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Arsenal vs. Birmingham City Highlights + Pictures: Gunners robbed as Eduardo breaks leg

Posted by Arsenalist on February 23, 2008

Birmingham 2, Arsenal 2

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Eduardo Injury Update from

All being well, Eduardo will have his leg in plaster and using crutches for the next six to eight weeks. After that time, partial weight-bearing exercises will be scheduled into a slow rehabilitation process. It is hoped that Eduardo will be running again in six months time and making a full recovery after nine months. Eduardo will be released from hospital in a few days.

That’s great news.

That was not a penalty. Clichy got all ball, the video below shows that. That’s about all the analysis I’m willing to make. That and Taylor should never play football again.

I feel dirty dropping 4 points to the Brums. We played like shit against them in January but this time around, deserved to win. Two set-pieces gift-wrapped by the ref resulted in two goals. Horrible night for the Gunners, if there’s a silver lining, it’s that Walcott finally broke the ice and scored two league goals. Bad result in FA Cup followed by mediocre result in Champions League followed by a bad result in the league. This is when things started to go south for us last year but this year is different. We played awful last year during this time period, but this year it’s a question of injuries (RVP, Rosicky), bad luck (Adebayor and the crossbar) and bad refereeing (penalty today).

I’m not concerned, we’ll shake this off next week against Villa and finish the job in Italy. Prayers with Eduardo, he’s out for a long, long time, will miss the season obviously and is out for Euro 2008. Say what you will about Arsenal’s bad disciplinary record, we’ll argue with ref, go for a bold tackle, but we don’t try to end players’ careers. The FA needs to realize people come to watch players like Eduardo, not riff-raff like Martin Taylor. I’m very interested as to what the suspension will be for this guy, seeing how we’re the Gunners and not Man Utd or Liverpool, he’ll get off with a slap on the wrist. At what age do they teach you how to tackle? This fucker still hasn’t learned, ban this guy for a season. Wenger is pissed, and rightfully.


Eduardo injury pictures:

eduardo da silva ankle injury arsenal birmingham

eduardo da silva ankle injury arsenal birmingham

There are two more, these are more gruesome, so view it at your own risk. Here’s the other one. Here’s one at a unique angle.

Finally, this one is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC in nature. The injury video is the last one on this page, scroll down for it.

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Match Report.
BBC Match Report – Arsene Wenger Post Match Interview.

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95 Responses to “Arsenal vs. Birmingham City Highlights + Pictures: Gunners robbed as Eduardo breaks leg”

  1. nolagunner said

    Please post every angle you can find of Clichy kicking the ball and getting called for a penalty. Just for balance to the Flamini thing.

  2. roberth said

    i dont believe a foul was called against Flamini….guy took a thoughtful dive….

  3. Turtle said

    what’s with the ” over the word foul? Is that an attempt to insinuate that it wasn’t a foul? Well it WAS! It was given as a foul, thus-for it is a foul.
    Just get pissed off by jumped up gooners never beleiving they’re wrong.

  4. arsenal4ever said

    he dived for the penelty clichy clearly got the ball and the tackle on eduardo was so bad the other man should have a 3 match ban and now eduardo has a broken leg.

  5. arsenal-gunner said

    we were robbed of a win but great performance from walcott

  6. by birminham said

    birminham are shit thats all there is to say

  7. Ottawa Gooner said

    Terrible ending to a terrible week of results. Not as bad as last year’s post-Carling Cup Final meltdown, but it will be if the results don’t turn starting now.

    Feel terrible for Eduardo and I wish someone had done the same to Taylor. Let’s hope Theo and Bendtner can fill that hole, because I personally don’t harbour any hopes of a quick return for Rosicknote or vP.

    What a shitty day. All I have left to hope for is a massive upset by the Geordies.

  8. Joey said

    Gallas can go to hell for all i care. The captain badge should go back to Gilberto. No one as stupid as Gallas should be allowed to wear the badge.

  9. footballmadness said

    taylor should be banned forever.

  10. fourstar said

    @Turtle: fuck off, go and learn about the game a bit, and then? fuck off.

    As for the penalty, I am confused. I thought there was a round thing that was supposed to be key in all this. Apparently not. Gah. This game drives me mad.

