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TJ Ford + #17 + Rasho for Jermaine O’Neal

Posted by Arsenalist on June 23, 2008

Update: Deal goes down!

The Indianapolis Star is reporting. This is also confirmed (copied?) by Doug Smith.

Obviously we’re taking a big gamble if this goes down but I’m all for the proactive nature of this deal, once again giving up the #17 pick hurts but I wouldn’t be terribly upset at this move. O’Neal’s game tally over the last four seasons is 44, 51, 69 and 42. Not exactly iron man numbers but sometimes you have to be willing to take a risk to make the team better. O’Neal (when healthy) does provide front-court scoring and rebounding which is welcome on the Raptors any day.

Trading away the #17 pick doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t get a shot at Roy Hibbert or Rush, another trade could always be engineered to grab a pick. However, given the limited number of resources at BC’s disposal, its going to be hard to get back in the first round after we lose Rasho and TJ Ford. Again, giving up Rasho is understandable since the salaries must match (O’Neal makes 20m + for two more years) but that #17 pick doesn’t sit right. As I’ve said before, there is some talent in the teens this year.

This trade will also make O’Neal the highest paid Raptor. Anyway, while the trade rumours are swirling there’s also talk of the Raptors going big in Thursday’s draft. Nicolas Batum is out of the picture and if the article is to be believed, so are CDR and Brandon Rush. To be honest, there’s absolutely nothing worth believing in any media outlet including newspapers, radio, blogs or TV. Nobody will tell you what they’ll be doing in the draft (makes total sense) and there’s no point in mulling and losing your hair over smokescreens.

Here’s a fact though: the Warriors have to make a trade by June 30th if they want to use the 10M exception they received in the Richardson deal. Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins are off-limits which leaves the Warriors with hardly any trade pieces. With Baron Davis firmly instilled as the franchise player and Pietrus and Barnes free agents, there’s nothing the Raptors would like from that roster and TJ Ford would be a hard sell there.

More workouts scheduled on Monday D.J. White, Vlad Kuljanin, J.J. Hickson, Josh Duncan, Ryan Bell and Jaycee Carroll.

Chris Bosh makes Team USA, this means Tyson Chandler got squeezed out. I’d much rather see him rest and be fresh for the season because as a football fan I’m all too aware of injuries suffered to players on international duty which prevented them from fulfilling club obligations. On the other hand when your country calls, you better answer.

Kosta Koufus is compared to Andrea Bargnani.



16 Responses to “TJ Ford + #17 + Rasho for Jermaine O’Neal”

  1. Birdman said

    Wow, that is a lot to give up, even if rules stipulate the salaries must even out more or less.

    It’s hard to believe but Jermaine is only 29; seems like he’s been in the league longer than Darryl Armstrong. His injury history is ridiculous and betting against it continuing is a dumb wager. But when healthy (I HATE saying that) he’s the shot-blocking and scoring option we need.

    This may be a move to free up tons of salary cap space two years from now, which may be a prudent strategy. Bottom line – I agree with you Arsenalist – I’m leery on including the 17th pick for JO. And, where does this leave Bargs? SF?

  2. Crank said

    The pick is being thrown away here. Judging on the Phoenix rumour and this one it looks like BC’s viewing the 17th pick as trade-filler when in fact its an opportunity to draft a good young player. On paper Ford+Rasho for JO is a good deal but only if he stays healthy which is a big if. That’s a lot of salary to take on too (needs Peddie’s approval).

    Birdman – this would mean Bargnani playing the 3 when JO is healthy.

  3. FAQ said

    If the O’Neal trade rumour is correct this just reinforces the fact that Bosh must be putting big pressure on BC to find a solid, athletic, defensive, rebounding centre .. or else ‘trade me’ ..!!!

    Bargs may not be developing fast enough and may return to Europe. Either that or Bosh will be traded.

  4. Jaime said

    If I was BC, I would stay as far away from Jermaine O’neil as possible. Dont get me wrong, I think he is a very good player when healthy. A guy that can grab 20 pts, 10 reb and block a few shots a game for you. He would be ideal next to Bosh. However, I have heard his knee is at the career ending stage and even if it is not career ending, it is in bad shape. Not worth the risk for $20M a year and the 17th pick. I think the Suns trade of Diaw to the Raptors makes more sense.

  5. Endo said

    Assuming Bargnani learns a thing or two in the summer this would give us a frontline of Bosh/O’Neal/Bargnani which will be one of the biggest and most skilled in the league.

