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Chris Bosh’s 40 make Dwight Howard’s 37 seem quiet

Posted by Arsenalist on February 21, 2008

Orlando Magic 110, Toronto Raptors 127

Move the ball, go inside with Bosh, shoot well from the outside and play just enough defense. Sounds simple enough but the chances of all four things happening on the same night are rare, but when they do happen, it’s a sure sign the Raptors will win a blowout. The Magic game was supposed to be one of the tougher ones of the month what with Dwight Howard and all, but Chris Bosh has always reserved his better games against Howard (CB4’s averaging 22.5/9.2 against him) and tonight was no different. For all of the shit Chris Bosh takes at times (including in this space), he remains our best player and last night’s game was Exhibit A of just how un-guardable he can be in certain matchups. This game actually changed my outlook on whether we could take out the Magic in a 7-game series, I think we can.

There were a couple plays tonight which served as microcosms of this game, they both went something like this: Calderon brings the ball upcourt, Bosh sets a screen for him (at this point Jameer Nelson is lost), Bosh is rolling towards the rim while Calderon is also attacking the rim at the same time, the help comes inevitably. Instead of Calderon forcing a shot, he swings it to the weakside where the ball is swung around back to the strong side for a short jumper. If there’s a thing called “textbook Raptors basketball”, it was on display tonight. And top it all off we only got out-rebounded by 6 and there’s even a silver lining there, we beat them on the defensive boards 25-23.

Dwight Howard had a quiet 37 which I only learned of when looking at the box score after the game. That sounds like an idiotic statement but many of his points came with the Raptors up by 14-17 points and comfortably in command. Thanks to some key scoring plays in the fourth the Magic never went on the run that might’ve cut this lead to say 7 points and made a real ballgame of things. Scoring 37 on 13-16 FG is awesome but when your counterpart is going 14-16 FG with 40 points, you know you haven’t done your defensive duties and your offensive efforts have been more than offset. In all fairness to Howard his lateral quickness is very shitty, almost as bad as Brian Cook’s which made Bosh’s job even simpler. Give credit to Bosh, he did the right thing every time, when given space he hit his jumper, when played too tight he took it to the rim. Flawless game. Throw in some ridiculous 11-20 3FG and the only way the Magic would come out with a win is if their offense was clicking at peak efficiency. Turkoglu and Lewis went through cold stretches whereas Delfino and Calderon never eased up. Orlando was savoring their Detroit victory and didn’t feel too bad writing this one off.

There’s a nice quote about Bosh from Stan Van Gundy in this Orlando Sentinel article:

“My respect for Bosh came three years ago in one of those rookie-sophomore games (during all-star weekend). One of those games where no one tries hard. Except Chris Bosh tried hard all night long. I knew he was special then. Everybody was clowning around but not Bosh.”

Despite all the respect, Bosh rarely saw a double team all night which Van Gundy later regretted.

“There was not one thing they did that we could guard. Chris Bosh we could not guard, we didn’t have anybody that could guard him, we’ll have to think about double-teaming him next time. I thought Dwight (Howard) could guard him a little bit but he obviously could not. We could not guard (Jose) Calderon on the pick-and-roll at all and we did not close out on their shooters. There wasn’t one thing we did defensively tonight that impacted them whatsoever. We didn’t have much trouble getting good shots and scoring, that’s not the issue against this team. We’ve got to be able to guard them, we could not and end of story.”

In the same article Van Gundy mentions how Chris Bosh “destroyed” Orlando center Dwight Howard. Makes me feel good.

Not to be a bitch about things but one thing I noticed is that we have horrible communication in our interior defensive rotations. Bosh is left hung out to dry almost every time he comes out to help. Now he’s not the kind of guy that’ll turn back and give Bargnani or Parker a glare, but somebody (Sam?) needs to recognize that we need to get a LOT better in such key areas in order to actually contain a good offensive team over a series. It’s always a pain to watch Jamario Moon shoot jumpers but to his credit he’s gotten smarter and confidently dribbles in a couple steps to get the target within his limited range.

