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Jamario Moon got robbed

Posted by Arsenalist on February 17, 2008

One usually give two shits about the dunk contest but this year it would’ve been nice to see the crown return to Toronto and the Raps get a sweep of the top two ASSN competitions. Kapono’s demolition of the field (take that Lebron you pompous little prick) wasn’t a surprise and if anything, I was shocked he missed the one shot on the final rack which would’ve given him 26 on the night, thus breaking Craig “I practice 3s two months before the competition” Hodges’ record. When open, the man is deadly. When covered, he’s a waste of the MLE.

jamario moon dunk competition 2008

jamario moon dunk competition 2008

jamario moon dunk competition 2008

What was slightly depressing but deserving was Moon’s early exit thanks to some suspect judging which put a high value on props rather than substance. You’ve all seen this video by now which prompted many a pundit to pick him as the favorite and increased the size of Moon’s head by a 600% margin. That’s the only reason I can explain why he completely forgot that NBA rules stipulate that you must use another player to assist in one of the two dunks in the first round. When Moon did his first dunk he forgot to use a player thus forcing him to use Kapono as the assist-man on the FT line dunk – which is impossible because you need your full momentum and can’t be bothered to catch a pass, just ask Michael Jordan. The anti-climax that followed was a dunk from just inside the FT line, something very impressive but negated by the pre-competition hype and the really bad and unnecessary idea of marking the take-off spot which you miss by two feet.

Darrel Dawkins gave Moon an 8 on his second dunk which ultimately proved the difference. Moon’s dunk deserved at least a 9 which would’ve tied him with Gerald Green forcing a dunk-off. It’s not the low-score on Moon’s dunk that bugged me, it’s the high score on Gerald Green’s “Let’s put Rashard McCants on a ladder and have him pass me the ball” dunk which got all 9’s. This dunk was practically and alley-yoop, but easier. At least on an alley-yoop the pass has a chance of being off-target thus forcing the player to improvise and apply the needed correction, in this case all he had to do was catch it and slam it. This was possibly the worst dunk of them all and the sole reason why Moon was a spectator for the final round. The ball was caught on it’s way down and it wasn’t even that high to begin with (Rudy Gay’s alley-oop in the Rookie/Sophomore game was much higher). The windmill added a nice touch but that’s been played out. The candle-dunk was nice but not close to being as impressive as Moon’s left-handed near-FT-line catch-and-dunk of Kapono’s pass, yet it got nothing less than a 9. You might think I’m biased but I’m not evaluating this as a Raptor fan, but as an impartial observer.

The Superman dunk wasn’t even a dunk. It’s hard for me to look past that, this is the All-Star DUNK competition and you must DUNK the ball in order to get a score. Once again, props over substance. Take a look a the two pics below, you know what the main difference is? One of them was a dunk.

michael jordan poster 1988 dunk

dwight howard dunk contest superman

Dwight Howard did deserve to win, but Moon would’ve provided much better competition in the final round than Gerald Green who still thinks that the “between the legs” is more than just a treadmill move. Rudy Gay’s dunks weren’t all that bad, his second dunk was impressive, it was basically the same as Dwight Howard’s behind-the-backboard dunk except at a slightly more convenient angle which the judges will never pick up on unless they see a replay. The judges need to see a replay before they give a score, you can only measure the impressiveness of a dunk once you see it at a few different angles, evaluate the verticality, the body angle, the force etc.

Why does Magic Johnson open his mouth? Does he ever have anything to say besides inane banter? The TNT crew would do well by kicking out Magic and inside-joke King Reggie Miller. Kenny Smith’s been using the “Let’s go home” line since VC2000, it’s time to find new material.

Either Jamario Moon should make another YouTube video which shows what he can really do OR he should do something in-game – doesn’t matter if he travels or carries, just throw one down to get some face back.

How about the Atlanta Hawks acquiring Mike Bibby for next to nothing to strengthen their playoff push while Bryan Colangelo sits and waits. The only reason he’ll make a move is if his hand is forced and I’m glad Juan Dixon’s doing that right now.

