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Game 3: Raptors fight past Magic but its only one game

Posted by Arsenalist on April 25, 2008

Sea of Red - Toronto Raptors

Orlando Magic 94, Toronto Raptors 108

Excellent performance, great win, but the job’s not yet done. Before we get carried away we need to realize that this game will mean little if we have a letdown on Saturday and head back to Orlando down 3-1. I’ll just say a few more words of caution before we get to the game. Much like in the series against Philadelphia, we managed to easily beat the Magic in our first home game, it’s an almost natural win. A team down 0-2 comes back home and wins behind a great crowd. You feel like you’re back in the series and let your guard down just a bit and in the next game you get stung by a bitter home loss. The Raptors suffered a letdown in that game with Iverson’s steal on Oakley followed by a deep 3 tilting the advantage in favor of Philly who stole back home-court advantage and tied the series at 2-2. The Raptors must ensure that they don’t repeat the same mistake, only this time they’d be facing a 3-1 hole.

On to the game, the Raptors finally came out with the energy that’s been missing from their 1st quarters and the “change” that Sam Mitchell made wasn’t really a change at all, it was one of the most familiar lineups the Raptors have played all season – Bargnani, Bosh, Moon, Ford and Parker. There was nothing complicated about the lineup and it was basically common sense more than anything. The excellent first quarter start proved once again how unnecessary the Game 1 and 2 adjustments really were, this team played the Magic tight in the regular season with a “traditional” lineup, there was never a need to make a change.

Jamario Moon’s insertion into the lineup yielded instant dividends as he led the Raptors rebounding effort with 10 on the way to outmanning the Magic 42-34 – a rare feat indeed. He didn’t take a single bad shot and always looked to pass when the Magic were daring him to shoot. Bargnani’s defense on Howard was fundamentally sound and forced Howard into taking a few uncomfortable looking shots, Howard still got his on the offensive glass but overall, he was well-contained by the Raptors and the whistle-happy officials. Howard might be a beast but there are weaknesses in his game that are there to exploit, he doesn’t have great footwork, is turnover prone and isn’t a great passer out of double teams. The pressure the Raptors put on him today showed that.

The Sea of Red at the ACC did their job, the energy of the crowd propelled the Raptors as they hit the offensive glass, knocked down their jumpers and were active on defense. Andrea Bargnani and Anthony Parker provided some early scoring and TJ Ford was instrumental in pressuring Nelson and not allowing the Magic guard to penetrate and find shooters. A 28-20 first quarter was something the Raptors desperately needed and it set the table up for a confident and energetic game. The Magic chipped away at the Raptor lead but TJ Ford singlehandedly went on an 11 point run against Carlos Arroyo late in the second quarter to push the lead to 21 at the half. What might get lost in the second quarter is Rasho Nesterovic’s 6-minute spell of Chris Bosh which allowed the latter to get some rest after looking sluggish early on.

Every Magic run was answered as Jose Calderon and TJ Ford picked out shooters to a tune of 49%. Aside from some brief stretches in the second half, the Raptors ball movement was crisp and effective. When we’re hitting our outside shots, everything opens up for us and it doesn’t even matter if Chris Bosh has 3 points at the half as long as he’s kicking out of the hard Magic doubles effectively. Jose Calderon’s recognition of when to shoot and when to pass is flawless, he made the Magic pay for doubling Bosh off of him by knocking the perimeter jumper and was ultra-quick in starting the swing sequences when he didn’t have a clean look. The best example of his court awareness was when he dribbled the ball across the right side of the court and through the paint while dragging the defense with him and then finding Bosh for a dunk in the paint. TJ Ford’s strong performance also meant Dave Feschuk hopping on the Ford bandwagon, all it takes is one game for this to flip. If Ford goes 2-10 in Game 4 he’ll go back to calling him a problem child. Wanker.