  11. bluenose said

    i dont kno how some arsenal fans can come on here and wish for sumone to purposelly go and break sumbodys leg
    thats terrible
    taylor dint mean to break his leg it was jst a late tackle
    arsenal get away with tackles like that all the time

  12. Simba said

    The challenge was similar to that which put Diaby out for 9 months a couple of seasons ago, nothing will be done to Taylor as Eduardo doesn’t play for Man Utd (imagine the outrage if Ronaldo or Rooney had fallen under a similar challenge)! For Turtle; getting the ball in the way Clichy did is not a foul, winning the ball in the way Flamini did is not a foul! And for the second one, even if Mike Dein was that blind, he can only give obstruction which is an indirect freekick which would have meant McFadden couldn’t have hit it first time. Apparently this title race is the most entertaining ever or in recent years, I’m starting to believe the FA through their officials are showing too much of a desire for it to stay that way. We will win it anyway!

    P.S. For Bluenose; when was the last time an Arsenal player snapped a player’s leg clean in half? We have one of the worst disciplinary records in the game under Wenger yet seem to have suffered a rather large list of injuries caused by opposition players with little mention of their occurence. Wenger is right, you only stop Arsenal by kicking them.

  13. rhino said

    cockney = stupid people who dont know anything about football!!!!!
    it was not intentional!
    three players 1 man = free kick!
    parnaby{right back)took the ball away from clichy[whooooooooooo}!!!!=penalty!!!!!!
    stop being one eyed premiership champions your avin a girafe!!!!!

  14. Jack said

  15. arsenal turk said

    taylor the fuckin gay lord cunt i h8 him we need rvp bk soon or thing dnt look gd for arsenal !

  16. cooldude said

    fuck off u cry babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    seriously stop crying.
    for once all know what u did when ur ass was getting in the carling cup final . So go on kick each player of arsenal in the ass for that.
    all sympathies to eduardo but when ur fucker player did that to JT
    u didn’t start to fuck him rather MAKING EXCUSES for him
    the only difference between the two tackles is one recieved a red card and the other did not .

    P.S agree completely with rhino!!!!!

    So all U CRYBABIES can fuck ur self up

  17. helga said

    Taylor should NEVER EVER be allowed to play football again.
    I mean, he has destroyed Eduardo’s chance to play the rest of the season, AND he can’t play for Croatia in Euro Cup this summer either.
    And maybe his leg will never heal again, maybe he will never be such a good player ever again.
    I think they should seriously consider never letting Taylor play again.

    Anyone with me here?

  18. Simba said

    Comparing the JT break to this is unbelievable. Terry kicked the base of Eboue’s foot, it shouldnt have even been a yellow! Its not suprising though to see enjoyment of Arsenal’s misfortune (the result not the injury) from idiots. Neither was a foul but tragically refs see a need to react to home fan cries and ignore the rules which he gets paid £1000 a week to uphold.

  19. cooldude said

    as i said a bunch of crybabies
    idiots who can never live with their mistakes
    we all can only HOPE that an arsenal fan can talk SENSE

    and for fun it was a hard fought contest and birmingham city

    and for facts u could not win with a handicap

    bunch of idiot who always CRY

  20. gunners4thetitle said

    all you scummy cunts that are anti arsenal are just jealous coz we are top of the league and havent spent as much on new players get a life you sad bastards and just believe the fact that arsenal are and always will be challenging for the title you can kick our players and break their legs but we will always come back stronger with our BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL so fuck the lot of you WHO TO WHOTO BE WHO TO BE A GOONER

  21. Lewis said

    Gunners robbed???

    Have a laugh

    Arsenals first goal was a foal on the keeper.

    To be honest we should of won 3-1


    O yea and sorry about Eduardo you gooners. Pretty fucking awful

  22. ogloc said

    fuck all you who talking about points draws and walcott, don’t you muth fuckas understand that OUR BEST STRIKER fucking broke his leg and how the hell was that not intentional look at that picture at the top, COOLDUDE ur a bitch and know nothing about soccer and i hope your

    arsenalist: edit. totally uncalled for. very offensive to everyone.

    , as for taylor The fuckin FA should see to that sunova bitch. My prayers go to Eduardo i hope he gets fit in time to lead his country in the EURO 2008 Taylor will get what he deserves and i curse his whole fucking soccer career.

  23. cooldude said

    u wanna talk shit u son of a

    arsenalist: stop…keep this thing slightly civilized. i mean, swear all you want and call everyone a cunt, but this is too much.

    as for eduardo recover soon and best of luck hope that such fans get teir ball ripped of ,curse u asshole ogloc

  24. helga said



    not so cool.

