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Arsenal vs. Liverpool Highlights: Unlucky Gunners tie 1-1

Posted by Arsenalist on April 2, 2008

Arsenal 1, Liverpool 1

That should’ve been at least a 3-1 win. I wish the refs would start doing their job a little better, that tackle on Hleb was a penalty if I ever saw one. Even Kopite Andy Gray couldn’t believe it. We missed a lot of chances which is always disconcerting, especially when the next match is away from home. I’m not too worried though, as long as Bendtner doesn’t block any more goals, I sense a 3-0 pounding next week. Conceding the away goal will probably mean Liverpool’s going to sit on it and play for a scoreless draw which they’re so bloody good at. That’s alright though, because Arsenal are due for a breakout.

We were unfortunate and very unlucky not to score at least 3-4 goals, it’s going to even out in the next leg. I’m not happy about the number of long balls we play, it’s something that’s totally un-Arsenal like, we’re better of passing it into the final third and taking chances with further-out shots instead of hoping Adebayor latches onto one, controls it, creates and finishes. I don’t even remember the last time he scored like that.

Don’t worry Gooners, this second leg will be ours. Match Report.

Adebayor scores: Download :: Watch

Kuyt scores: Download :: Watch

Match Highlights + Analysis + Interviews: Download :: Watch

34 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Liverpool Highlights: Unlucky Gunners tie 1-1”

  1. J said

    Any chance seeing the penalty incident put up? or the Nic B. block of Fab4’s shot?

  2. J said

    PS thanks so much for reliably doing this! I do click your links ;)

  3. CP said

    Could you maybe put the blocked goal up too? The fact is he blocked the ball, but the referee is wrong in the offside call. There are indeed two men beyond him when the second shot is taken on goal.

  4. Scott said

    I normally only read your Raptors posts but after watching that game I had to see what you wrote. God I hate Liverpool! They are so negative, jammy and just pure shite.
    Absolutely should have been a penalty! I really wanted Arsenal to win…and this is coming from a Spurs fan!

  5. Scotts Mum said

    Now Now Scotty son Spurs are very shite 4-1 to newcastle? Who liverpool thrashed 3-0 home and away!!! and utd thrashed 6-0 and 5-0 home and away!!! So shut ur bloody mouth before i do it for you!!!

  6. Chinstrap said

    Thanks Arsenalist. So quick on the upload.

    Mum could show some class.

  7. gunner28 said

    We shoulda had that game. oh well we’ll see what happens in the return leg. Scotts mum you could show some class indeed

  8. vaardo said

    Really annoyed by the 1st leg result considering how much of the game we controlled. Feeling confident about our chances at Anfield providing the officials for that match have a fucking clue… no call on the Hleb play?!!! Also, who new that Torres would become such a cheating cunt. His simulations today were absurd. Nice one on the highlights Arsenalist!

  9. Andiamo said


  10. Anon2222 said

    Liverpool!!!!!!! Arsenal are a good team but tactically Liverpool know how to get results in the Champions League! They play ugly but they get results! LIVERPOOL!!!! And the raps got robbed tonight!! Not a good day for you Arsenalist!

  11. Rohit said

    I got a new link to the skysports highlights interview and analysis

    check the blog for me

    btw, nice meeting u

  12. AltRaps said

    Maybe a little payback for their lucky goal from the weekend? Hmm?

    Just sayin….

    Follow Follow.

  13. Toby said

    a few coments first one to scot….. how can a spurs fan, supporting the biggest flumps and underachievers call anyone shite, particularly ateam far superior to your own…. tottenham suck. and i like spurs, but i’m not bias enough to deny the truth.