The Magic were still able to get guard penetration but it wasn’t as bad as the previous games, Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis have shown that they can get by their man with relative ease and find Evans and Bogans at the corners, fortunately for us the Magic aren’t hitting their perimeter shots – 6-27 3FG for 22%. This is a scary stat because you get a feeling that they’ll eventually start knocking them down. The Raptors were better at contesting shots today but for us to even this series on Saturday we have to do a better job of keeping Lewis and Turkoglu at bay – and that means Chris Bosh must not bite on Lewis’ fakes and Parker/Moon should tempt Hedo to shoot.

The Player of the Game had to be the ACC crowd, they had a direct impact on the game and were very much responsible for Howard’s 3-8 FT performance. You could tell that the Haawwaard chant was getting to D12, not so much the Superman Sucks one. Howard ended up with 19/12 but it wasn’t the demoralizing type of performance that we saw in Games 1 and 2, he turned the ball over 5 times, wasn’t able to pass out of double teams and showed his frustration with the officials and his teammates.

Forderon’s 39/16 contribution was the difference in the game and the bench did its part outscoring the Magic reserves 42-24, this was how this series was envisioned if you’re a Raptors fan. Dominant point guard play, X-factor production, Bosh canceling out Howard and superior outside shooting from the Raptors – that’s how we can get back in the series and have a chance to win it. For the first time in quite some time you can honestly say that the Raptors played with a hunger and desire greater than the other team. We got to keep it going on Saturday otherwise its all for naught.

Apparently Jameer Nelson collapsed after the game because of back spasms, I think Forderon abused him a bit much today. Hopefully they don’t let up on the little bugger in Game 4.

I am at a complete loss to explain Jason Kapono’s performance. Another great game for him, 15 points on 6-10 shooting, its not like the Magic are leaving him wide open. He’s been able to run out on the break, find favorable positions to spot up from and keep the defense honest by dribble-driving. However, a lot of his success can be credited to Calderon who is looking for him on every opportunity. Jose’s recognition of “hot hands” is superb, he’ll almost always pass you the ball if you’ve made your previous shot. Delfino’s minutes were productive, he hit a big three, grabbed 6 rebounds and most importantly played Turkoglu and Bogans tight. Anthony Parker made up for his miserable Game 2 with 10 points and some very effective close-outs on Bogans/Evans and Lewis. Usually his shot contests are in vain but tonight he did more than just waive his arms as the shot was being released, he actually bothered the release.

Sam Mitchell did a good job of using his timeouts, usually he waits far too long before putting an end to runs. His timeout after Lewis opened the third quarter with two straight threes got the Raptors thinking straight once again. Complacency is almost natural when you get a 21 point lead and that’s even more true with this Raptors squad. We’ve blown big leads, small leads, fourth quarter leads, and all kinds of other leads, so it was a breath of fresh air to see us make a stand and answer every Magic run. As I said before, if we’re moving the ball crisply across the perimeter after Bosh double teams, we’re an entirely different team than the stagnant mess you see at times. I’m not saying we’re great, but we’re good enough to beat other defensively suspect teams like the Magic.

The guy that scares me the most on the Magic is Rashard Lewis, he can get by Bosh at will and is too big and lengthy for Moon, Parker or Delfino to guard. If he sets his mind to taking our SFs in the post, he can give us nightmares. He was 8-15 FG and 3-8 from three, that means when he was playing near the paint he was shooting 5-7. The more we can keep him on the perimeter, the better. I don’t know if the Magic know this but the biggest mismatch in their favor is Rashard Lewis against anybody on the Raptors. Here’s hoping they never figure that out.

Dime Mag’s got an interesting quote and take on Sam Mitchell “not caring” about what the media says:

…And then there was Sam Mitchell. When a reporter asked if he was gonna take credit for the Raps playing better after Games 1 and 2, Mitchell said, “No, I’m not going to take any credit, because I’d be scared to death if you actually gave me some. We’re not going to do that. You just keep on doing what you do; chopping me up, putting me in the meat grinder. And that’s fine, because I’m not going to read it anyway. It doesn’t bother me. That’s what I keep telling you guys. How can something bother you that you’re not conscious of? I don’t ever read what’s spoken about me or printed about me. I’m just going to coach the basketball team.” Really? That sounds a lot like someone who is VERY MUCH aware of and bothered by what’s written about him

Forderon is the Top Rap but since we can’t have two, I flipped a coin. A note to the clowns wearing white: you guys stand out like a sore thumb. WTF is your excuse for not taking the free T-Shirt they handed out? Another quick hit: Adnan Virk was hitting on Dwight Howard’s dad.