  25. Jack said

    This was another typical Arsenal performance we score two early goals in the second half then we think its game over and instead of going on to score 3 or 4 goals like we could have we let them back in the game. and by the way i just wanna no wat arsenal fans think. have any of u noticed that alex hleb will just not shoot he will get in a good position and instead of taking some glory he tries to play the perfect pass !!!

  26. arsenalist said

    Jack, I’m ruing Adebayor’s decision to shoot the ball when he had Bendtner to his right with nothing but an open net in front of him. I can’t get over that play.

  27. Jack said

    Im an arsenal fan but whoever is saying taylor should be banned for life is an idiot because ive seen much worse tackles plus he went for the ball and you could see how upset he was when he saw eduardo he doesnt look that sort of player. whoever says banned for life is talking crap !!!

  28. Pat said

    Arsenalist, I didn’t watch the 2nd half??

    Did Ade’s decision making cost us??
    What minute was that chance, when he didn’t pass to Nick

  29. UNITED FOR LIFE said

    im a united fan what a great day for us i hope Eduardo da Silva broken leg heels in time for euro 2008 and my prayers are with him as for you cry baby gooners we whooped your ass last week admit it you aint good enough to win anything this season and as for you ‘captain gallas’ what an ass and i do not beleive for one minute taylor went in to break his leg it was a high challenge and deserved a red card but no way should he be banned for life


  30. arsenalist said

    It was after we had gone up 2-1, around 70-75th minute. Ade was a little off today in general.

  31. jarragooner said

    As a gooner, i hope eduardo recovers to some standard of what he started to show for us. Taylor dropped a bollokc with that foul!!!! A ban will follow, The referee made some bad decisions and birmingham did get lucky to snatch a point, but we are top of the league and that is all that matters!!!!

    No need to slag off other fans so lets calm down lads
    Watching football those challenges shouldnt be in the game!
    Arsenal should have had the game sown up by then and i agree with arsenalist adebayor should have assisted bentdner!!!!

    Still top and its in our court!!!

  32. Aisha said

    ok i understand everyones frustration and being an arsenal fan myself, i was at the game but didn’t see the tackle clearly but judging from the photos it clearly wasn’t intentional for him to cause any damage, especially not to break his leg it was just extremely bad timing but yes it does look like an extremely bad tackle. yes i do also think it was a straight red card and yes a three match ban is right but not lifetime at all because it wasn’t intentional.

    i sincerely hope Eduardo recovers fully and soon!

  33. leedsfan said

    ouch, i really feel bad for eduardo, lets hope he recovers fully

    people saying taylor did that intentionally just by looking at still shots are wrong, the tackle happened in milliseconds and anyone that has played football and made a sliding tackle before will know once you slide thats it their is no changing your direction, i believe eduardo was just too quick for taylor and the injury was just a freak accident,

    but seriously can you stop saying the guy should be banned for that?

    how many other players in every team have made bad challenges and not even got a yellow? including “dirty leeds”

    and certainly arsenal fans can’t really say that veiria wasn’t a dirty player or roy keane at man utd

    lets just hope he is ok and look on the bright side you could all support teams as bad as leeds right now. i feel sorry for myself

    but as i’ve always believed atleast i support a team where i was born and raised and not a glory seeker, like most man utd fans that live in london

  34. Pat said

    This injury would not have even been close to what it is if Eduardo didn’t have his studs in the ground.

    That makes all the difference.

    Made a tear run down my cheek, after the penalty was whistled.

    I went furious after seeing the replay.

  35. Grey Roco said

    Treble, that’s a laugh!

  36. leedsfan said

    it’s a sad day for football

  37. united supporter said

    theres plenty of time for the situation to change, but as things stand, the destination of the title may be decided by the head to heads at stamford bridge and old trafford. My sympathy is with eduardo da silva, best wishes, although i believe the foul was not intentional by Taylor, especially considering that his foot was so close to the ground.

  38. nolagunner said

    but seriously can you stop saying the guy should be banned for that?

    how many other players in every team have made bad challenges and not even got a yellow?

    So long as your fine with a drunk driver who kills a little girl on the way home from school getting the same as anyone who fails a breathalizer test. Really, punishment is always based on both intention AND consequences.