Normally a “heat check” happens when a player’s hit a few shots in a row and he wants to test whether he’s still in the zone. Carlos Delfino works the exact opposite way, his first couple shots are his heat checks. If they go in, he’ll keep shooting and if he makes them nobody complains. If he doesn’t make them, he’ll wait a few minutes and do another couple heat checks, if he’s still not making him, he’s useless on the night. Today, he made all his heat checks and it follows that he had a strong offensive game. Delfino is an extremely streaky shooter who hovers on the border of chucking far too frequently. He can’t be relied upon to provide consistent scoring, if he’s hitting his wide open jumpers presented to him by Calderon, it’s a good night but other than he’s hit and miss. Check out his recent scoring outputs:

8, 5, 0, 0, 3, 12, 2, 16, 14, 23, 26, 0, 0, 15, 18, 1, 11, 6, 7, 14, 7, 11, 7

The talk of freeing up cap space to sign Calderon often comes up but soon we’ll have to make a decision on Delfino. I doubt he’s worth more than 5M/yr and if we could just trade Kapono and give that money to Delfno, I’d call it a fair day.

Trade Deadline

The trade deadline is today and unless the coaching staff has a master plan to get production out of Kapono, he is the prime candidate to depart, not Juan Dixon. Case in point is this game: if he’s only managing to get 4 points in 14 minutes against a Magic team coming off a back-to-back, its hard to imagine how inconsequential he’ll be in the playoffs when the defense is locked in. In theory, he’s a great signing. People double Bosh and we need some outside shooting to offset that, but in reality he’s simply too easy to cover on the perimeter and there is no conscientious effort being made on the part of the coaching staff to actually get him in a rhythm leaving him to create on his own, which he can’t. I don’t believe Leo’s bullshit about Kapono not being a one-dimensional player and willing to put the ball on the floor. He’s missing the point completely: we didn’t bring him here to put the ball on the floor, just like we didn’t bring Dell Curry in here to be a swingman.

There are teams out there that could use outside shooting: Phoenix, San Antonio, LA Lakers, Golden State to name a few but Kapono’s contract is a bit on the ridiculous side to make him great trade bait. But then again, he is the best open jump shooter in the league and I find it hard to believe that there aren’t takers, even if they’re just willing to give expiring contracts in return. I just got done watching the Phoenix/Lakers game and the Suns need outside shooting and they might even do it at the expense of Kapono’s non-existent defense.

There’s also the Michael Pietrus for Juan Dixon and Joey Graham rumour that’s gaining momentum. I’m not sure if this trade will even have a ripple on the eventual record of the Raptors team, Pietrus is a good talent but at 6′ 6″ he’s a bit undersized to really help us with our rebounding problems. He’ll be able to help us out with our perimeter defense. Now his teammate, Andris Biedrins is somebody who would really help us out with some rebounding, shot-blocking and interior defense but Don Nelson isn’t demented enough to give him up.


* Stan Van Gundy needs to relax. Taking one of two on the road on a back-to-back isn’t all that bad.

* I’m not one for the Jose Calderon/TJ Ford debate but it’s hard for a point guard to play any better than how Jose’s playing right now. I feel at ease every time he has the ball, even with the clock winding down or late in crunch time. 19 points, 13 assists, 8-10 FG.

* Andrea Bargnani was brutal tonight: 1-8 FG, 2 rebounds. He looked a lot like that Bargnani we started to loathe in January. If we lost this game, he’d be a big talking point.

* This is the easiest part of our schedule, we get to play the Knicks who got blown out by 40 in Philadelphia. It would dampen my spirits if we lose even one of the game against the Knicks.

* 127 point is a season high for the Raptors.

* How many times do we have to hear out the names of the TV crew in the truck? Chuck, stop yelling out their names and saying us how great they are. They’re mediocre as can be, hardly a game goes by where the auidence doesn’t miss at least three plays. Besides, if every time somebody got a shout-out for just doing their job, all we’d be doing is shouting shit out.

* Chris Bosh is The Top Rap.


39 Responses to “Chris Bosh’s 40 make Dwight Howard’s 37 seem quiet”

  1. AltRaps said

    Great piece.

    What frightens me about Orlando is what frightens me about Toronto: what team are they? Are they the guys who went into Detroit and laid a beat down (without a great game from Howard) or are they the lost puppies that played in Toronto tonight and had Stan punching his chair? (which, by the way, was the second best thing I’ve seen him do, next to decking Vince Carter)

    We played very well, but, admittedly, I have to think we caught Orlando just right: second night of a back to back, after they play a physical team, and after the allstar break.

