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Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough Highlights: More points dropped

Posted by Arsenalist on March 15, 2008

Arsenal 1, Middlesbrough 1

I don’t want to sound all doomy but the chances of winning the league are pretty slim. This is our fourth straight league tie, that’s 8 dropped points against some teams threatened by relegation. We have a very tough April where we play away to Manchester United and Chelsea and at home to Liverpool. This is not counting the two Champions League ties against Liverpool. We haven’t been able to get complete points from fixtures that should be routine for us, that’s what’s going to be the difference in the standings.

The only thing to take solace in is that we had a legit goal disallowed and they scored on a clearly offside play. Tough luck yet again.

Champions League beckons. Here’s the Match Report and here’s the BBC Match Report with some PG comments.

Adebayor goal that was incorrectly given offside Download :: Watch

Aliadiere Offside Goal Download :: Watch

Toure Equalizer: Download :: Watch

MOTD Highlights: Watch :: Watch

10 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough Highlights: More points dropped”

  1. Jesus Christ Himself... said

    …won’t be able to help the arsenal to the title if they lose this one. Folks, we might be fucked.

  2. rosickyrox!! said

    tht refree needs to be hung,thrown off a cliff,cut into pieces fed to the dogs reassmbled when they shit him ut and reassembled to go thru the process all over!!!!!
    1. the adebayour goal counted!!!
    2.aliadiere WAS OFFSIDE!!
    3. he blew the F**KIN whistle before the allotted extra time allowance
    not tht we played any better!!! we had 80% of the possesion yet we still cudnt breakthru!!
    and now we hav clichy injured with blood running down the side of his head!!! yea were winning the prem for sure!!!AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!SCREW!!!

  3. fourstar said

    Hugely disappointing. Four consecutive draws is not the stuff of titles (ask Chelsea, they threw it away last season with 6…)

    However, having let them back into the race, it looks as if it is going to come down to who wins the round robin between the top three (Chelsea have Man U on 26 April) – nobody can win all their games without defeating the other title hopefuls. Can we do it? I still believe we can. This is going to the wire…

  4. Pat said

    The refs in england are horrible. I must once agree with the drunk scot.
    The refs gave Brum and Boro their points.

    Game would be over if Ade’s goal counted.

    On Boro’s goa: That wasn’t a foul by Ade. WTF is wrong with the ref.

    Cesc cannot finish for crap, thats 2 games now. Is he a dm??For fucks sake.

  5. imalittleboy said

    bloody hell im getting pissed more and more everytime arsenal has to play…
    we always seem to be the victim of shitty refereeing. what with referees giving cards because of minor fouls and offsides for clearly legal goals!! i dont think its coincidence that arsenal is forced to draw all the time, just all these goddamn referees running around all giggly denying all the goals that arsenal should have scored!
    shit its going to be really hard to win the prem. league now….
    best of luck to arsenal team, they’re going to need a a whole lot of it.

  6. Jn said

    no excuses we lost,
    i think next week will decide the title hopes, and if that is lost than the cl looks dim too.
    call me optimistic

    this arsenal team has gone through ups and downs i have no answer for. I really do believe we can beat chelsea next week and manchester. everything was alot better with rosicky.

    clichy will be back, rosicky will be back. ARSENAL 07-08. THE DOUBLE.
    we should of killed of this race with the points missed. noone said shit would be easy.

  7. huhu said

    come on!!! start winning again!!

  8. love the arsenal said

    stop winging bout the refs
    thats just soccer
    if we cant get the ball in the bak of the net against boro till the 85th minute then dont deserve the points
    the boys need to pull there heads in for the games that we should win
    not just for the big ones like against milan
    still possible but
    anything is
    gunna be tought but…

  9. manutd said

    haha the race is over 3 points ahead and massive goal difference means we can still lose 1 and still be top

    ronaldo is the greatest of all time

    champions again!!!!!!!!!

  10. 005d87a6f52a…


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