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Arsenal vs. AC Milan 2nd Leg Highlights: Forza Arsenal!

Posted by Arsenalist on March 3, 2008

AC Milan 0, Arsenal 2 – Arsenal win on aggregate 2-0

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Save for the opening 15 minutes, the Gunners dominated AC Milan, at times into submission. But it wasn’t until the 84th minute that the Arsenal – after missing several easy chances – struck courtesy of Cesc Fabregas’ 25 yard seeing eye strike which had no chance of being stopped. Fabregas had earlier hit the crossbar and Senderos, Walcott and Eboue had all missed excellent chances to score and bury the Italians. Late on it felt like this was going to be one of those wasteful performances that has sometimes plagued this Arsenal squad, but the young Gunners found it within themselves to strike while the metal was hot. Fabregas is the hero of the night as Arsenal progress into the quarter finals of the Champions League. Emmanuel Adebayor dispatched Milan with an injury time strike setup by Theo Walcott who took full advantage of a desperate AC Milan squad that was hopelessly trying to score twice with minutes remaining.

The game wasn’t without controversy, Hleb was given a yellow card for diving when the replay showed a clear infraction on the part of the Milan defender. Several harsh yellow cards, a questionable offside against Eboue and in general a referee that looked to give home-field advantage had to be overcome for Arsenal to progress.

The atmosphere in the arena was electric and tensions were mounting late in the second half when it became clear that the first goal would prove to be the decisive one. As AC Milan stepped on their back foot, Arsenal continued to press and ask questions of the Milan defense and ultimately broke through, very much deservedly.

2 Nil to The Arsenal. Match Report

Sky Sports Match Report

BBC Match Report – Ends up having Post-Match Interviews

Emmanuel Adebayor – Post Match Interview

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Fabregas Goal 1-0 Download

Adebayor Goal 2-0 Download

Full Match Highlights

1st Half Highlights Download

52 Responses to “Arsenal vs. AC Milan 2nd Leg Highlights: Forza Arsenal!”

  1. Chinstrap said


  2. Grey Roco said

    Tommy Smith is such an Arsenal hater! Cesc scores a once in a lifetime goal from 40 yards out to knock the holders out of the Champions League and all Tommy Smith can say is that the keeper made a mistake. Give the guy some effin credit, it was a wonder goal!

    Tommy, go fuck yourself!

  3. GOONERS! said

    Haha too right…i hate tommy smyth he is the worst football commentator on earth by far. 2-0 TO THE ARSENALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. arsenalist said

    Click on the sponsor links in the post people, a click here and a click there won’t kill you.

  5. i fuckin loved it i love this team o and nobody gives a fuck about what tommy smyth says COME ON ARSENAL

  6. ttttttttttttt said

    hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa proud to fukin be a gunner

  7. fonzizi said

    Hail the mIGhtY GooNERS!!

    i agree completely with the Tommy ‘Smyth’ comment. I was sitting in front of the tv wondering if someone else thought the same. lol. I was fortunate enough to be able to switch to the sky sports feed which was much better to listen to.

  8. VanGooner said

    Fantastic Performance from all the lads. Amazing Effort from Cesc the entire 90 minutes and especially on the beautiful goal. I felt Mathieu Flamini played an excellent game as well.

    Tommy Smyth is an f’n c**t. He is an old fart that needs to stay away from commentating because he sucks at it. How can he not compliment Fab’s goal? It was amazing. F*** Tommy Smyth.


  9. Shani said

    go gunners GOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. DuPA said

    I’ve never been so happy in my life; who gives a shiite if it was the goalie’s mistake (but it was a beauty from Fabregas), we spanked Milan at their house.

  11. gooner4eva said

    proud to be a gunner…now we gonna fuck all in the premier league…
    arsenal rox…i dnt have words to express my feelings…
    proud to be a gunner

  12. gunnerz4evr said

    Myspace Graphics

    holy god
    totally agree about the dumb ass tommy smith!
    the kid is 21 years old
    scores in the champions league
    on a top notch team in the world
    against a top notch team
    what more do you want from him???

  13. arsi said

    Arsenal made a history !! every england ppl should be proud of it….viva…goooooooo young arsenals vs old Milan…..when Ar. plays its best…no club will compet him..das why i like ..arsenal

  14. geist420 said

    Stunning win young guns! Thanks again for the highlight videos!

  15. Gooner 316 said

    Yeah tommy really wants to put Arsne and Arsenal down becasue we are young well we saw that he full of shit
    what a MagnifCesc win

  16. Connolly's agent said

    It’s a good blog, and your links are always very helpful. But why is it called “arsenalist” when it’s 50% Toronto Raptors?

  17. olive said

    2-0 owned after everyone said we will lose withought henry

  18. Anti-Arse said

    Arsenal are good to watch and are a very young team…but because of their arrogant fans they dont get what they deserve…..just like how chelsea dont get what they deserve because of their money…..Manu rocks and we will win the EPL without any problem….The champs league is between us and Liverpool…the two london clubs are gonna end trophyless…oh yeah, i forgot, we are still in the FA cup…..Go Manu…the best in the world…

  19. vag26 said

    talk about being arrogant! haha
    well done gunners
    and when fergie makes stupid comments like they scored in the 7min injury time they always get, he should be reminded that eduardo lay on the ground for 8 minutes. Injury time has always been added to compensate for this purpose! so they play 90full min

    Intelligence and stupidity really has no limits and unfortunately, for this comment by anti-arse, stupidity reigns.