More later.

28 Responses to “Game 3: Raptors fight past Magic but its only one game”

  1. AltRaps said



    So we hand the Magic their asses and no kudos for the coach? The crowd (which wasn’t nearly as loud as last year) gets credit before the guy who leads these warriors?

    Nice to see empty seats and quite a few people not wearing those shirts. Not like MLSE will care, but it was still a nice “how do you do”.

    Kapono is the truth. Believe it. All you need to do now is add in Hump and we take this in 6.

  2. FAQ said

    Differences in Raptor PG play:

    TJ Ford – Up tempo play and quick shots.

    Jose Calderon – Deliberate half-court play and solid generalship.

    Just my anecdotal impressions watching the game on tv. Raptor players adapted effectively to either style, but the Magic were adversely affected. Mitchell got the correct PT for each. Game 4 should be a battle.

  3. MUHDIK said

    man..u see how this team can play and have to wonder how the fug we botched those 2 first games so badly with wack odd decision making.sure,i’ll enjoy this victory because ive been dying the last 2 losses but cmon.if we play right n lose,im ok.but to hand orlando those 2 wins put us in a huge hole that only time will tell if this team can climb out of… and caldy were both on for the first time in a long time.bargs played wicked d and made some timely shots.kapono is finally earning his paycheck…solid team play overall.

  4. MUHDIK said

    just a rant…i hate our fucken media.the suns headline story in the sports section as of 2:00am is the jays losing complete with a picture,no mention of the raptors and he jay game ended after the raptor game!.the national post and the globe have the montreal canadians headlining the sports section complete with photos but at least they have articles.the star was the only major paper to have a pic and the headline story raptors….i just emailed those 3 papers and told them how repulsed i am….raps are in the fucken playoffs and were not even represented by our media publications….SAD,PATHETIC,DISGUSTING….thank god for arsenal’s blog and the others that come through.

  5. tylerpatrick said

    Adnan Virk has convinced himself that he’s much wittier than he really is.

    It’s funny how smooth Bargnani is when he shoots in rhythm and how terrible he is when he’s set. I don’t get why he’s got to get up a mandatory 3-4 set treys a game. I’m not a fan of shooting for percentage but when your set shots are never going in, I dunno, take a hint or something.

    Not a surprise we blew them out at home considering we won 4/6 quarters in Orlando.

    Orlando honestly doesn’t deserve to win, they’ve got a total powerhouse in the middle and they don’t use him at all. The only reason the guy gets 20/20 is because his point output is almost entirely a result of him getting putbacks. They dont dish him the ball, he gets it himself.

  6. john said

    Maybe Superman and his Magic Man simply forgot that this is Jurassic Park. Not any type of ball playground.

    But you’ve got to give the most credit the Raps point guard. As if the both of them were having they’re own version Rap Battle.

    I can’t think of any team that has this luxury in that department. I guess this is where the Raps could utilize to win this series.

    Another win to tie this series and another to turn the whole city Metropolis into Dinasour park. We believe!!!!

    Vamos vamos Raptors!!!!

  7. cuzzy said

    99% of the time I roll my eyes at how hard Adnan tries but I did smile at “I don’t know if its my sixth sense but I am seeing red people”

    I am sure he wrote it two months ago but it wasnt’ bad.

    Lewis scares me as well. He could easily score 30.

    I try not to read the Toronto media because it would also anger me that the Raps get no love.

    RAps win the NBA title but a story on Mats Sundin shooting a hole in one would be the top story.

    The crowd was nuts, I only wish I could be there.

    CB4 needs a booster juice for Game 4, he looked gassed.

  8. Raptors2009 said

    Long time no comment.