    RE: Kapono…as much as I’ve trashed him this year, as I said in my breakdown yesterday, I think he needs a taste of the starting lineup just to see if he can pull people off Bosh. If Kapono can hit 2 or 3 3s in the first 8 minutes, you have to think the opposition pulls someone off Bosh if they are doubling, or re-think sending someone at him off the wing. If he misses, pull him. I still think 8-12 points from him in the first quarter offsets and defensive liabilities he brings. Plus, his wife is hot.

  2. PsychicSpy said

    OK… after watching last night’s demolition… I’d say for the ** first time ** that this team is somewhat better than last year’s 47 win team.

    With Bargs regressing and Kapono a seemingly permanent non-factor… how can this be? Well… the emergence of Jose as a shooter, Moon who had a very nice game last night (17/12), and the Delfino, who’s like a streaky Garbo.

    We are likely the 3rd best team in the East… which makes us the 10th best team in the NBA. Still a long way to go… but every reason to be optimistic.

    Let’s not freak out if we split with the Knicks.

  3. cuzzy said

    Watching this game I felt we were watching similar teams. Meaning it could of easily been Orlando shooting well and the Raps getting beaten.

    Neither plays much d.

    I do like the Raps chances if they play the Magic in the playoffs. Lewis is a floater and is not worth 126 mill.

    The Raps can’t lose any of these upcoming games to the shits of the league.

  4. Wham said

    ^^ We’re 3rd best in the East if Varejao is out for Cleveland and Arenas for Washington. I don’t know if we take them in the playoffs but this game also changed my outlook on the Magic..these guys are very beatable.

    Calderon is so consistent that we don’t even talk about him that much, we’ve gotten used to his excellence. His shooting is deadly, second best shooter on the team easily.

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  6. jjdynomite said

    Ugh, Arse, are you going to bring out the green pen again? Double ugh, I just can’t start Bargs on my fantasy team anymore. Not if I want to win this season.

    Oh great, AltRaps is here to bring his pearls of wackdom to an otherwise excellent blog. Yeah, sure, let’s put Kapono in the STARTING LINEUP in the East where 3s like Pierce, Shard, Wince/Jefferson, Tayshaun, LeBron, Caron and J-Smoove (and those are just the playoff teams) would be licking their chops. Kapono was -8 in last night’s BLOW OUT. The only Raptor who was worse was Dixon at -15 in 5 less minutes (AND he was playing out of position). Delfino and AP can “pull people off Bosh” as they can hit open 3s too — and they aren’t total jokes on defence.

    I don’t think Kapono is long for the Raps, especially if Delfino re-ups. None of us knew, including BC, that Jose, let alone Delfino, would be SO good at hitting deep shots this season (contrary to AltRaps’ dubious statements on his blog that Jose “all along” should have been seen as starter material). Kapono’s profile is at an all-time-high thanks to two-in-a-row at the 3-point contest; Riley has said how much he misses the spacing Kapono brought; and the Raps have enough of that and not enough D. So say goodbye to his hot wife, boys; and ladies like my girlfriend won’t mind the Cali prettyboy’s departure either since Delfino is her new dreamboy.

  7. Sam is COY said

    Calderon needs to play smarter D, and just let the other PG shoot jumpers, not penetrate.

    I didn’t mind Moons jumpers tonight. He seems to be making the open ones, not forcing it, and even taking a step in to for a better shot attempt. Call me crazy but wouldn’t it help us if he actually gains a legit short jumper/3 ball? His form wasn’t that bad either.

  8. Sam is COY said

    jjdynomite > you STILL have Bargs on your fantasy team?

    LOL @ Delfino being a dreamboy, my wife actually said that he should have his own hair product commercial. :)

  9. AltRaps said

    Guess your girl likes the eyeliner look, JJ….better look into the Shoppers Drug Mart sales flyer.

    It will be interesting to see what interest Kapono would garner, given that the Raptors were the only ones interested and basically outbid themselves. You’re asking a team to take on an insane salary. So, who do you want from the Knicks?

