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Arsenal vs. Manchester United Highlights: End of a season

Posted by Arsenalist on April 13, 2008

Manchester United 2, Arsenal 1

A very sad day for the Gunners. After taking the league on a deserved Adebayor goal, William Gallas inexplicably puts his arm to the ball and gifts United a goal. After that our defence falls asleep and allows the overrated Hargreaves to fool us on a freekick which was given because of a phantom foul.

But ignore all that, the problem was still something very familiar: Arsenal’s inability to take easy chances. Adebayor being the guilty party yet again. We shoulda coulda woulda been up 3-0 in this game if we had a striker the quality of Henry up front. I don’t know why RVP was playing in midfield for most of the game, I imagine his finer finishing ability would’ve been put to good use up front.

We again dominated 75% of the game but somehow managed to lose off of set pieces, a problem that’s been there for quite some time. There’s very little solace in knowing that we were the better team yet again. Wenger needs to fix up the defense for good this summer. Alexandre Song starting in place of Senderos for such a crucial game is testament that we have very little depth in the back four.

The season ends with Arsenal playing some brilliant football for the first half, getting decimated by injuries to key players and finally putting forth a commendable effort to finish out the season. Unfortunately, the ref ended our Champions League campaign and its fitting that we lose at Old Trafford by gifting United a goal and being passive on a set-piece.

This year has been a learning experience and has allowed us to identify exactly where we need to get stronger: defense, concentration, experience and leadership. Its up to Arsene Wenger to address those issues in the summer. What would’ve been the outcome of this season if Eduardo, RVP, Sagna and Rosicky would’ve been healthy? For the most part, I do think we have the talent to compete, its the intangibles that seem to be missing.


Match Report

MOTD Highlights

Arsene Wenger concedes title in post-match interview

Adeabyor: 1-0 Download:: Watch

Gallas Handball (can you believe this?) and Ronaldo penalty: 1-1 Download :: Watch

Hargreaves Goal 2-1: Download :: YouTube

27 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Manchester United Highlights: End of a season”

  1. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    [@ Halftime]

    Can somebody seriously tell me WTF is Eboue doing on the field???? where is Theo???

    Great game so far Hleb.

    Come on Ade, put away those chances….

  2. Gunner_in_Jamaica said


    Ade in the 48th minute….must’ve read my previous comment.

  3. Away Girl Kayleigh said

    Adebayor has been playing fantastic… Although it’s 1-1 still, I can see Arsenal winnning this game – It’s now the 61st minute… half hour left, Eboue off Theo on – good choice by Wenger…

  4. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Fucking Hell Man……..

  5. caneal_in_ja said

    the gunners got gunned down, but what did those gunners fan expect MANU GOT THE BIGGER GUNNS

  6. fuck it just another day in the life of an arsenal fan…

  7. Rohit said

    u can watch 2nd half highlights here

    and by the way, thanks for referring my site:-)

  8. BGD said

    exactly the final score i expected, but much better than my prediction in terms of performance
    the team played very well in front of the old trafford crowd, and united were lucky to get away with this undeserved win
    we’ve paid the price this year, but we’ll get the prize in May 2009

  9. Lucas said

    Amen BGD. We’ve been very unlucky this year. Next year the tide will turn.

  10. nolagunner said

    Yeah, but ManU has had so many “undeserved” wins this year that you start to think maybe they aren’t undeserved at all. There’s a real trick to NOT BEATING YOURSELF that have yet to learn.

  11. nolagunner said

    *we* have yet to learn.

  12. Pat said

    It hurts, fuck.

    For the season to start so great, to end with no silverware.
    I won’t doubt AW though. He proved us all wrong this year.

  13. huhu said

    cant wait for next yr

  14. jw said

    poor arsenal i real pity them they aren’t getting what they deserve

  15. Luki46 said

    well hopely for the next season Senderos, Eboue and Bendtner will be gone, put Theo on a bit more, added with a couple of quality players, one of them a striker for sure
    I am a real fan of Wenger but … is it time for changes??

  16. Riptide said

    I still rate arsenal but dem shouldn’t a give weh dat penalty. I feel say Walcott mus start nex match but for who…

  17. imalittleboy said

    uh huh. i want to see AW throw senderos and bendtner out.
    that seems unlikely. senderos can perform well as a substitute and bendtner has all the time he needs to improve. he’s only 19 and already playing for the first team in the absence of eduardo.

    as dwightsuperman said, this is just another day of being an arsenal fan. always getting fcuked undeservedly. this just goes to show how being a champion isnt all about fair play and good skills…..

  18. lmfao said

    @ riptide must you type like a retard?

    ok guys unlucky this season (from a very sad leeds fan lol don’t ask)

    you need 2 new players next season 1 quality defender and 1 outstanding striker then you will win it all well atleast …..

    until leeds utd get back in the prem , lmao :)

    p.s can we loan fabregas and van persie all next season?

  19. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    This is nothing personal, but……Senderos & Eboue just simply have to GO !!!

    We need to restructure and make some serious tactical changes for next season. I haven’t spoken to Arsene in a few months now so I don’t know know what his thought process is like. However, we need to aggressively pursue Andre Ayew, David Villa & Micah Richards.

    Finally, send Kolo Toure, Eduardo, Bacary Sagna (and any other injured Gunner) to Jamaica @ any one of the famous mineral bath spas, for TOTAL healing.

    C’mon man, we need to come BIG next time around, no time for fuckery.

  20. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    I forgot about the next great defensive midfielder for France – Flamini. Send him on the Jamaica trip as well.

  21. hanad said

    this is game if you not winner you win next game but on thing you need midfielder and striker that is all about my exprience see you later peace out hanad.

  22. hanad said

    man united it is good because thay have nice players and good coach the ather one is manchester united they has rooney ronaldo they is a good players in english pri leag. arsenal thay nevery win for man united that is my idea

  23. 2614 said

    we need a striker badly

  24. gunner_one said

    i think arsenal nine change becase of ed#9 inj…

  25. John said

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  26. lmfao said

    yes @ john-fucking idiot

    “they staged it” to cripple their economy and to fuel a war?

    ok, so your source is the media, who elaberate stories to sell news?

    i can’t think who is dumber out of you and the conspiracy idiots that make up new rumours from no real source

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  27. John said

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