    The first paragraph says it all, W in game 3 means zilch if we don’t win game 4. That will also put pressure on the Magic to win game 5 and these guys aren’t exactly playoff veterans and can get pressured easily. Look at their 3-pt shooting, they’re well below their season average and you can’t tell me its the Raptors defense, they’re feeling the pressure and wilting under it. We’re unlucky not to go be up 2-1 thanks to our bad first quarters.

    Kapono is a mystery but IMO he’s getting the same looks as he was getting the regular season but the difference is he’s just jacking it up now. Caldeford look for him on the wings every time, as you said. Calderon waits for Kapono to get into position before even initiating the offense.

    This space is hot and cold on Jamario Moon but he played well last night. Those two early offensive rebounds set the tone for the Raps..they were going to be aggressive.

    @MUHDIK: I’m used to the media now, it used to bug me 8 years ago, not anymore. Their loss.

    @tylerpatrick: Adnan Virk is not a funny guy, he tries to be one and sometimes it works but most of the time its just sorta awkward. I don’t mind him though, I’ll have him over Rod Black and Norma Wick any day.

    Keep up the good work Arse…not much time to comment and join the discussion but its part of the daily read.

  9. D G said

    OK, the game was bananas. I think last year was a little louder because we bood VC incessently, but yesterdays game was more fun because people were showing the love. It was loud, and people had some great chants going not just against Howard, but also some love for TJ, Jose, Bosh and Moon.

    Some quick observations from being at the game:
    The Raps came out playing good d. TJ played his best d of the series (which we know he can). Andrea IMO played solid d on Howard in the post. Moved his feet, got position, got his hands up, and I think that Howards back to the basket moves are still developing. Andrea’s boxing out was weak and Superman got his fair share of dunks on putbacks as a result, but I think that Bargnani did a good job all in all.

    Orlando’s shooters scare the hell out of me too. Boguns can and did drain shots. But I am terrified that Lewis and/or Hedu are going to have one of those nights where they shoot the lights out out and single handedly bury us.

    – the blonde floor cleaner/uniform picker upper was in full effect and the butt cleavage was niiiiice. I could only pleak seruptitously because I was with my wife. But man she is a knockout.

    – I love Jose and his game, but I really love his wife more. Not as much as my own, but man if he wasnt a baller she is out of his league.

    – When I was leaving walking by the Orlando bench there was a smoking hot girl wearing some funky shirt with Howard’s name on it in sparkly lettering. I am guessing it must be his girl, wow is all that can be said. If I had only been 8 inches taller and had a little more game.

    Back to the game:
    I still dont understand how we allow Hedu to run the floor in transition and go coast to coast. someone needs to knock him on his ass, rather than let him run past and get a dunk. despite the win, that stuff drives me crazy.

    Jamario actually put the ball on the floor and drove to the basket. for me that was way more significant than him hitting a three.

    I thought Delfino played good d, I know many think he is overrated as a defender, but first hand he looked solid.

    As I have debated in these pages, AP is a solid player. He plays good d, he has a good running j and he can penetrate. He’s not Kobe, but he gets his.

    I thought the Raps were way more aggresive at going at Howard, unlike the last two games where they seemed concerned about getting stuffed. Maybe it was confidence after getting a good start but whatever the reason they were driving hard.

    I am not sure if they picked up on this during the broadcast, but I sit basically across from the Raps bench, and in the 4th, when Jose played the bulk of time to close out the game, TJ did not look happy. Maybe I am reading to much into his body language and how he was looking and acting. I like TJs game and love the fact that he wants to play, but he didnt look to be enjoying the success of the team and not being on the court. Maybe its nothing,but I dont know.

    Only one game, and the Raps need to show some consistency, which they really havent done this season, so lets take it one day at a time.

  10. Raps Fan said

    arse: by my count, the last three shots that moon took weren’t quality ones. he rushed one, and forced two others. other than that, i was really happy with his play. also, i agree that smitch’s adjustment was more common sense than anything. it upsets me that it took two games for him to figure that out. game 2 could come back to haunt us if this series goes back to orlando for game 7.

    cuzzy: adnan’s “i see red people” was the only funny/interesting thing he has said ever.