    This team is made up of dubious defenders, thanks to the brainfart GM. I’d rather see a guy who can hit shots and not defend on the floor rather than an overhyped rookie and a horrible #1 pick, especially given that if he does get burned, you have sturdy backups…as opposed to our bigs who have the equivalent of an old washcloth backing them up. (oh and another guy that we overbid on, Maceo Baston).

  10. PsychicSpy said

    I’ll go along with Wham. Using any Power Rating system Toronto is 2-4 points better than Cleveland (I have them 3.7 points better)…. but the Cavs are built for the playoffs with LeBron able to dominate at will.

    But Washington has played about the same with or without Arenas.

    So Raps are #3 in the East on paper… but probably #5 under playoff conditions.

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  12. PsychicSpy: this team is much better than last year, the only problem is that boston is much better, and if you remember, we took 4 of 5 from them. that is three less wins if all else is equal, which puts us at a couple games over 500, however, if we close out february strong, we can push that total much higher. i totally agree with your assessment of the east. would have been interesting if bc could have pried joe smith from the bulls, he would have filled low post scoring and rebounding.

    AltRaps: i don’t think kapono works on the starting lineup. he doesn’t defend at the three nearly good enough to offset for the potential offense. moon has a hard enough time with the 3s in the east, kapono will get owned. kapono had the luxury of shaq in miami. i kind of think it was shaq who created space for kapono, and not kapono spreading the floor…maybe i am just being cynical as jj brought it to my attention recently, lol.

    jjdynomite: the only teams that will trade for kapono is someone in the west who is just getting desperate. i doubt anything happens though, i bet the only trade will be juan dixon for an equally useless player.

    arsenalist: i am with you, if the raptors lose one to the knicks this weekend, i am pretty sure i will piss jjdynomite off even more with the tirade i will go off on…that being said, the knicks are really unpredictable, and they could just go off. still…bad things a comin if the raptors drop one of the games…i might throw something at smitch if they do, i got good seats for sunday.

  13. Red Rebounder said

    My God AltRaps!! Kapono in the starting lineup? If he can’t score against the second unit, how’s he going to score against the starters?

    Moon’s jumpers are the class ‘bad shot unless it goes in’. I observed him stepping in a couple steps before shooting too, good idea.

    This team is better than last year’s. Delfino’s better than Mo Pete and Calderon’s grown as player. Kapono sucks but at least his man isn’t causing chaos on defense for anybody else.

    Bargnani sucked but if we’re looking at game logs, lets look at his point production:

    20, 13, 3, 19, 28, 22, 14, 16, 12, 14, 4

    Not that bad for a guy who’s going through hell this season. IMO he’s still a candidate for a trade in the off-season if he finishes the season well enough to have some trade value.

  14. PapiJulio said

    AltRaps–> “i don’t think kapono works on the starting lineup. he doesn’t defend at the three nearly good enough to offset for the potential offense”

    I agree. Kapono would NOT be quick enough to guard starting SF. He’d get exposed & our starters would have to help too much, casuing the team to lose their rythem. But… I think Kapono will impress people in the playoffs off the bench. He has quailty playoff minutes under his belt. I think he’ll earn his 6 million in the playoff. Sam has been juggling the line-up all year and hasn’t utilized Kapono yet.

    As much as I liked the win, it did demostrate how deadly we can be when we hit our shoots. Plus, it’s very contagious. But… if those shots weren’t falling, (Thanks to Bosh & Calderon)our defense would have exposed us again. You can’t always win by scoring a lot of points. We have to play better team-defense. The Magic scored 110 points. I’d be a lot happier with a 95-85 score. Defense wins playsoff, not points.

    I didn’t have to listen to Chuck & Leo because of the live internet feed. Those announcers don’t get over excited & kiss everyone’s ass like Chuck does to get ahead.

    Finally the All-Star competition is over and Moon can play with some urgency again. Moon was tracking rebounds, hustling, playing defense, trying to block again. But….he almost blew our rythem with the deep 3-balls again. Just when things go good for the Raptors, mixing up the plays with inside & outside, Moon starts jacking 3-Ball’s because he hit one. We need inside presents. That’s why you are here Moon. !!!!DON”T SHOOT!!!! Drive or Swing!!!!