  14. Toby said

    vaaardo….. torres is actualy ok on the diving front and i’m not a particular fan of the long haired spanish style of striker, but he gets on with it, your just making a bitter remark, because one decission didn’t go your way, but refs always make mistakes. also arsenal have the biggest collection of poofters the premiership has ever seen, its like a giant congregation of coktail waitresses at the emerates these days, and they really need some english player(s)and the coment about ugly football is being made ion comparison to the team who are always nice to watch in the middle of the field but have no end product. i have respect for the way liverpool play, gritty football is what english football is all about, if i wanted to watch french and spanish flair i wouldn’t be a fan of the premiership…. and i’m an exeter city fan so noone can question my opinion, this discussion just seems very bias in favour of arsenal, so i thought i’d bless it with a touch of reality…… the most commically questionable comment though had to be by (arsenalist) who wrtote the article, when he refers to andy gray as a kopite in reference to his supprise… taking into account he was a life long everton fan, and also a player for everton for a significant period of time playing in the era where everyone hated liverpool if they didn’t support them because they one everything…. and every tofee hates l’pool…. like i said think about your questionable facts before you talk bull shit next time, arsenal are a good team but lack musscle and end product, l’pool lack a certain element of class at times but have the musscle and usually the end product when the oppertunities arise, but as a fan of english football i have to say if i was to hold a bias it would lean toward liverpool, as i have more respect for passion, grit, and determination….. than poofters with flair.

  15. vaardo said

    @Toby: climb out of your pints mate… was that good muscle and grit when Kuyt pulled down Hleb? In football, that’s a penalty. Arsenal, which you contend has “no end product” is the second leading goal scoring club in the Premiership. Furthermore, does your vision of “gritty” english football require the ideal club to surrender over 65% of possession to a team of “waitresses”? Liverpool played two English players tonight, exactly one more than The Arsenal so why don’t you check YOUR facts bright fella and stop talking smack.. and save the racist bullshit about English players. As for Torres, he wasn’t even part of the remarkable no call.. if you watched the match you would have seen his persistent simulations.. he’s a fucking diver. As for your “respect” for the way ‘Pool play? WHY? Chickenshit negative football is not worth a fucking glance. Watching sport should have some entertainment value.. shouldn’t??

  16. vaardo said

    @toby: about your “they really need english players” comment… if England has so many promising and gifted (and, of course, gritty) players, Arsene Wenger will find them. Besides, they’ll ALL be on display this summer during the Euro won’t they? Won’t they??? Oh yeah, nevermind.

    Gallas, Clichy, Sanderos, Van Persie, Fabregas, Flamini, Sagna are just a few of the “waitresses” who will be playing football at the upcoming European Championships. About a month ago in Birmingham, Martin Taylor showed so much “grit” that Eduardo won’t be playing for Croatia.

  17. Scott said

    @Scotts Mum: Wow a tough guy on the internet? Never seen that before. I’m sooo scared.

    @Toby: Oh don’t worry I know spurs are shite and never claimed anything to the contrary. All I said was Liverpool are shite and I stand by that. Anyone can grind out the results they do when they have 10 or even 11 players behind the ball all the time. So there’s no denying the truth here at all on my part.

  18. lfc fan said

    I probably shouldnt have read this page but the bias is winding me up.

    the result was a fair one. hleb went down so easily it was untrue. kuyt used zero force on him and essentially caught his arm slightly whilst moving goalside. they’ve been given but it wasnt a pen. gallas on torres was more blantany a shirt pull than that. and yes torres also dived and its the right call not to give

    arsenal we leaving their studs in all night. eboue’s dive was the worst of all and senderos should have been booked for cynically taking torres out.

    anyway, bentner was the real difference. the one chance you actually broke through our defence.

    consider lfc’s focus on defence a compliment. no we don’t play like that every game but yes we do when we admit the team we’re up against are better than us. you, chelsea, milan etc. dont treat it as robbery that you didnt finish off your chances. we defended better than you attacked. simple really.

    the tie is finely poised and can still go either way. big game tuesday …

  19. manu4eva said

    soz arsenal fans but i gotta laff @ u
    bendty is so crap why hav u got him?? whyd u play him?? in the champions league ffs??? ure manager’s bloody barking…

  20. GerrardSux said

    @lfc: if you take the cock out of your mouth it’s much easier to see the match properly. Until you do so, beat it you daft cunt. I watched many replays of Hleb’s run, didn’t see you.. you must have been there to know he “didn’t use any force”. Liverpool and Rafa are the enemy of good football.. 10 twats behind the ball is not defence, it’s an ugly waste of time.

  21. Pat said

    Arsenalist, very unlucky I must say.

    I know we will dominate at Anfield, but will we take our chances?(I’ve been saying hat a lot lately)

  22. Pat said

    Toby, the premiership is what it is ONLY b/c of the foreigners.