  20. oh..i taught arsenull gonna lose..but they win with great bad :(

  21. Gunner said

    Could not really believe that Arsenal has won at San Siro, where the Champions league holders had experience.
    What an important match and result for Arsenal.Especially when last time, Man UTD was beaten by this team…. and Milan was far off better.

    Keep it up Arsenal. You can win it !!

  22. Rosicky is always injured:( said

    i cant get the smile on my of my face..i look demented!!! i m so ecstatic!!! ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!! does any1 know where i can watch the post match interviews??

  23. Gunner said

    HI,do you have the goals in high quality please ???
    not you tube.

    it would be great to have additional links to high quality videos, interviews etc…

    Thanks in advance
    Good Site Indeed..keep it up

  24. Forest 4 ever said

    i ain tno arsenal fan but that was a wonder strike. Yout better beat fuckin man u and chelsae to the champions league. I hate the fuckers. Nice one arsenal

  25. MOJO said

    I’ve been trying to download post match clips but just cant’ seem to get the bloody website working. How do u do it mate?

    HELP PLS!!! or if you could upload the post match highlights to your site that’s be great!

  26. MOJO said

    I’m trying to get the minutes immediately after the match …when the crowd started applauding the players…appparently Maldini’s last game too in the CL.

  27. Simba said

    Totally deserved and a prime example of what happens when we are allowed to play our football without fear of being upended at every turn. Fair play to Milan who worried us early on but had the grace to admit we were the better side. Not a bad performer on the entire team and so good to see Walcott using his pace to good effect at the end. This could be the start of something amazing.

  28. Fabarsenal said

    we totally owned Milan!
    Possession :
    Arsenal 65%
    Milan 35%

  29. asd said

    derek rae said it was shades of 94

  30. Francesc Traore said

    The London Arsenal´s are back on track.Didn´t think that we´d win this after some disappointing results.But they came up big & they completed a big test & a mission very,very successfuly.Go Londoneers Go…Go Arsenal Go…

  31. GOONERS said


  32. marc overmars said

    fuckin yes mate, fuckin yes. wiped the floor with them. fuckin amazing. we could do something amazing this year, and not even break a sweat. all we need is a result at old trafford and there is fuck all reason why we cant do the BIG double. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!! FUCK YES

  33. imalittleboy said

    LOL this morning i was having exams in school and i was really not in the mood to sit for some fucking tests. i only got in like 3 hours of sleep last night but when i knew that arsenal won in the morning… damn. (i know its night at san siro but im in msia -_-)

    shit loads of adrenaline flowed through my body so i couldn’t sit still in the exam hall and my face was> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    seriously, this is the most amazing achievement by arsenal ever. for such a young squad to defeat last year’s CL winners, by rights we should have already won the whole bloddy competition outright!

  34. kevin said

    so where the second half highlight mate

  35. arsenalist said

    Just put up complete match highlights.

  36. imalittleboy said

    by the way, don’t u hate it when all the jealous mu, chelsea or watever club fans seem to say “Oh arsenal was lucky thats all! You lost to manchester 4-1 LOLOLO” and please, we beat a team that beat mu not once, but twice last year! and how many times have we lost to man u? once? who givs a sht about the margin of the score because frankly, a loss is a just a loss to me.
    mu fans can just go and fuck themselves and should never ever visit this website if they hav nothing good to say

  37. thnx for puttin up full match highlights i love you man

  38. […] me, “Arsenal have scored!!!” And the replays show the goal is something special — Arsenalist has them on his site and evidently he’s going broke or something so click on his links or […]

  39. F4BR3G4S said

    The gunners aren’t kids no more their professional adults. We were da 1st English team to beat madrid, ac milan and inter milan all at home. We got fresh legs on the team, wenger thinks about da future not now, unlike fergie whos always chattin s**t about ronaldo and rooney.

    Best team in the world…

  40. leedsfan said

    watching my own team is hardly what i’d call sexy football to quote gullit, lol

    but i really enjoyed watching arsenal defeat the arrogant italians and the way they did it deserves all the plaudits from everyone at any club

    reminded me of the better years at elland road before some bastard ruined the club

    goodluck arsenal

  41. gunnersworld said

    who cares about tommy smyth. He looks like shrek! Let’s go gunners

  42. blood in blood out said


  43. Agi said

    One nil to the Arsenal. Fuck yeah!

  44. Alex said

    excuse me,
    where can i get full match video?

  45. ArsenalSupporter said

    HAHA, Fergie will see the pressure of Arsenal coming now. Oh yeah you can look back to say “Arsenal lost 4-0 to Man U” but we lost this game because we did not play at our best. We will definetly but up the fight, and we will show we can win the premier league, and the champs league, SHOW THE FUCKN MAN UTD WHATS WHAT! Complain about Wenger, Fergie complains like a bitch all the time so STFU! ARSENAL 1!

  46. khalil said


  47. ArsenalFCFan4Life said

    No matter what anyone says, no matter how you think of Arsenal FC (*ahem Oscar*) you can’t deny that the goal by Cesc was amazing, it went into the corner, meaning his aim wasn’t off. It was such an amazing goal because he was so far and he took the only opening he had pretty much at the last minute. ANd it went in, proving that that’s talent, not a goal of luck. AC Milan did very very well, they had a strong forward pretty much the whole game.

  48. Pat said

    Fucking Wigan!!

  49. MOJO said

    fuck tommy smith and fuck wigan and fuck ALex Mcleish and FUCK TAYLOR

  50. Fabarsenal said

    I dont quite agree with you about Tommy Smyth.
    Though he said that the goal was a mistake, he was still saying that it was a great goal.
    I dont mean to disagree with you people but I am just expressing my views.

  51. Abdul said

    Cmon now we got to face liverfools


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