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CDR vs. Rush + Raps get high-tech + Detroit fire sale

Posted by Arsenalist on June 6, 2008

Stop the presses, put the phones down, ignore the workouts, screw the draft – we have some breaking news: Starting this fall the Raptors will play under a brand new 17-screen scoreboard supplied by Mitsubishi Electric which uses the “Black Package” Diamond Vision high-definition technology! The idea is to distract the other team by having them in complete awe of the scoreboard. This will easily be Colangelo’s most influential move of the summer, let’s see how it pans out.

Let’s turn now to Jim Kelly who talks about the workouts of Bill Walker, CDR and Brandon Rush on Thursday. The Raptors were concerned about Bill Walker and Brandon Rush’s injury problems and after the workouts today they feel Rush has fully recovered and has gotten even better than before, not to mention more athletic. Walker still hasn’t regained the athletic and jumping ability he had a year and a half ago and it appears that its making the Raptors wary of him. There were concerns about CDR’s shooting ability when he’s tired and it looks like he didn’t do as well as they would’ve hoped. Kelly seemed generally impressed with Brandon Rush, especially his composure on the court. You can see all the interviews here and Doug Smith’s article is basically a transcript of Kelly’s interview.

The Rush vs. CDR battle started in college and looks to continue in the NBA. They were matched up in yesterday’s workout and it was Rush who got the better of his counterpart because of his defense. You would’ve thought if there’s one thing CDR has over Rush it’s got to be his reach and athleticism on the defensive end; then again it was one workout….and one national championship. How much can missed FTs tell you about a player? I’m not saying CDR is a Nick Anderson but there’s something to be said for a guy who’s 6-7 from the line and then goes 0-2 in the clutch. So far Rush has the edge over him and if the Raptors are going for a swing guy at #17, they need to pick up Rush. And I’m not even saying this because I’m a Kansas supporter, seriously.

Chauncey Billups is considered to be the likeliest candidate to be traded on the Pistons. At this point a team wouldn’t touch him unless they’re looking for that final piece of the puzzle in a championship team. As suggested a while back in this space this is the start of the fire sale in Detroit which could also see Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince depart. Richard Hamilton is the one you’d want to pick but he apparently falls in the untouchable category. We already have a great trading relationship with Detroit so if Prince is on the outs the Raptors would be fools not to call.

A little to the side now. You know most of us bloggers just do this unpaid shit because we love the Raptors and want them to be part of our daily routine (Its sad but much better than masturbating). Take me for instance, after every game I angrily get up from the couch, swear at the TV, give my wife an angry look and storm off to the computer to write a heated PG recap. Others, like Ryan from Hoops Addict, actually go to NBA workouts, take notes, record audio, have one-on-one interviews and end up presenting a report that’s better than any TV or newspaper reporters’ out there. So if you’re going to click on one link in today’s post, click here and here and here. Much, much respect.

Rowan Barrett wanted to play some ball and Leo Rautins obliged. Now only if Magloire could grow a set of balls and play for Canada he might even be able to resurrect his fledgling NBA career.

Chris Bosh did his thing with Jay Leno last night and it was hilarious. Check out the video, it’s funny stuff. Nothing else going on really, oh yeah, Channing Frye is complaining about spending 25 bucks. Those cunty Celtics won again, if they win the title I won’t be able to eat for months.

10 Responses to “CDR vs. Rush + Raps get high-tech + Detroit fire sale”

  1. Raptors2009 said

    “Those cunty Celtics…”

    I love that phrase.

    Picking Rush is a no-brainer, the only reason he isn’t a sure lottery pick is because of his ACL injury and he’s over that now. He’s athletic, has awesome off-the-ball movement and high bball IQ. Jump shot is still a little weak but his shooting form has range and is getting better. He’s what the Raptors want to replace AP with.

    The banger we should get later in the draft or through trade/FA. BTW, we don’t have a 2nd round pick right now, need to buy one and I’m thinking its not going to be as easy to get a high one as its been past few years.

    Keep up the consistently good work.

  2. Raps Fan said

    how many rss feeds to check a day bro? you and alt dig up some serious shit! would you rather the thiefs from LA win? my buddy at work was just saying that both these guys bought themselves a team, and neither deserve to be here. i’d rather the celtics win, garnett and allen are two of my favourite players, and kobe is getting on my nerves. the 2-3-2 format favours the lakers though.

  3. tyler said

    I wish they’d stop interviewing Jim Kelly. That guy is a supreme tool and I wouldn’t trust anything he says. That being said, I’m all for Rush.

  4. Arsenalist said

    It bugs me to no end that he’s the guy they put in front of the media after these workouts. At least put an assistant coach or something, make the words sound a little more credible.

    Raps Fan – summertime is damn slow, it gets really tough man..I was reaching with that scoreboard story.

  5. khandor said


    When was the last time you spoke with Jim Kelly, yourself, to form that type of harsh impression about him?

  6. tyler said

    Jim Kelly was pretty high on Hoffa and for that I’ll never take anything he says without a big bag of salt.

  7. Arsenalist said

    Ha..tyler’s got a pretty good memory.

    For some laughs check out the 2004 draft central on, its got his opinions on Ben Gordon, Josh Childress etc.

  8. khandor said


    I clicked on each of those links and see no evidence there supporting a contention that Jim Kelly should be viewed accurately in this type of harsh way.

    I’m not saying that he isn’t this type of ‘incompetent’ basketball mind, only that there isn’t any evidence there that I can see and hear which supports that position.



    Have you ever spoken directly with Jim Kelly concerning his viewpoints towards Araujo or basketball-related matters at all?

    If not, upon what are you basing your assessment that he was someone who (personally) was a big supporter of the Araujo pick for the Raptors in that #8 position?

    [e.g. might his public pronouncements on the subject not have simply been a ‘party-line’ approach to the apppropriatenessof using that pick on a Big Man that the Raptors’ (overall) braintrust, at the time, felt was the best move for their organization to make?]


    When any NBA “personnel man” gives his opinion on a player that his team (i) is working out, (ii) is thinking of drafting, or (iii) has just drafted … it SHOULD be considering with a big bag of salt in mind.

  9. Arsenalist said

    I didn’t post that link as something against Kelly but I do remember him saying all positives about Hoffa. Hey, he wasn’t alone in that, Babcock fed that right to him. This is a tough business and its hard to predict what a player will become. For example, in one of those interviews he’s saying Ben Gordon’s on his way to becoming a PG. Can’t really blame him for saying that at the time.

    I just wish they had an assistant coach give the post-workout analysis. I understand you don’t want to give away secrets and your real opinions but at least make it sound a little legit by putting a familiar face in front of the camera.

  10. khandor said


    I don’t think it’s relevant who gives the post-workout recap … it’s all subterfuge and filled with calculated double-speak.

    The only that matters in a draft … is the player(s) a team ends up with when all is said and done.

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