    I too hated Ade’s decision, but not as much as you Arsenalist. Recall his pass to Cesc in the ManU game…he has shitty weight on his passes at full speed. He might have just thought he had a better chance to score by shooting.

    Is there any way to see video of the challenge on Hleb that wasn’t even called a foul? When Hleb complained, the ref clearly said “he got the ball,” which he clearly didn’t. It was a horrible tackle, as I recall, where Hleb easily could have been injured. The ball is irrelevant to this ref.

    I’m fine with Gallas being totally beside himself at the end. Between Sagna losing his brother and Eduardo losing his season, Euro 2008, and possibly his career, they were pretty emotional. Not the ideal reaction, but I’d much rather him care too much than too little.

  39. arsenalist said

    nolagunner, good analogy with the drunk driver.

    As for Ade’s decision, I thought his only option there should’ve been to pass to Bendtner. He had an open net, I’d understand his reasoning to shoot if the other option wasn’t so damn obvious. But then again, Ade does some weird shit at times.

    If you know the approximate timing of the tackle on Hleb, I can try finding the video and put it up.

  40. EFC4Life said

    right think its time someone sorted all this “BAN TAYLOR 4 LIFE” crap.

    all but 1 person can honesttly say he did or did not mean to throw in such a dangerous tackle and that is Martin Taylor. I think he did not mean to do that because if he did he should not be allowed anywhere near a football stadium let alone the pitch. Every team in the world throws in them sort of tackles “Reckless” “Over the top of the ball” “Dangerous” week in week out. All those saying Taylor should not be allowed to play football again need to give their heads a shake. I don’t think anyone nowadays thinks of ending a players career they may think of it but they will never do it.

    My deepest sympathy is with eduardo i hope that his leg will fix soon and hope he can lead croatia in the euro 2008 and hope he has the chance to play football again.

  41. nolagunner said

    “three players 1 man’ = free kick!- rhino
    “It was given as a foul, thus-for it is a foul.” -turtle
    “The captain badge should go back to Gilberto.” -joey
    ” ……” -cooldude

    Where’d all the morons come from? Have you been putting ads up at the bestiality sites again Arsenalist? I mean, traffic is nice, but…

  42. nolagunner said

    The Hleb thing was a after the 80th minute, maybe as late as 85…they show a good replay of it.

  43. Jack said

    nolagunner the captain badge shouldnt go back to gilberto your chatting crap how can he be our captain when he is sitting on the bench and doesnt play and he isnt gonna get a place when flamini is so much better !!!! and with gallas today at least he shows so bloody passion unlike most our players

  44. leedsfan said

    nolagunner – nice analogy comapring death in the real world to sport

    every drunk driver should be banned for life from driving

    every player in football that has made a high tackle sshouldn’t

    why? because that would mean arsenal, chelsea , man utd , wouldn’t have any players left

    can yoy guys honestly say that if that was the other way round on taylor from eduardo you would be calling for him to be banned for life?

    i think not!!!

  45. arsenalist said

    nolagunner, here’s the tackle on Hleb

  46. united supporter said

    nolagunner quite clearly quoted someone else saying the armband should go to gilberto, branding them a moron- speaking of gallas, i cant help but laugh at the murderous look on his face at times- epitomises bloodlust

  47. nolagunner said

    Jack, read it through again…I was quoting other people from further up and calling them morons. You’re right to be incensed, but not at me.

    Hey leedsfan, how is what happened to Eduardo not in the real world? He can’t walk in the real world. He won’t walk unaided for several months in the real world. He may never again play the sport he sacrificed a great deal for (eg, leaving his home country on his own at 15), in the real world.

    To continue the analogy: I don’t think Taylor set out to break Eduardo’s leg. He did, however, set out to hurt Eduardo, or at least scare the shit out of him, knowing full well he was risking breaking his leg. In law there’s statutes on criminal negligence causing bodily harm (or death) for cases where the harm is much greater than the intent.

    Thanks for the Hleb, Arsenalist. You rule. If you still have energy to work off (I’m still furious), I’d love to see the Ade non-penalty. But it was the Hleb non-call that infuriated me. Makes me long for the coming Super League…I’m truly learning to hate the English FA.

  48. arsenalist said

    I’m not at home right now, what was the timing of that thing? I’ll upload it later.