    Raptors2009:i totally agree with your assessment of kapono. he is much more aggressive than he was in the regular, i’ll take it, and hope that it continues.

  11. Crank said

    DG, Nice game report.

    Re: Howard’s girlfriend

    Dwight Howard does have one – or at least a baby mama. That’s her, is that who you saw?

    She’s a team dancer he knocked up but isn’t married to her. Check out this article too, apparently he had a dream where the cross was added to the NBA logo!

    To the game, TJ always looks pissed on the bench. I wouldn’t read too much into it. Pressure on Howard was key and the defense tighter, shooting close to 50% also helps.

    Raps Fan, if Moon misses a wide open jumper its not always a bad shot.

    Rashard Lewis scares me too, if he decides to take it to the rim he can score at will. We criticize Smitch a lot for his players not driving but SVG’s got to take the heat for not recognizing Lewis’ potential impact.

  12. arsenalist said

    AltRaps, just fished out your comment from Spam.

    I’ll give Mitchell credit for using his common bloody sense. Isn’t it funny that the lineup that worked was the lineup where everybody played a logical position? You know, Bargnani at the 5 rather than trying to guard Hedo and Moon in there using his length and hitting the glass instead of warming the bench. The Magic are an athletic team and we weren’t matching that athleticism coming out of the gate in games 1 and 2. We finally did that in game 3 and the results followed.

    The crowd might not have been as loud as last year was still one of THE factors we won – just look at the post-game quotes. As DG said, last year we had Vince to chew on, we don’t care about anybody on the Magic although Howard’s getting on the fans’ nerves.

    I’m not hating on Mitchell, I think my criticisms about his last-second “play” in Game 2 and the unnecessary lineup tweaks are very valid. He did do a good job in using his timeouts and getting on Moon’s ass to take it to the rim – I still can’t believe he pump-faked and drove!

    DG, that girl is known as the Mop Girl. You can add her to Facebook if you like:

  13. D G said


    Wasnt the baby mama, she’s a pit bull in comparison.

    I forgot to mention jut how big Howard is in person. Monster big. My wife kept mentioning it (making me feel a little self conscious I must admit). As she put it, he makes Moon and Bosh look like high school kids.

  14. FLUXLAND said

    WHAT IS UP??? (TO ALL POSTERS) Ahhh.. things are rosey in RaptorLand 2day.. bellies are full till the next feeding ha?

    Not getting too excited about one game..however REBOUNDING!!! Ahhh…the fundamentals!! TJ looked good but I suspect khandor may tag that on the matchup.. a bigger guard would cause issues.

    Lewis is scary I kept saying “I hope he doesn’t find the touch” or the Turk either for that matter.

    Arse, criticize Howard all you want.. dude is gonna be scary to deal with for a long time to come.

    Empty seats or not.. red shirts or not.. there is no question we have the best (not necc. most knowledgeable), passionate, “don’t care how disappointing at times our team may be” fans in the NBA.
    At least we don’t throw the team under the bus like the NYC jackals.(most of us anyway.. I sure do at times)

    MUHDIK: I have never read any TO media.. but it stands to reason in hockey country bball will always be an afterthought. You are gonna have to wait until the old timers retire and young blood that loves ball first comes in.

    D G – Raptor brother! Thanks for the report on “Mop Girl” (I don’t have facebook Arse, can you hook up a pic somehow?) The camera crew has made a point of making sure she’s on camera the entire season. Glad to hear she really is a KO… the young cats around here need to get on that…ballboy, ticket sales.. stupid dude with a basket in his backpack walking around.. WHATEVER… work for free.

    Also, now I need to see what Jose dime looks like…

  15. mark said

    Here you go you horny bastards, picture of mop girl:

  16. FLUXLAND said

    mark.. *cyber high 5*.. nice work..

    kind of pictured her diff. The flattened hair does nothing for me.. she needs to keep it curly. So what’s the facebook saying about her?

    Either way…the PR department scores on this one. Good thinking!

  17. […] – Arsenalist […]

  18. D G said

    Anyone see the post game comments by the Raps? Just curios as to what they were saying. Most interested in what Bosh had to say. He looked pumped up, and despite a sub par performance statistically, he is still the engine of the team.