    Ok, can the Aliens please give us back Calderon. Or maybe we will just keep this new guy who looks exaclty like Calderon but plays like ‘Super-Calderon’. Yeah, the Aliens can keep him now that I think about it.

  15. arsenalist said

    @AltRaps: Starting Kapono is a little too crazy for me. Red Rebounder’s explanation is good enough.

    @PsychicSpy: I think this team has the capability of exceeding the 47 win total but has an equal shot at advancing in the playoffs than last years squad. Major problems from last year still haven’t been addressed.

    @Cuzzy: Difference between the Magic and Raptors is that we have more depth. They’ve been able to win a lot of games because Howard and Turkoglu have just carried them big time in close games.

    @Wham: Totally agree.

    @jjdynomite: You’re right, I don’t think we can keep Kapono while re-upping Delfino. I’m not one for reading too much into +/- numbers but seeing how much Kapono is struggling to get his shot off, between him and Bargs, my money is on Andrea to find his rhythm first. The green font isn’t coming back for a while.

    @Sam is COY: Excellent point, I missed saying this in the post. Jameer Nelson was having too much success driving to the rim and Leo even pointed this out by urging Calderon to test Nelson’s jumper instead of allowing him to drive. This definitely would’ve been a big talking point had we lost.

    @RaptorsTalk: If we lose the Knicks, it’ll definitely be a big disappointment. They’ve had a few good wins here and there, one against Detroit too so one can always point to that and say that it can happen to anybody. Besides, when was the last time we swept the Knicks in a season? 3-1 against them would be acceptable but 4-0 is very possible.

    @Red Rebounder: Agreed in your analysis but I’m 50-50 on giving up on Bargnani unless a very obvious trade props up. I don’t want to trade someone else’s problem with potential. That ‘potential’ word has always thrown me a curveball. I don’t know when to give up on it and stop waiting for it to develop. I think we’ll have a very, very clear indication of how good Bargnani will be at the end of 08-09. I know some of you have already made up your mind about him and it’s very hard to argue with you (especially about rebounding) but I still think even if we have to trade him, we should wait until his value is higher.

    @PapiJulio: Moon was awesome tonight but I want to see him play with the same intelligence more often. I totally disagreed with Leo’s comment that we haven’t seen a drop-off in his game from early in the season. I love what RaptorsNation is doing by showing the other team’s feed. For those who haven’t check it out, do so:

  16. jjdynomite said

    Juan Brixton’s been traded for a player who is not a PG:

    Doesn’t sound like it’s Pietrus since he makes more than Juan, so it’s probably a raw Big. I guess Delfino will be handling the second-string point until TJ’s healthy enough.

  17. jjdynomite said

    Smitch just updated the article, it’s Primoz Brezec:

    Maybe he can join up with Bargs to act as goalposts for TFC and Arse can start blogging about them again.

  18. wow, i take primo brezec, all it cost us was juan…thats positive man!

  19. PapiJulio said

    Interesting…. a 7’1″ Slovenia Center. Not sure we’ll need him. What is BC up too… this trade bait for next year?????

  20. AltRaps said

    he’s a $10mil guy in the last year of his deal. Worthless unless he plays. If he does, who does he take the time away from? You extended Humphries, so does it make sense to sit him and let him waste? The all-great Rasho? Hey, maybe he and Maceo can go suit shopping while JJ buys eyeliner!! Awwww….


  21. Crank said

    Another Euro, what a fucking shock?? He’s a 7′ 1″ dude who sounds to me a lot like Rasho.

    Can’t be worse than Dixon, at over 7 feet, he’s good for something right?? Rebounding maybe? Huh?

    He’s expiring too, my take is BC did this deal for some cash hoping. Play him 48 minutes, he might get you 8.3 rebounds, that’s better than Bargnani’s 7.2. I’m already starting to like this guy.

  22. arsenalist said

    It’s good to see that Colangelo’s comfortable with a first round exit again. This trade does nothing for us, if Baston can’t crack the lineup, neither can Brezec. At least Juan Dixon played a few minutes here and there. Typical Maurizio Gherardini influenced Colangelo acquisition.

