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Riley likes Calderon but he’s not thaaat crazy + other shit

Posted by Arsenalist on May 26, 2008

Somebody feed me a trade rumor so I can keep these daily posts going. Its only May and already the off-season is becoming unbearable with no Raptors activity or news. The club should hire a press secretary just like the White House whose job it is to come out to a podium at the ACC everyday and give a statement, even if dick all is going on. Something like, “Today we have no news but hopefully we’ll have news tomorrow”. And on the days something does happen like Colangelo glancing at a player in a random practice somewhere, we should be notified of every last detail about the player including the birthmark on his inner-right thigh along with the percentage chance of the Raptors offering him a contract. That would keep things moving along nicely.

Now if you were paying close attention to the Raptors during the season you would’ve noticed that Pat Riley is totally in love with Jose Calderon. Riley being a Calderon fan is hardly something unique in the NBA but would he trade the second pick just to get his hands on the Spaniard? Would he pass up a chance at Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose for a 26 year old point guard that has trouble guarding his own shadow and was basically the second best player on a bad NBA team? I doubt it but maybe Riley’s getting soft in the skull as he grows older.

The Knicks could have the top 3 picks in the draft and they’d still fuck things up, so I don’t know why they’re treating that 6th pick like its a chance to draft Michael Jordan. Believe it or not the best thing they could do is trade that pick to a team for expiring contracts as long as they’d take Eddy ‘This vehicle makes wide right turns’ Curry and Zack ‘I swear I have a neck’ Randolph with them.

Pop Quiz: The Raptors have picked at #17 once before, who did they pick? Tick tock tick tock tick tock…Ha! It was Michael Bradley! Another interesting totally unrelated tidbit: Jason Maxiell was picked 26th the same year we picked Joey Graham. Last year’s #17 pick? Sean Williams. The year before that? Shawne Williams. That’s scary!

Here’s a thought: if the Detroit Pistons lose this series they’ll be inclined to blow things up because it’ll be the third straight year they’d lose in the conference finals. Serious GMs don’t stand for that shit and given the emergence of Rodney Stuckey and Arron Afflalo, there might be a SG sale in Detroit and picks would do the trick. The first two to go might be Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton and the Raptors would be wise to inquire about Hamilton who at 30 still has 3-4 excellent years left in him. Hamilton would finally give us a legitimate scorer at the guard position since Vince Carter and if one of Ron Artest or Corey Maggette could be added to the roster via trade, it would make us an instant force. I know, I’m dreaming and should probably end this paragraph but not before giving a link to some Richard Hamilton/Ray Allen history.

Here’s something that’s been on my mind a lot – flopping. The reason there’s so much of it in the league isn’t because of Euros or players diving or any of that cuntiness, its because of the NBA rules and the officiating that backs it up. The officials are so quick to call a charge that they ignore when the defender got their ‘position’ and are inclined to forgive any lateral movement that the defensive player was making while the offensive player was in the air or after he had ‘gathered’ the ball. About 50% of the charges called in the NBA right now are either no-calls or defensive fouls. Its become quite aggravating seeing players credited as being good defenders just because they weaseled out of making a play and chose to twist themselves hoping to get some contact.

Joakim Noah got caught carrying a spliff after he was picked up for drinking in public. How dumb can you get? This also forever bans him from the list of “character guys” GMs such as Bryan Colangelo would ever bring on their team regardless of talent. On an entirely different note, did you know Joakim Noah’s mom was some sort of supermodel?

I don’t know if you necessarily need to be deranged to write for The Bleacher Report but you certainly have to be a daft cunt. In today’s excrement of an article, the writer proposes that it would be beneficial for the Raptors to trade T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic, Maceo Baston, and Joey Graham for Allen Iverson. How pointless for all parties involved. Consider subscribing to their RSS feed for gems such as these and other unintended humor.


16 Responses to “Riley likes Calderon but he’s not thaaat crazy + other shit”

  1. I’m not going to lie. One of my best friends is from Gainesville, Florida, and a huge Gators fan along with a Joakim Noah supporter. I couldn’t help but laugh my *** off and shove the article in his face. Nicely done Mr. Professional Athlete.

  2. Raps Fan said

    it amazes me how these athletes do continually stupider things as time goes by. i mean, you’r an nba player, you have an entourage…ok, you get get caught drinking in public, but get one of your homies to hold on to the baggies so you don’t take the wrap. wtf are they good for if they can’t hold on to a bag of weed while your drunken ass is harassing white folk on michigan ave?

  3. FAQ said

    If you were any of those established NBA players that you so casually throw around as potential Raptors, don’t you think you might be a tad demoralized that your illustrious bball career has carried you to, of all places, ‘Toronto’..??? and don’t give me any of that shit about playing for ‘money’ because all those guys are millionaires …!!!

    Of course if you are one of those tribal-honking raptor-loving Morontonians, you won’t have any empathy anyways…!!!

  4. khandor said


    If the Pistons lose their series to Boston look for Joe Dumars to get a different head coach for his team, not for a fire sale on quality players like RIP & Chauncey.

    If there’s a problem on this current Detroit team it’s on the sidelines not with their marquee players.

