh is crazy enough to try to acquire Shawn Marion (who makes $1.3 billion) just to re-unite him with Mike D’Antoni. I see the Knicks are fully in pursuit of mediocrity. I think our new slogan should be: The Toronto Raptors: Hey, at least we’re not the Knicks.

The Pistons are reportedly trying to acquire Baron Davis which would leave a PG void in Golden State and we know how much Don Nelson loves T.J Ford. But as I said yesterday, there’s absolutely no one on the Warriors that is even worth looking at who is not labeled as untouchable or is a free agent.

In ex-Raptors news, Jorge Garbajosa has signed with his former club Unicaja for next season. This after he turned down offers from CSKA Moscow and Real Madrid. Not surprisingly, no NBA teams were in the mix.

Have a nice one.

5 Responses to “T minus 1: No sign of what the Raptors might do”

  1. FAQ said

    Re Bargnani … Have you ever thought that BC will be trading Bosh and needs Bargnani to fill the PF position .. and together with JO, he has a starting 4 and 5. Backups will be Hump and Rasho … and that will break the bottleneck … which is usually found at the top of the bottle…

    If BC intends to go international with the Raptors, that will force Bosh to ask for a trade, and BC will have to oblige.

    Have we yet covered all the trade permutations and combinations ..??!!!

  2. fluxland said

    I could really care less about all this draft stuff. However, kudos to you Arse for keeping the posts coming. I can’t wait for the draft to end so everyone can STFU and stop playing Raptor internet GM. You people annoy me.

    That being said, some place has us picking JaVale McGee – nicknamed The Big Secret. First time I went to DraftExpress, and reading the profile, he doesn’t seem too bad. Then again, that place could make every guy sound like Jordan for all I know.

    Also, BC would be a tool to give up on Bargs now. I agree, let’s wait until the middle/endish of the season. I will however argue that if he fails, the only one that should publicly apologize should be Bargs himself. I’m tired of defending you and your Il Mago tag.. it’s time to pull the final act of the show and make it rain on the haters. ANDIAMO!

    Glad JO may not be coming. I just don’t have much faith in what he has left in the tank.

    P.S. Germany crushes the Turks today and Germany has Euro08 on lock. Dang, I should have put money on them somewhere

  3. khandor said


    Don’t go ovrboard on Germany just yet. :-)

  4. muhdik said


  5. masterjuddi said

    I like your positivity muhdik, but dont like the use of the C word…haha jk, but JO in TO makes me smile

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