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Arsenal vs. Reading Highlights: Classy Gunners win 2-0

Posted by Arsenalist on April 19, 2008

Arsenal 2, Reading 0

A very routine Arsenal win against Reading, the team’s still putting out the effort even though there’s no chance of a return from this season. We’ve played some great football this year and were competing for the title up until mid-April, that’s a huge improvement from last year where we were out of it in November. This team’s a striker and an experienced defender away from a title, Song’s a nice enough player but he’s not close to being our first-choice CB. Senderos is a great guy but I’m not sure he’s even Premier League worthy. Wenger needs to address those issues.

Walcott started this game and looked like he deserves to be named first-team starting next season. I just don’t see what exactly Eboue does great that would warrant a starting spot. At least with Walcott you know you’re getting pace and creativity and the expense of some control. Eboue’s a hard worker but he always makes me nervous about getting sent off with his ill-advised antics.

We’ve had a lot of injuries this year but by far the one that hurt us the most was missing Bacary Sagna against Liverpool and Manchester United – I would even say he is the anchor of our defense ahead of Toure or Gallas. As Wenger said, we were unlucky, hopefully next season that changes.

I was excited to hear about David Villa wanting to play for Arsenal, he’s a composed striker that could help finish off those chances we end up wasting. However, Wenger denied any interest.

Anyhow, a nice Arsenal win. Enjoy it.

Robin van Persie is the Top Gun.

MOTD Highlights: Download :: Watch

Adebayor 1-0: Download :: Watch

Gilberto 2-0 + some great Arsenal chances: Download :: Watch

Stretch of play where Robin van Persie hits the bar and a minute later, Walcott does the same: Download :: Watch

9 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Reading Highlights: Classy Gunners win 2-0”

  1. arsenalrocks said

    very nicely played by arsenal. adebayor finally scores again. wenger muz be damn happy

  2. yyeann said

    haiz. wads a waste. walcott should hav scored.

  3. henru said

    been a long time since i last posted a comment here..well i also agree that we’ve been unlucky this season with injuries..but to blame it on injuries,bad decisions by refs or experience is bull..first of all i want to say you dont need so much experience to win a trophy..and who says we dont have experienced players..gallas,toure,eboue,hleb,rosicky and even fabregas have all played at the highest level..not to include the man(gilberto) wenger decided to leave out most of the season just because he wanted to give the captain band to a fellow frenchman..gallas has a premiership medal and was arguably the best defender in the world until he got to arsenal..eboue has played in the world cup,nations cup finals,champions league finals..hleb has been in the champions league several times..even with stutgart..fabregas played in almost if not all of the youth tournaments before his breakthrough..gilberto..i just can say enough about that guy…..well the point i am trying to make here is that mediocrity is what arsenal is defined by..we could have had peter cech..wenger said he was too expensive,we could have had arjen robben,wenger said he was too expensive..we could have had guti when he was younger,wenger said the same thing..we could have had tevez and wenger said he is denying interest in one of the most outstanding players in the world in david villa..who has just put an alert to arsenal that he wants to play for the club????
    i have no problem with siigning youngsters..but buy players..the difference between man utd and arsenal is that man utd can afford to rest anyone even ronaldo..whenever they like…i love wenger but he has failed us so many times..and if anyone says well he brought success to the club..then my friends that is i have a list of players on my mind..david villa, david silva..both from valencia..diego carpel from sevilla..artur boruc of celtic to replace lehman..and denilson from arsenal..we have denilson but most times its like he’s not even in the club..if fabregas can make the team before 18..i dont know why denilson cant..he is talented,strong and heck he is brazilian..what else do you need……….and lastly..does anyone know that arsenal were favourites to sign fernando torres and ryan babel..but wenger again said he’s team is ok the way it is…well people am sure u know what happened..those two players threw us out of the champions league which wenger had used as an excuse for loosing heavily against man utd and ordinary totenham….my fellow gunners i am dying of anger and everytime i see fabregas i just wish he gets better treatment than this…he’s a legend..and only four people in recent arsenal history deserve to be mention in the youngs man category…tony adams,vieira,henry,bergkamp

  4. Jav said

    henru, if only the world was as simple as you make it out to be. Injuries without a doubt crippled Arsenal. Eduardo, Sagna, Rosicky, VP, Diaby, Denilson,and we lost Song and Toure to ACN (where both got injured) not to mention losing Diarra to Portsmouth. That sort of injury list is bound to have an effect. Couple that with the refs and its pretty impressive Arsenal even managed to compete towards the end of the season.

    David Villa? I don’t think Arsenal have the money to buy him. He’s going to be 20+ million. Resigning of Hleb, Flamini takes precedence and the new contract rules make it incredibly difficult to hold onto players. Add the wage structure into the equation and throwing money around doesn’t make sense. Wenger has a good philosophy regarding recruitment and he should stick with it, provided players stay at the club.

    Why are you so frusrated. Put things in perspective Arsenal were predicted to be out of the CL places. I think theyve perfored extremely well and should be congratulated. Arsenal scored more goals than Chelsea and Liverpool (and more goals than ManU away). Adebayor scored more than Rooney, Anelka and Berbatov and is almost level with Torres in the league. VP scored 6-7 before his injury. Eduardo will eventually return and Carlos ela is returning from Ososuna. Theres no problems in attack!


  5. huhu said

    a very fluid display.

    one thing to notice, Hleb must watch his temper. last week he got a yellow card for a stupid tackle, and this week he’s quite lucky to escape unpunnished.

    Go Gunners!

  6. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I have a question to all the readers. I want you all to name the 5 “baddest” soccer players (in terms of behaviour & temper) you know in the past 10 years in order of “baddest”. My pick is below:

    5. Aliaksandr Hleb

    4. Gennaro Gattuso

    3. Patrick Viera

    2. Paolo Di Canio

    1. Eric Cantona

    (I had a tough time figuring out which of the last two would be #1)

  7. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Think I made a mistake, this is the revised list:

    5. Gennaro Gattuso

    4. Patrick Viera

    3. Roy Keane

    2. Paolo Di Canio

    1. Eric Cantona

  8. arsenal turk said

    arsenal just need to buy David Villa he the best let wait and see wot happen

  9. don one said

    i will love 2 see david villa in arsenal, but still donot think he need him,i love wenger, work with the youth. i think he still yet 2 see the best from adebayor & R.V & F4

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