  19. mark said

    Just the usual stuff, nothing insightful. Gave the fans a lot of credit and said everybody on the team played really well. 21pt lead at the half and him having 3 points indicates that. You can see all the post game vids:

  20. FLUXLAND said

    Anyone know how much those Jose foam fingers cost? And does the merch. store in the ACC have a website or anything? Thanks in advance!

  21. D G said

    thanks mark

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  23. FAQ said

    Okay … let’s show some empathy for the Magic and try to analyze how Van Gundy will stop the Raps PG dynamic duo and neutralize the rest of the team. What would you do if you were preparing Magic strategy for game 4?

    How fragile is the Raptor PG duo if put under pressure, and which of the PGs is the weakest link? If the PGs and wing players were the biggest scorers should you concentrate your efforts on them and ignore the Raptors inside moves by Bosh?

    Perhaps the more erudite bball minds can participate on this thought experiment with more detailed analysis of the Magic’s game 4 strategy .. and even include how the Raps would counter it with their own offense-defense strategy against the Magic.

    NBA coaches have to prepare a Plan A, and also a Plan B if Plan A is failing. Perhaps all the Supreme Bball Court Judges can take off their judicial robes and puddle in the muddle with the bball aficionados who just enjoy good bball.

  24. arsenalist said

    The Magic has success in neutralizing Forderon in the first two games by pressuring them on the ball, and I mean applying pressure starting from the half-court line. I think they’ll revert to that with Dooling hounding Calderon, what Jose has to realize is that when Dooling’s doing that he’s susceptible to giving up the drive. We have to penetrate against the pressure using a screen or just blow-by quickness with Calderon and Ford have. I think that’ll throw a wrench into the Magic plan. Once our PGs penetrate, Howard will be waiting for us and we need to do something to draw him out of the paint (aka Bargnani/Rasho need to keep him honest). If we do these two things, we’ll be fine.

    I already said in the post today, I’m scared of Lewis, Bosh needs to stop falling for us pump-fakes at the 3-pt line. I just hope he remains dormant from inside the arc.

    Our offense was successful in game 3 because Bosh was double/triple teamed and he kicked it out nicely for open J’s. If in game 4 the Magic bring softer doubles, we won’t have as many open looks and its upto Bosh to do the scoring – like he did in Game 2. Simple shit really, lets see who comes to play.

  25. FAQ said

    If the Magic win the 4th game in Toronto, I think the season could be over for the Raps in the 5th game. If the Raps win the 4th game, it becomes a best of 3 series, and if the Raps maintain their momentum they could win the 5th game in Orlando and the 6th game in Toronto will be crucial. If the Magic take the Raps to a 7th game, I think the Magic will be favoured because home court will be huge for these 2 teams.

    Enough fantacizing … Go Sixers .. Go NOH .. Go Go Go Raptors … imafan …!!!

  26. FAQ said

    Detroit Pistons: Tonight they looked old, slow, ineffective and decrepit … and the Sixers ate them up. The game was ragged, transition bball and the Pistons could hardly run to keep up.

    Now I wonder if it would have been preferable to be matched up against the Pistons rather than the Magic, because the Pistons looked terrible in tonight’s game, and I mean {{{terrible}}} …!!!

  27. DFC said

    DG babymammas a pitbull in comparison to the girl wearing his jersey. dang she must be hot cuz babymamma is a dime for sure. was the girl a white girl? heard he crossing more than the border these days

    well then again you cant see her face in those links nor does the part you see give her justice, i’ve seen some other pictures and trust me he got some taste and shes a keeper

  28. […] Arsenalist: "I am at a complete loss to explain Jason Kapono’s performance. Another great game for him, 15 points on 6-10 shooting, its not like the Magic are leaving him wide open. He’s been able to run out on the break, find favorable positions to spot up from and keep the defense honest by dribble-driving. However, a lot of his success can be credited to Calderon who is looking for him on every opportunity. Jose’s recognition of “hot hands” is superb, he’ll almost always pass you the ball if you’ve made your previous shot." […]

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