    This is a gamble which I’d be willing to take. My concern isn’t giving up the 17th pick but the 20m in salary which will handcuff us from maneuvering later on in the summer or next year. I can’t imagine O’Neal’s trade value being that high if he misses more games with us.

    Arse – way to keep the blog moving in the summer.

  6. Frank said

    Ford and Rasho straight up for O’Neal would be fair. Take on a some salary commitment but could be O’Neal’s second wind. Contract would essentialy line up with Bosh. They could help elevate each other’s game.

  7. RaptorsFan said

    I’m prepared to do this deal…. without the #17 pick in this years draft.

    Maybe a future 1st or 2nd rounder. But I’m high on CDR or even Brandon Rush this year to be our SG of the future.

    Maybe TJ + Rasho + Joey + pick for Jermaine + Filler

    The other problem is, is this the end of the Bargnani project as our Starter C? Because if O’neal is healthy (assuming), I’m sure that O’neal would easily have the nod over him. I’m not sure on the impact that is going to have on Bargnani’s development.

    I’m just salivating over that JO expiring in 2 years so we can sign a big contract with another FA (LeBron/Wade etc.)

  8. Crank said

    RaptorsFan – I’m not one to buy into FAQ’s theories that playing in Toronto is a death blow to a player’s career but hoping for LeBron to sign with the Raptors is day dreaming.

    BC should make this deal midway through the draft. If he sees CDR and Rush being taken by the time our pick comes up, then do the deal. Otherwise, hang pick a young guy and groom him to be the SG of the future.

  9. fluxland said

    A fan of JO of old… but have to co sign with Jamie. Yet, I still don’t like Diaw.

  10. Raptorforlife said

    I like this deal because it means we have the largest expiring contract ever in 2 years. Same summer where the big names come off the books (Wade, Lebron), so every big team will be looking for cap space to sign these two guys. And we have the biggest expiring contract out there.

  11. RaptorsFan said

    Offered by a Indy Fan:




    I’ll do this. Done deal.

    Coming in, Raptors would have a lineup of

    PG: Calderon/Ukic?
    SG: Parker/CDR or Rush
    SF: Moon/Kapono/Delfino
    PF: Bosh/Bargnani
    C: O’Neal/Bargnani*

    And we can use MLE to sign another C just for precaution for JO’s potential injury risk. (Dampier? Diop?)

    Hope our wings @#17 would pan out.

  12. Arsenalist said

    Found this somewhere, its probably BS but still worth a mention:

    Delfino might play in Greece:

    Parker might play in Israel again:

    Probably all BS though.

  13. John said

    Not sure where this team is headed. Another year of 5/6/7 players leaving. Trade one injury prone player for another. However year after next would be able to dump a ton of cap space. Guess by the end of the week we will know where they are headed.

    I think holding out hope for Bargnani to show a major improvement is a bit much.

    Has anyone heard anything positive about him ??

  14. Raps Fan said

    ahem…not to toot our own horn, but phdsteve suggested this trade a few weeks ago:

    throwing in the 17th pick doesn’t sit right with me, but it addresses low post scoring, rebounding and interior defense in one shot. if he stays injury free, this could be a solid move, and in two years, we have $23mill in an expiring contract…lots of ammunition to do anything we want!

  15. BallerBoy said

    this is how i see it
    Jermaine O’Niel, if healthy, is a six time all star
    Chris Bosh
    the best NBA Front court

    *** if Bargs can improve, he could play like Hedo = SF

    Jose Calderon is a passing piont gaurd, unlike T.J, he will drive and kick it out to PARKER
    Jose will feed Bosh, Bosh will be doubled and will kick it out to PARKER
    Bosh will be man to maned and he’ll take all the way
    Therefore, this trade is a win for toronto

  16. Bobby Zalaskois said

    I like this move for the Raps. Very tasty.

    It will give the Raps one of the best front courts in the NBA. Bosh will be better than ever after his stint in the Olympic Games. O’Neil will be refreshed and determined to get in shape. I know Bargnani needs to improve but hopefully will benefit playing in the 3 spot will give him the chance to shoot the three.

    Being rid of TJ makes me very happy. In short he was a ball hog who ruined team chemistry. He single handledly lost a number of games last year because of his selfish efforts. It seemed the only time the team played well for a stretch was when TJ was out injured. Still to this day I can’t understand why and Mitchell and Colengelo continued to play him the way they did. I guess for trade bait.

    Now we have to find a place for the ret of those underachievers . . . Delfino, Kopono, Moon and company. Maybe they
    can sucker someone and pick up a point gurad who can back up Jose.


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