Till another day. Grab the feed.

20 Responses to “Jamario Moon got robbed”

  1. cuzzy said

    Yeah Howard threw it in…..flash over substance just like you said.

    Moon can flat out jam and he gained a lot of fans this weekend.

    The whole TNT crew blows when there is a lot of filler time.

    Cheryl Miller blows, she can’t even speak properly.

    That whole evening could of been tightened up to 2 hrs and cut out all the filler.

    Kapono comes off as a meathead.

    Looking forward to some real games again.

  2. PsychicSpy said

    The dunk contest is not serious. At all. It’s like the Harlem Globetrotters plus the Fat Caricature that was once Magic. I’m sure Jamario understands this. Meanwhile, his clips have now had > 3,000,000 views on YouTube… making him a bona fide NBA star.

    And why are you putting Dixon’s interests ahead of the team’s interests. Juan has no meaningful trade value. At 29… he’s had a good run. The $3 million coming off the cap is worth more than anything you can get for Dixon.

    Now is the time to trade Kapono to a playoff team that needs a shooter. His “I only shoot uncontested 3s” to pad my stats CON worked on Bryan… and it may work again on the next GM.

  3. Jason D said

    Thank you for addressing this.

    Dunking from the free throw line off a bounce pass with your left hand is not an “8”… Moon and Howard should have been in round 2.

    saying all that is worth a 9 alone.

  4. jjdynomite said

    Yo Arse, we’re going to have to agree to disagree on “Jamario got robbed”. Yeah, it’s frustrating that he was only 1 point away from the Finals, but that’s as far as it goes for me.

    The whole Joey-Graham-Turn-The-Camera-Down video, coupled with putting the tape beyond the FT line further wetting our appetites that Jamario would actually pull it off, coupled with the mis-use of Kapono as you mentioned, leaves Jamario with only himself to blame. The fact is, he fell victim to his own hype, and there were lots of things he could have done better.

    For those criticizing GG’s cupcake dunk and Howard’s Superman dunk carrying them through, it’s a SHOWCASE; the reason the contest was suspended between 1998-1999 was that guys were doing the same thing over-and-over and it was dull. Wince set the bar post-2000 and now you have to use gimmicks to top it, because let’s face it, only J-Rich’s winner has come even close to any of the three masterpieces Wince pulled in 2000.

    So compare Jamario’s “sneak preview” (that failed) with Dwight’s, (disregading the fact that the video is sponsored by Vitamin Water):

    Howard actually exhibited some of the dunks that he ended up pulling off (such as the tap off the backboard and behind-the-backboard). Quite a bit different than Joey Graham “hiding” the camera for something that never happened. I guess we’ll find out next year, if Jamario is invited back; hopefully he’s learned his lesson.

    P.S. On a side note, Arse, when I first read your sentence, referring to Kap-one, I thought I read: “When coverING, he’s a waste of the MLE.” Well, we’re both right. ;-)

  5. arsenalist said

    jjdynomite, you can’t tell me you thought Gerald Green had better dunks than Jamario? I understand it’s a showcase and you have to get creative but eventualy the substance must shine through. I think Jamario’s hype eventually brought him down because I really think if he hadn’t done that business with the tape, he would’ve gotten 9s and 10s on the FT line dunk because it was an impressive dunk. The judges were looking at the tape the whole way long.

    Plus, Jamario robbed means he should’ve made it to the final round instead of Green, not he should’ve won.

  6. Crank said

    For sure Moon deserved to be in the finals..he doesn’t beat Howard but gives him a good fight. Moon’s dunks were better than Green’s easily. That candle blowing so overshadowed how mediocre that dunk really was. Rudy Gay’s second dunk was good but his first one sucked so bad that it didn’t matter.

    Jamario hyped it up way too much for his own good. He shoulda just stepped up and done some crazy shit and let others do the talking. Totally agree on him making another YouTube vid or pulling some in-game shit in a blowout or something.