  49. Goonern1fan said

    We get RVP and TR back and a few fair refs 4 rst of games we will win DOUBLE no Question

  50. qonone said

    lol at the Mnacs here. You Mancs played not our full team ,win you did but not against the big boys.

    On MT bad tackle ,a almost career ending tackle deserves what then in your blues opinion? The smirk on is face tells it all.

    Clichy’s “foul” was not a foul ..he touched the ball before time ..learn the game. The ref made a bad call..totally wrong.

    Ade is at blame for not passing to Nik ,it could have been 3-1 buried.

    At Mancs here ..we are still 3 points ahead ,and you will be facing the big boys in our next game. Last season you could not win us once ..oh RvP scored in the 80th odd min careful of the Dutchman ;)

    You ManU fans think we are scared we want your blood and gonna go for it in our next game. Btw Ferguson is not just a bad loser bad a but cannot even take a draw ..he is just a sad man. Rooney said on Man Tv ..Arsenal were the better team at our 2-2 draw.

  51. Goonern1fan said

    We get RVP and TR back and a few fair refs for rest of games we will win DOUBLE no question Come on u GUNNERS gud to c passion from Gallas

  52. nolagunner said

    When you get a chance man. It was in injury time. In the BBC interview Arsene said it was one minute earlier than the Clichy fiasco.

    I’m hoping this turns into a New England Patriots moment. They got into a “fuck you” after the first game of the season and never lost again. (And no playoffs in the EPL.)

  53. madmonk68 said

    Re: Martin Taylor, the decision to award a Red Card is correct, but only Martin Taylor knows for sure if the tackle was deliberate, or malicious. I personally don’t believe it to be so. I watched the game, the video & looked at the pictures, and I think that the tackle was badly timed. To clarify : Eduardo gets a touch on the ball a split second before Taylor. The angle he is coming in at, coupled with the slide, brings his foot in where a split second earlier the ball was & now, a split second later, Eduardo’s leg is. Take into consideration the speed these players are moving at, & the fact that Eduardo is more nimble, & quick of thought than perhaps Taylor is.
    Also look at the still pictures taken at the moment of impact & look at how flat to the ground Edardo’s standing foot is. It seems possible that his studs were stuck in the ground. If you combine that with the speed & angle of impact you could get an injury as nasty as this without any malicious intent. It’s a shame & I’m sure all true football fans feel for Eduardo & wish him a speedy & full recovery. However, calling for Taylor to be banned for life is not necessary. Emotions were understandably running high & Mr. Wenger, although clearly upset, should have shown more decorum. Taylor’s tackle has resulted in a nasty injury but was his tackle worse than the tackle I witnessed from an Arsenal player last weekend, which looked more like something from a Jackie Chan movie.
    I would finally like to mention Gallas. His behaviour at the end of the game has unfortunately highlighted exactly what most football fans think of football players. He is yet another talented, highly rated, extremely well payed, spoilt child who threw his toys out of the play pen because things didn’t go his way. Yes I agree it wasn’t a penalty & Arsenal may well consider themselves unlucky to only come away with a point, but Gallas as Captain, just like Wenger, should be setting a better example. Not ust to the players around them, but also to the paying public at the game, & the thousands of kids watching on TV.

  54. tiger2787 said

    Taylor’s a disgrace, I hope the FA ends his career. Worst tackle i’v seen and he clearly ment it.

    Shit play by Clichy and flamini, but it still wasn’t a penalty. The change in ball direction can clearly be seen once clichy made the challenge.

    One word – robbed.

  55. bluenose666 said

    arsenal4ever? you can’t spell penalty, it’s a straight red for “the other guy” (you clearly know your football) so he will be banned for 3 games!! and eduardo has a broken leg? have you taken lessons from andy gray on state the obvious?

    And for the record I’m a birminghm fan but don’t think 3 matches is enough for that chaallenge it’s just wrong no matter what excuses you give!!

  56. lol why do you all keep saying you were robbed? u wernt… u lost a player which to be fair was a unfair tackle but.. u gave them a goal at the end through being idiots… and whats gallas all about? hes such a kid and makes u lot look like idiots everytime he has a little cry.. how sad

  57. Goonern1fan said

    Arsene apologised and it was an emotional day all round lets turn it round against Villa at home 2 at least

  58. bluenose666 said

    pps. Is it all arsenal fns that have their heads up their own arses or just the ones on this site?

