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Arsenal vs. Derby County Highlights: Adebayor hat-trick!

Posted by Arsenalist on April 28, 2008

Derby County 2, Arsenal 6

Highlight of the game: Adebayor rubbing that dance in the fuckers face. Enjoy the goals, my favorite is the Walcott one, reminded me of Thierry Henry a bit. You know, coming down the left and angling it away from the goalie into the side-netting. Classic stuff. Eboue wasn’t half-bad today, but then again this is League 2 opposition. Also, check out Gallas on both their goals. Tsk tsk.

Nicklas Bendtner 1-0: Download :: Watch

Some Cunt 1-1: Download :: Watch

Robin van Persie 2-1: Download :: Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor: 3-1: Download :: Watch

Very Big Cunt: 3-2: Download :: Watch

Theo Walcott 4-2: Download :: Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor 5-2: Download :: Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor 6-2: Download :: Watch

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17 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Derby County Highlights: Adebayor hat-trick!”

  1. arsenal turk said

    i just look at the table i arsenal xan still win it if man u lose two game

  2. huhu said

    it is like watching them practicing… n shud hav scored 10+…

    yeah.. we still can win the title.. if both ManU and Chelsea lost 2 matches…

  3. Niyi said

    Good job by Adebayor & Co. Thanks for uploading all the goals, man! this requires Great efforts by Core Arsenal fan like you…..don’t relent buddy!


  4. Mike said

    I don’t think 2 losses by both Utd and Chelsea are required.

    For Utd, a draw and a loss puts them on 82 points

    For Chelsea, a draw and a loss puts them on 82 points; and 2 draws puts them on 83 points with a goal difference likely inferior to Arsenal’s

    For Arsenal, 2 wins puts them on 83 points

  5. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I saw the match after downloading AntsTV, as it wasn’t available on Foxsoccer Channel. Great match, I agree with HuHu, it was like training only that they should’ve scored at least 8 or 9.

    It’s refreshing to finally hear people saying we still have a chance. I have always maintained that as long as there is a mathematical chance, i’m not throwing in the towel. I’v seen where some so-called Gunner supporters on are posting comments, suggesting they have conceded defeat and are making plans for next season…….pity.

    Good job Arsenalist!

    One Love!

  6. kenji said

    just found this site while looking for the highlights, top quality, love the names of the 2 derby goalscorers. than in itself means I have to bookmark this site for the future haha

  7. A random manchester united fan said

    This is a Manchester united fan. We are gonna lose to arsenal!! YEAH!! Ronaldo is a freak and baldy rooney should die. Adebayor rox!!! Ok, so im an Arsenal fan. No big deal.

  8. aditya said

    why cant we win the title this year????

  9. one_gunners said

    good job arsenal NO mor……….

  10. kenny said

    people seem to forget that they worte of arsenal for this season saying we wouldn’t even finish in the top four because of Henry leaving so I can’t say I’d be to disappointed with 2nd or 3rd. But of course its premier league anything can happen :)

  11. […] if you want to see it again here it is! (Thanks to Arsenalist for putting these up on his web site. If you ever need post match highlights, he’s your […]

  12. gooner said

    gooners rule! dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. tommy AFC said

    come on wenger with theo playing like that why aint he starting more??

    tommy afc Peck’Narm

  14. simon said

    well done arsenal! I was laughing my ass off when eboue and adebayor did the same celebration as earnshaw xD. why did adebayor act that way towards the derby fans from the start? did I miss something?

  15. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Is the link below a hoax or what…….

  16. lmfao said

    haha clutch at your straws much?

    like man utd or chelea will both lose even 1 out of the remaining 2 games

    and maybe when that happens i can bet leeds utd will win the champions league in 4 years time

  17. John said

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