    (i.e. when the Pistons couldn’t get past the Conference Finals with Rick Carlisle, Joe D. changed coaches (bringing in Larry Brown) and then added-in a new rotation player (Rasheed) with an in-season trade; IMO, a top notch GM, like Joe D., doesn’t simply blow up his team, should they encounter problems getting past the Conference Finals)

  5. Arsenalist said

    I don’t know khandor, exiting at the conference finals for three years in a row might be a sign that the team has reached its peak. He might not have a firesale because as you said Billups/Hamilton are quality, but it might trigger a youth movement because Stuckey/Maxiell have shown that they’re ready for major minutes and are by all accounts a core piece of the Pistons’ future.

  6. khandor said


    Rodney ‘The Real Deal’ Stuckey is just that. He is going to become a multiple time All-Star in the NBA, and is the 2nd coming of Joe D. He will eventually be a starter for the Pistons when the reign of Rip & Chauncey comes to an end, down-the-road a piece.

    Jason Maxiell is a very nice player but at his size, at his spot (4/PF), he is best suited to come off the bench for a legit contender in the NBA; he is not a starter, and an astute GM, like Joe D. can see this. Maxiell is a terrific fill-in guy but he is not a dominant player in the NBA.

    As I said, if this Detroit team comes up short this year, chances are Joe D. will make the right move again and bring in a different coach in an effort to get his team over this proverbial hump; that’s all.

  7. Raps Fan said

    who is there that he could bring in? also, if flip gets axed, what do you guys think about him behind the bench for the raptors?

  8. One can hope... said

    Imagine if Pat Riley traded his second pick for Jose Calderon, we keep our first round pick, and Bargnani finally finds his ball(s)…

    NEW starting five for 2008-2009:

    PG: TJ Ford
    SG: Chris Douglas-Roberts
    SF: Michael Beasley
    PF: Chris Bosh
    C: Andrea Bargnani

  9. RaptorsFan said

    I don’t think if we get the #2 pick, we’ll choose Beasley. He is obviously a PF Mold, and we know first hand what it’s like when we have 2 of our future players stuck in the same role/position. (see Bargnani and Bosh). He won’t be playing SF in the NBA.

    We’ll will be getting Mayo I assume if that happens (which I doubt). Unless Colangelo goes nuts and listens to that Euro lover Maurizio and gets Galliari @ #2.

    Bosh and Mayo would be a good 1-2 punch, if Mayo lives up to his so called ‘superstar’ potential that the experts predict.

    And I really want to see Noah’s dad if his mom was a supermodel… *shudders*

  10. RaptorsFan said

    I will also suggest a coaching change first for Detroit. Perhaps JVG would be a good fit in Detroit’s system.

    If that doesn’t work, you blow it up – the youth movement in the Lakers and Portland are eventually going to overtake the vet teams such as DET/SA/BOS with their athleticism.

  11. Crank said

    CDR is not ready for an NBA starting role on a team hoping to contend for a home-court in the East. The best thing for him is to get drafted by a crappy team so he can play 30+ minutes a game and develop himself.

    RaptorsFan – what don’t you like about Flip’s coaching in Detroit? What is he doing wrong that JVG would do right?

  12. RaptorsFan said

    I just want to see a scenery change, I think it will be better for both sides. They have reached the conference finals for the past 3 years and got kicked out every time since. Ultimately, the management would like to find answers as to why this is happening. The squad is arguably more talented since the 04′ one with a deeper bench and more experience, but they just can’t seem to win.

    Detroit fans also want the guy to be fired, lol. I heard that he is a genius in creating plays though.

  13. khandor said

    Flip’s rep is that of a ‘players coach’ who is outstanding when it comes to inter-personal relationships AND the X’s & O’s of the game. Neither of these areas is where Detroit’s current problems lie.

    IF … and, at this point, it’s still a sizable IF, since the Pistons remain very much ‘in’ this series … Detroit is defeated by Boston in this series, one of the options Joe D. has is to change his head coach, rather than ‘blow-up’ his entire team, in panic mode.

    IF the Pistons lose this series, there’s a good chance that Joe D. will make a coaching change, if he feels his current roster is strong enough to get the job done with a stronger ‘personality’ and better ‘in-game decision-maker’ directing his crew’s ship day-to-day, but so too is there a good chance Joe D. sees his team as having lost this year to a very special team (in the Celtics) and that his current roster of players is actually not good enough yet to win it all, in which case he should stay the course with Flip until next season, at which point Joe can continue to tinker with his player roster.

    If Chauncey doesn’t pick up that freak injury vs Orlando, Detroit is probably leading this series right now (3-1), looking like a solid favourite to return to the NBA Finals next month.

  14. khandor said

    As I told you on May 26,;_ylt=ApEDxdyHnF4iSvbFlu3kDp.8vLYF?gid=2008053008

  15. sam said

    fuck u raptors are not a bad nba team you fucking prick

  16. khandor said

    As I first told you on May 26 …;_ylt=A0wNdbjCfEVIXxkBGQi8vLYF?slug=ap-pistons-saunders&prov=ap&type=lgns

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