  59. Goonern1fan said

    Hope d spurs squad dont cry with embarrasment on sun TOP LONDON CLUBS
    3 WEST HAM
    4 tottenham WILL NEVER CHANGE small letters 4 a small club

  60. Dichio said

    LOL at spurswillwinmorethanuthisseason for obvious reasons.

  61. Freddie said

    This one really shows the damage. It’s not even about the bone, it’s the nerve damage that can kill his career. I really hope he’s OK.

  62. arsenalist said

    nolagunner, here’s that foul on Adebayor, don’t think they showed a replay:

  63. Croat Gunner said

    The commentators were pure shit for this game. Fucking Arsenal haters.

  64. nolagunner said

    Thanks again, Arsenalist. The MotD highlights at footytube have the replay.

    madmonk, are you serious? The tackle was deliberate, and malicious. He didn’t expect to break his leg, but when your studs hit someone mid-shin, you are going after the player. I can’t believe people are trying to defend this, as though Taylor is so incredibly, cosmically retarded that he can’t even pull his foot back when the ball is not there. And let’s be clear here: there was no misjudging angles here. He ran STRAIGHT AT Eduardo.

    Justice always takes into account both intent and consequences.

    Intent: reckless, designed to intimidate with the threat of injury
    + Consequence: year ending, possibly career ending injury

    A pretty fucking huge ban

  65. ogloc said

    sorry about my previous comments it was in the heat of the moment i was sure that Eduardo’s carreer was over, Peace COOLDUDE aight my bad

  66. siren said

    I hope Dudu recovers well.

  67. deb said

    Hi all, im a Man U fan but i have to say my heart goes out to Eduardo. That was one of the sickest things i’ve seen in my life. So for someone (cooldude) to say ”all sympathies to eduardo but when ur fucker player did that to JT
    u didn’t start to fuck him rather MAKING EXCUSES for him” is just so childish. Give Eduardo a break. You do not have sympathy for him. If you did you wouldn’t imply he deserved it by stating the mistakes he has made. Nobody deserves what he got so drop the silly child like behaviour and recognise the pain eduardo will have to endure. And i can only imagine how hard it was for his team mates to have continued playing. Wishing every arsenal fan my sympathy and of course a speeedy recovery for Eduardo. I think this man deserves a bit of compassion.

  68. mark said

    i support liverpool but hope eduardo gets better and can play again gud luck arsenal

  69. ryan said

    look give taylor abreak he didnt mena that it wasnt even a red card mayb a yellow
    up the blues good result today

  70. sami said

    ryan Says:
    February 24, 2008 at 8:56 am

    look give taylor abreak he didnt mena that it wasnt even a red card mayb a yellow
    up the blues good result today

    Are you f***ing crazy ?

    Doesn’t deserve a YELLOW ?

    So only if a person breaks both his legs splits his head open and stabs him with a knife its worthy of a yellow ?

    Please dont comment like a jackass …..

  71. leedsfan said

    i wish people would stop being biased and after taylors head

    he will get a 3 game ban thats it

    like our own teams haven’t made bad challeneges before. get over it ffs. football fans will never see sense, it’s all about getting one over on the other team

    get well soon eduardo

  72. sami said

    leedsfan , You might have seen Jeremie Aliadiere red carded yesterday for a small slap. How is it fair that Aliadiere will get three games for not hurting an opponent at all yet Taylor, who may have broken Eduardo’s leg beyond repair, gets the same ban?

    If you can give me a legitimate answer to this question then ill agree that all Taylor should recieve is a measly 3 match ban

  73. leedsfan said

    instead of banning taylor for life from football

    the FA should concentrate on banning every effing hooligan from football the real scurge that has no place in the game

    stabbing and killing fans just because they wear different colours? disgraceful

    sami – i agree that taylor and alliadire should get different bans

    maybe 7-12 games for taylor

    and 3 for aliadiere

    but thats the FA for you

    but should he get a life band when he isn’t exactly keane or veiria or that italian guy in midfield forgot his name

    how many career threatening tackles did they make?

    lets all relax and watch the cup final

    gattuso i meant – just remembered his name

  74. cooldude said

    hey peace ogloc

    i am a chelsea fan and would like to wish EDUARDO the very best of luck and hope that he recovers soon .
    and applaud all arsenal players for continuing the match !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Simba said