  23. PapiJulio said

    Primoz Brezec -2.75 Million
    Juan Dixon- 2.9 Million

    Both Contracts expire at the end of season. If Primoz Brezec plays at all it will mean Bargs, Rasho or Bosh will sit. Maybe it’s because of all the foul trouble Bargs gets in early. That would be devasting in the playoff. But…. if he gets in trouble at least we can throw in this guy to take up room down low without screwing up the rotaion.

    That’s my 2 cents… probably worth at least a penny…

  24. Darrick Martin said

    Great trade for B.C. He was forced to make something happen as Dixon would have been closer to taking his disinterest in the organization public causing a stir. With the Cavs improving through their blockbuster trade, the Magic are our logically first round opponent. With Brezec, we now have another serviceable man to tend to D12 and aid in our deficiency in rebounding as he has shown he has the skills to score/rebound when he was with Charlotte.

    Everyone expects a miracle to come out of this trade but it is clear that Dixon has no trade value as a player whatsoever and if this trade doesn’t pan out, Brezec’s contract expires so no harm done.

    You guys have to remember that B.C. is still in the ‘rebuilding’ process of this franchise and will make a bigger dent in the organization via trades next year when Rasho’s contract expires.

  25. jjdynomite said

    Oh come on, Arse, you’re such a party pooper. Think of the positives; I meant to say that all 3 of Bargs, Brezec AND Rasho would form good TFC goalpoasts, if Brezec and Rasho pick Bargs up by his shoulders and waist and hoist him above them. They all love football, er, soccer, right?

    But seriously, the Raps were not going to do squat this postseason anyway; their Rashard Lewis-like splash (or at least, cap cleared for a killer FA) is set for next year’s trade deadline. This was all part of BC’s master plan, which I still think is worth following through, although AltRaps and RapsFan would counter-argue that he is full-of-shit, which is their prerogative.

    BUT…since the main contenders in the East (Celts, Pistons and now Cavs) are all pretty old — all their stars except for Lebron, if you can count Big Ben and Wally World as stars anymore, are over 30 — I see in 2 years the Raps, Magic and maybe 1-2 of Atlanta/Milwaukee/Charlotte/Washington that doesn’t implode in the offseason, as being the Beasts of the East. Silly optimist me.

  26. AltRaps said

    @Darrick – What you say is completely opposite of what Eric Smith stated on his blog after speaking to Dixon. And, sure, BC is rebuilding, but you have to question whether it is smart to bring in another big that will sit or have more insurance in case TJ turns into simply a bedsheet blowing in the wind the rest of this season. Carlos Delfino is now our last man standing at the point.

    @Papi – good points, but wasn’t that what was said about Maceo?

    @Arsenalist – dead on, as usual.

  27. Darrick Martin said

    AltRaps: we still have Darrick Martin as our last line of defense on the PG spot and he has outplayed Dixon several times this year at the PG spot.

    To edit my previous post, we will be probably playing Cleveland in the first round playoffs. Have you seen their new big lineup now consisting of Ilguaskas, Wallace, Smith, Varajeo whom all are big rebounders? I’d like to think of Brezec has a cheap big man rental and leave it at that.

  28. arsenalist said

    I’ve had a chance to take a piss, get some Tim Hortons, look at Primoz’s numbers, evaluate our current big men and I conclude that this is an insignificant trade. Mainly because I don’t see Primoz getting much playing time under Sam’s regime. He’s behind Bargs and Rasho in the depth chart and I don’t think Hump is deserving to be bumped further down.

    Having said that if we meet Cleveland in a first-round matchup as Darrick Martin says, we could use his big body for what it’s worth. I want to reserve judgement until I see him play. I’m not saying it’s a bad trade (because the parts involved wash each other out), it’s just not the trade that improves this team by a measurable margin.

    We’re lucky to get anything for Juan Dixon (although I would’ve settled for a pick – those can be stockpiled), I’m just disappointed that BC was unable to get a slightly more proven big man in a slightly larger trade.

  29. PapiJulio said

    AltRaps–> Yeah, but Maceo didn’t do anything. Hopefully this bigger guys will at least take up room and grab a borad or 2…. if we need him. Like said trading Dixon for a big is a positive. We still have TJ and Delfino can play the back-up PG spot.