    Without them, PL would be on par with Dutch league.

  23. huhu said

    liverpool is better? r u blind or did u sleep throughout the 2nd half?

  24. oz said

    liv was defend like hell. surely we’ll win at anfield. remember the 3 – 6 lost last season at the anfield? yeah. i remember that…

  25. oz said

    never gunned down

  26. Arsenal said

    This is what football has come down to… watching teams like Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool to rely on individual talent and just get results… I don’t understand why people follow these teams and their games… you might as well watch Nascar coz it’s as boring! 90 minutes of my life is worth a lot more than that!

    I would rather see the mighty Arsenal finish 10th in the table but play entertaining football… at least it’s enjoyable and “entertaining”, and that’s what football was made to be… not just a bunch of people running around the field waiting for a Ronaldo to be magically right in the spot that the ball comes in so he can score… and then go around and brag about it!

  27. MICK67 said

    the difference between arsenal winning anything are the inconsistant refs the middleboro game the so called off side learn the rules you ass but the ref was prob to far behind play?not.on the same day derby beaten 1 nil sorry but was rooney not offside but that ok it’s united.diaby sent off and rightly so but cashly cole he’s fine oh it’s plonker riley say no more the same ref who played for united in the 50 game that rio should have walked but no give wayne a pen i’n not goin to say anymore about birmingham pen is there a god that can find astrong ref tonite please if we lose that’s fine but ref it for fuck sake

  28. spurs the great said

    arseanal are crap, the last time you had a good player, was charlie george.old arse wanker , is a fuckin poor loser,unsporetmanlike, just like all his fellow countrymen, all you arse fans, why dont you all fuck off to france, with your foreign legion, and your arab shithole stadium .All you arsebandits, only get anywhere with the help of queer refs giving out free kicks and penaltys,like there going out of style.

  29. Tottenham are the best said

    Arsenal are the most crap team ever i hope they have a lot of bum cream backstage cause they will need it afterthere matches.

    Tottenham are the best u suck on too many c**ks
    You bunch of pansie potters

    true facts
    1. your crap we know that
    2.your manager has got a rude NAME ARSS AND WANKER
    And 3 your Team minces around the field 100% of the time


  30. no 1 said

    arsnal r wank trust man united bruv

  31. MICK67 said

    why don’t you fuck off you skid mark spurs and football don’t go together 9 years being behind you must feel like a big queer if anyone needs to talk about football you would’nt be included isreal is missing one of their people must be u.spurs scum i’m gettig a pain in my face looking all that way down the league at you useless waste of space it wont be long till ye have to wipe te cobwebs of the worthless cup toss arse fuck you no1 mank cunt fuck off to the hole crawled from under all the refs you bought must be there as well

  32. spurs the great said

    mick 67 you old poof, ,good old liverpool , 5-3 nice ,like when we beat you arsebandits 6-2.We at spurs have lots of english players ,not a token one [walcott] . Eat snails you french poof.

  33. Jonny said

    Oh this is great.. I thought I would check a review on last night out from arsenal’s perspective and found this.

    Wow I sense a little annoyance here but I could not resist a few smiles as I read down the posts.

    Were going to win 3-0 v liverpool in the second leg.. we were robbed.. etc etc

    The fact of the matter is we all watch footy to experience nights like that. If your a Liverpool fan or an Arsenal fan it will be the sort of magical match you always talk about.

    If the match ended after Theo’s amazing run through the Liverpool defence I as a Liverpool fan would have felt anguish but at the same time I would never forget the game.

    People say Liverpool are a boring defensive team and I admit during Houllier’s reign we did become more and more the ‘defend a whole match and hit the long ball’ team. But now were so much more.. as said in a comment above we can defend & counter-attack or go and take the game by the scruff of the neck as weve done often against lesser oposition. I can’t help but feel your all a little depressed that you have what should be a great team and keep doing sod all with it.

    Liverpool are a brilliant team who almost have the whole package and jealousy breeds comments like those above. You lost

    PS Oh and the Andy Gray comments made me laugh.. a liverpool fan LOL.. I actually never knew he was an Everton player etc but ive always called him a Man U fan for his biase against us

  34. MICK67 said


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