    The best that can be hoped for is a massive ban like leedsfan suggests, like the African lad who nearly broke that Celtic player’s leg in the Champions League this season (sorry forget his name, he got 6 games). However, I still defy anyone to watch what happened in the aftermath of the incident again and say that Taylor felt any remorse. It was clear what had happened from the reaction of other players and medical staff and all Taylor did was look frustrated that he got sent off. Anyone here who thinks that it wasn’t a red card shouldn’t be allowed to watch football by the way.
    For all the terrible images in the papers of Eduardo’s ankle in half the most damning one for Taylor is the still just as he makes contact with Eduardo, his foot is shin height studs up and the ball is 5 yards away, the damage may be around ankle height but the lunge was not initially aimed there!
    Wenger is being diplomatic but other professionals like the Croatian captain Kovac have called it brutal! (and I for one agree)
    Lets hope the FA make an example of Taylor and other teams see this and realise that you can’t kick Arsenal and get away with it anymore. You don’t see it happen to Man Utd or Chelsea week in week out.
    We will win this title race because we are the best side.
    Love the site Arsenalist, thank you

  76. deb said

    Simba, you sound very bitter. Maybe you should enjoy bein a fan of your own team without worryin about Man u or Chelsea.

  77. rhino said

    after watching the tackle again it was a 50/50 ball which taylor had every right to go for! maybe deserved a was a penalty clichy obstructed parnaby. and for all the people with short memories eduardo played his part knocking ENGLAND out of euro 2008.

  78. deb said

    rhino, what a bad attitude to have. Says alot for your character.

  79. arsenal@14 said

    what is the latest news of Eduardo? is he possible to shine again? I really hope that very very good news accompany him… isn’t it arsenalist? aren’t you?

  80. leedsfan said

    guys, does anyone know if eduardo has suffered any nerve damage?

    if he has then it’s gonna be a long road back, we can only pray he comes back and not like buust at coventry city that never made it back

    but he was older

    rhino you are an arse, how can you say justice after he knocked england out fairly? and i might not support arsenal but seen as leeds won’t ever get back to the premiership i hope they continue to win it every year!

    this might be just what arsenal needs to wn the champs league too

  81. arsenalist said

    arsenal@14, he’ll be up and running in 6 months and will have made a full recovery after 9 months according to

    Sorry man, my only Arsenal posts happen on game-day and I provide highlights and a short post along with some links. Covering two teams is very taxing on me.

    You should really check out some other great Arsenal blogs for updated news, check my blogroll but here’s a few:

    There are TONS of Arsenal blogs out there man, plus their actual site is pretty good –

    Don’t forget about me though.

  82. utd said

    martin taylor’s challenge should have been a yellow card. It was mistimed and it was a 50/50 challenge. Eduardo just did him for pace. No-one would have cared if he hadn’t broken his leg

  83. Gunner_in_Jamaica said

    Have a well rested and great celebration of your birth, Eddy!!

    We wish you a very speedy recovery and hope you will be back in action for the Super Gunners & your country Croatia.

    Nuff Respect & Love from your Super Fans in the island of Jamaica

    One Love!

  84. Simba said

    Rhino, go outside and have a word with yourself, we didn’t deserve to get into the Euros and Eduardo certainly didn’t deserve that x-rated challenge. Plus to quote you if Clichy had indeed ‘obstructed’ Parnaby (which he didn’t) that only warrants an indirect free kick inside the area and not a penalty. Learn the rules and have some more respect for the players regardless of their nationality (some would call your comments racist). I would take Eduardo over any English striker any day of the week because he is a better player.
    Deb, are you suprised I, like many Arsenal fans, sound bitter about this? I am merely comparing us to our nearest rivals and so far I haven’t seen any replies enlightening me as to when such incidents have befallen them.

  85. alex said

    Very unbiased article.