  30. Darrick Martin said

    This trade does not mean in a thing in the grand scheme of things but trading a 6’2 player for a 7’1 player imo is a steal and if you look at Brezec’s numbers from his 05-06 campaign, he has shown to have the abilities to pitch in. (;_ylt=AmHzbKo3d7wARWFBWMmJZY.kvLYF?year=2005)

  31. arsenalist said

    ^^ Agreed, assuming he actually plays. What does he do that Rasho doesn’t? Isn’t the reason he was traded from Charlotte because he couldn’t crack the rotation there behind Okafor and Co? Funny how that’s the exact same reason he was traded from Detroit. And even funnier is that he’s in the exact same situation in Toronto.

  32. well, with cleveland getting wallace, sczerbiak, west and some other dude, this move does not keep pace. but trading an inconsequential small for an inconsequential big never hurts. this must be a cap move. not sure brezec is part of the grand scheme jjdynomite, but at least he made a move, and the raptors got a bit bigger. i’ll reserve judgement until i see how primo is used. i would have rather had hermann, but what can you do?

    one huge positive, we have a guy on the raptors called primo, thats … primo!

  33. AltRaps said

    Okay, so someone needs to make up their mind: we trade a big for a small = great!…we trade a small for a big = great! Which is it? :)

    Darrick Martin…I know, but that doesn’t say much. No offense, but if TJ goes down, no fan should be FANatical at the Calderon/Martin tandem. Has Martin even played five consecutive games with half decent minutes this season? He’d be a bag of wind in the playoffs.

    Papi…how do we KNOW if Maceo can do anything? He played well overseas and hasn’t played too bad in garbage time and he has the $$$ that BC thought he was worth.

    I think Primoz has potential, always have. However, I can’t see Mitchell looking down the bench and pointing to another big white guy to sub in. He has his wacky sub pattern in his head and he’s sticking to it.

  34. PsychicSpy said

    After reading much of the now 63 page trade thread… I would pick this one by “Tha Cynic”, it gets to the heart of the matter:

    “It’s not really surprising. When you have Bargnani penciled in as the future C, there is no way we can really improve this team. We can make lateral moves, but any significant trade for a big will conflict with Bargnani’s playing time and we can’t have that now can we. So even if we were able to make a big deal it wouldn’t have addressed our interior problems to begin with. Unless we trade Bargnani and find someone to play alongside Bosh who compliments his game, this team will never be true contenders.”

  35. arsenalist said

    Man, I turn out to be a villain real fast on RealGM. I think it was my mention of disappointment in Colangelo not improving this team that set shit off starting with the “year 2 of rebuilding” from “killing our cap” arguments which are both somewhat extreme excuses for not addressing an immediate need. More on this tomorrow.

  36. PapiJulio said

    AltRap—> 31-year-old, six-foot-10 Power forward was here before bounced around and wound up back here. I’ve seen him come of the bench enough when we Way Up OR Way Down. He’s been with the team enough to show he doesn’t fit here. He might be OK at best at the PF spot, but we have too many PF’s already. Plus Maceo is too small to back up the center spot. I agree Maceo did have a good showing over sea’s.

    Wow, Cleveland! Hold on tight Detroit, you got competition!

  37. Jeff W. said

    Great piece as usual, man. And I completely agree with your assessment on the Dixon for Brezec trade. As good a team we can be, none of our apparent weaknesses up front or on the perimeter were addressed at all. Bargnani/Nesterovic/Brezec has to be the worst rebounding rotation of seven-footers the L has to offer. DeSagana Diop from NJ (no trading restrictions would have applied by himself) or even Mickael Pietrus from GS, whom we expressed prior interest in before, could have at least served a meaningful purpose in our rotation without hindering our cap flexibility at the same time. I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic but we had a chance to improve our team and we didn’t.

    – The Answer!

  38. AltRaps said

    Okay, Papi…..Then why did Liar sign him to a 2year deal at such an insane amount?

    Guess he has a better basketball mind than all of us. He is my hero. Yay.

  39. honestly, maceo is worth maybe $750,000 per year. and only because he is tall and quick – the nba rewards tall guys. he excelled playing in europe, because he is a big fast dude, but has done nothing in any of his stops in the nba where you have to have skill to go along with your athletic ability.

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