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Arsenal vs. Bolton Highlights: 10-men Gunners fight back to down Bolton at The Reebok

Posted by Arsenalist on March 29, 2008

Bolton 2, Arsenal 3

This is Chinese commentary but good quality. I can’t bear listening to English hyperbole anymore, I prefer chipmunks instead.

Great fight back by the Gunners. All seemed lost at halftime, we were dominating play but Bolton was the one in the lead. Bad defending on their first goal and a giveaway led to the other. Diaby was sent off (rightfully) for a similar tackle as the one on Eduardo. We were creating half-chances all through the first half but it was embarassing to be down two goals to a relegation threatened Bolton side who are basically a bunch of talentless gypsies.

The outset of the second half was dominated by Bolton much to everyone’s shock but Arsene Wenger responded by replacing Bendtner for Emmanuel Adebayor and mixing in Theo Walcott. Immediate dividends followed. Adebayor has been taking a lot of heat since the goals have dried up but his pace was a key catalyst in this one.

Gallas who was having a terrible game scored off a poorly defended corner which should be enough for him to keep his captaincy for another week. Soon after, Adebayor’s run in the box was followed by a nifty back heel to Flamini who’s shot was blocked but Hleb was fouled trying to get to the rebound. RVP smashed one in from the spot and the Gunners were back. The final goal was sheer desire to not settle for a tie, a bit of luck on the deflection but the run by Fabregas was something to relish.

Gunners come back from the dead. Is it going to be enough to win the league? Probably not but it’s exactly what we needed going into the big Champions League clash against Liverpool. Match Report

BBC Match Report – Ends up having post-match interviews.

This blog’s Arsenal Feed. If you happen to be a Raptors fan, get that feed too.

Matthew Taylor ’14, 0-1: Download :: Watch

Matthew Taylor ’43, 0-2: Download :: Watch

William Gallas ’62, 1 -2: Download :: Watch

Robin van Persie ’68, 2-2: Download :: Watch

Jlloyd Samuel (OG) ’90, 3 -2: Download :: Watch

MOTD Highlights (English): Download :: Watch

Low Quality Highlights (Korean): Download :: Watch

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15 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Bolton Highlights: 10-men Gunners fight back to down Bolton at The Reebok”

  1. Anele said

    Lucky, but important comeback.

  2. fuck yes dude we won this game

  3. At work..Didn’t see the game but I love this team… Thanks Arsenalist for sharing

  4. Aunty said

    Nice one, Arsenalist …

  5. AltRaps said

    You think the Gunners and the Raptors might be separated at birth??

    That own goal was something from the Gods for you lot.

    I’m now stuck watching my Villa get hammered by Woman U.

    As I type this, we just lost Carew.

    I’m going to lick a light socket.

  6. Mike T said

    Great comeback and great clips. But can I say how can you suggest that website for buying tickets? They charge extortionate prices and not to mention its an illegal website. If you want tickets go to the official website and become a member and get tickets for a fraction of the price. Go on the GUNNERS!!!

  7. aditya said

    a win, but not good enoughhhh


  8. Arsenal Fan said

    It’s Korean.

  9. Loyalty Arsenal fans said

    Fantastic revival. Great team spirit. Arsenal for life. Thanks to arsenalist………… Arsenal is a Champion!!!!!

  10. vaardo said

    What a win!! Watched it with some suffering Gooners in a Toronto pub… terrible and disheartening until Billy slotted home the corner. Great to see the strong effort under shit conditions. BTW, is it just me or do those fucking cunts on the Setanta feed love it when the Arsenal are having a difficult time. Fuck them and fuck woMan Utd. We’re still in!! Great job finding the Korean highlights Arsenalist

  11. manutd said

    i find it hilarious how a month ago you were all calling for talyor to be banned for his tackle, and yet yesterday diabys tackle was just as bad but the guy got lucky not to break a leg

    talk about the pot calling the kettle black hypocrites

    did arsehole wenger even mention that disgraceful tackle?

    titles over get over it

  12. vaardo said

    @manutd: Arsene expressed disappointment in the Diaby’s poor technique.. not much else to say. Besides being a whining hypocrite fuck is Fergie’s job. Go bother someone at a Roma blog you daft cunt! Go Gunners!!!

  13. manutd said


    yeah he had plenty to say on taylors challenge though right?

    goodluck against liverpool you will need it

  14. goonerette said

    it’s abt f**king time!

    thanks for the highlights clip, arsenalist. not that this matters, but it’s Thai, not Korean.

  15. nati said


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