  86. philattech said

    I can’t understand why people don’t think this doesn’t deserve a lengthy ban. 1. he was late 2. he was high, just look at the pic 3. studs are showing 4. he’s lunging, not sliding Now all of this things are illegal, so how many more rules do you have to break to deserve a red. Add to that that Eduardo’s leg was literally snapped in half, why should Taylor not see a ban for several months. He may not have meant to hurt Eduardo, but it was still reckless. Even if a man does not mean to kill someone does he not still get punished? Simba is absolutely right, how often are Arsenal players seriously hurt and how often do Arsenal players sersiously hurt players on other teams? Do we not remember Diaby against Sunderland, a broken and duslocated ankle? What about when Gio had his ribs broken against Newcastle? How about how fortunate Cole was when van Nistlerooy practically kirate kicked him in the game that ended the unbeaten run (and he didnt even recieve a yellow for that). It is unfortunate that we are so wrapped up in steroids in the game and completely ignore diving and dangerous play in the game. If Eboue is yellow carded for diving against Milan then why does birmingham get a penaly against Arsenal? The sad thing is that Taylor will not be punished beyond his 3 match ban for a straight red. If this had happened to Rooney Taylor would be probably be banned for life (and I am completely serious on that one). The reason I know that is United get nothing for all the stupid shit they do (just look at how little was done to Keane for the Haaland challenge). This is a travisty to the game of football, it is no longer the beautiful game. It is due biased officiating and plain fucking cheaters like Man. Utd. and chelsea. It was atmitted by the former head of discipline for the FA that they are biased for certain teams. It’s no coincidence that the current head of discipline is a Liverpool fan and Liverpool have the best discipline record. Last season Arsenal players comitted the least number of fouls but recieved the most cards. This is a disgrace. And any fucker who believes otherwise in regards to the Eduardo tackle should be ashamed of himself. Taylor should be sued for payment of medical bills and should recieve a 3-month ban from football. This is justice. Let us see what view the FA will take on this matter.

    Rhino you are a sick mutherfucker. I cant believe you would consider this “justice”. That shows how ignorant you truly are and how little we should listen to you. I hope when you read it again you are ashamed.

    By the way I would like to add that for the most part the current batch of united and chelsea players are pretty stand up right and really aren’t cheaters, no more than arsenal. Italian teams are the ones that are highly suspect.

  87. Edward said

    Rhino you are a daft cunt! Reading your post me want to puke.. but only if my vomit lands on you. Why don’t you get back in your cave. This site for those who walk upright.. cheer on the Gunners and beautiful football.

  88. segun said

    I am not happy with the refree disition about the penalty and even the one that is supposed to be awarded to adebayo was not awarded so what are we shouting about since the fa cannot find a solution to all this things happenning then we should leave it to the god of soccer.

  89. leedsfan said

    i really can’t see why video refs can’t be incorporated into this game of billions? i mean it works in rugby league and costs no team on suspect evidence

    and the argument that it slows down a flowing game is bullshit it takes 5-25 seconds to review a goal line clearance or penalty appeal?

    it can cost teams millions in title or relegation

  90. siren said

    Thank you for all the stuff Arsenalist! You’re amazing and I agree with EVERYTHING you said.

    My love and prayers for Eduardo…


  91. Simba said

    Great bit on a superior suspensions systems in another sport on Sky Sports News. The Super League in England has a grading system with specific number of game bans for different offences from 2 games for striking an opponent (it is a more violent game) upto 8+ games for pushing or threatening the ref and kicking in the testicles. Thats the way forward surely. Somehow we are seeing Taylor get a 3 match ban complaining about Wenger’s comments making it worse, and Alliadiere getting a 4 match ban for querying if a tap on the cheek as retaliation for a squeeze of his face (unpunished by referee or FA) was really worth a 3 an initial 3 match suspension! We are not seeing the punishment fit the crime and I for one think its about time we started seeing a fairer system. Funnily enough when refs and the sport’s governing body have this kind of power (as in Rugby League) you see officials and rules being respected a lot more.

  92. love the arsenal said

    rhino your a dik
    eduardo didnt knock englan out of euro 2008
    there shitty performances did
    stop using edy as a scapegoat and neck up for englands shithouse performances

  93. mikey1020 said

    Arsenal were doing very well in the premiership; now they have lost one of their greatest players.
    Arsenal then get accused for accusing Taylor when obviously no one knows if he was intentful.
    If someone like Wenger or similar celebrity status says something people think they definitely mean it, he probably makes mistakes and people cant understand till they mature and listen and understand no ones perfect.
    Eduardo will Never be the same player.
    Martin Taylor should be penalised greatly, accident or not.
    Get well soon Eduardo I to have fractured my leg.

  94. miky said

    i want so say i wasat the match i wos a terabol day for eduardo

  95. brummy said

    you’re just sad that you dropped 2 points! Zarate won the penalty fair and fair, and flamini did foul!

    I do wish Eduardo a speedy recovery. Taylors tackle was horrible, but accidental

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