  7. SAMisCOY said

    I really wish that the ASG’s had money on the line for the competitors. Big–Sponsorship–Money. Would people pay $$$ to see Wince vs Kobe vs LBJ, etc.? East vs West with bonus money for the team + xtra money for charities.

    How come Nash was in the 3 pt shoot out but not Ray Allen? or Michael Redd?

  8. Red Rebounder said

    I doubt Dixon’s going to get us the rebounding help we need…Psychic is probably right, best thing might be that he come off the books. That or package him with Graham/Kapono for something meaningful.

  9. Wham said

    jjdynomite – “For those criticizing GG’s cupcake dunk and Howard’s Superman dunk carrying them through, it’s a SHOWCASE; ”

    That’s true but its going too far and good dunks aren’t being credited because theyre not gimmicky enough. Both of Moon’s dunks were better than Green and Gay’s 2nd dunk was better.

    Arsenalist – great point on the replays, those judges are hoisting the signs up the second after the dunk. At least take a peek at it on the monitor first.

  10. jjdynomite said

    We’ll just have to disagree guys, I like the gimmicks; in this YouTube generation, we can see way better gimmick-free dunks online anyway. And let’s face it, if Jamario wasn’t a Raptor this wouldn’t be a topic of conversation. But enough about Jamario, the kid has gotten enough props for one season.

    As for the All Star Game itself, it’s such a shame that Jose wasn’t picked; ya think he couldn’t have put on a better performance (or thrown more solid alley-oop passes) than Joe Johnson or Jamison? (Sheed and Ray Ray were *unsurprisingly* BETTER replacement picks than Johnson or Jamison to begin with!) Hedo + Jose >>> Johnson + Jamison.

    Plus, the uniform designer(s) should be fired. Not everyone has HDTV and the switch between blue/silver vs. gold/white of whatever Wizards-alternate-jersey-like uniforms they had on (that switched colours depending on whether they were running forward or backwards) was ridiculous.

  11. coach said

    maybe Dixon’s demand to be traded will wake up B.C. from his long sleep.
    but i doubt if he can get anyone substantial to juan dixon . maybe , a ‘juan’ howard but certainly not a ‘juan’ wade !

  12. unicorn said

    you got it right on the money.

  13. Tuikip said

    Yes Moon was robbed! And for all the vertical that Green possesses, he does very little… James White should have been in last years dunk contest, then he probably would’nt be in Turkey now…

  14. shimajer said

    Wow, moon definitely got robbed. I couldn’t believe Green advanced to the finals with that bcake dunk. I bet any of them could have done it, it wasn’t even that hard. Dhoward deserved to win. But Moon should had advanced too. His final dunks included a 360 with two balls and another crazy dunk.

    Did anyone ever jump from free throw line, while catching the ball and finish it with a clean dunk? Who’s the loser who gave him a 8?

    DR.J is so annoying, he keeps talking nonstop. And Magic? get out of here, you don’t know nothing about dunks. Let’s admit it, Dhoward had the slight advantage, he was better known, more popular, the judges were on his side to begin with.

    I just hope Moon post a youtube video of all the hidden dunks and come back next year, and get that trophy.

    PS. Green is cocky, but it’s all good, he will be back on the bench lol

  15. Jason D said

    I’m sorry but you dont have to be a raptors fan to see how the judges rigged it so that Howard and Green would go at it in the final round.

    For those wondering why Jamario Moon failed at his last dunk was because no one had informed him he had to use a partner for a 1st round dunk. He basically pulled that one out right cuz he had to.

    Also if he was to make it to the final round he had these dunks lined up:

    “Had Moon reached the final he said he had a two-ball dunk with a 360-degree spin, a between the legs dunk and another from behind the basket ready to go.”

    Those are definitly more competition then what green put up.

    This information and the whole story can be found at this article:

  16. honestly…i am glad moon didn’t win. he had a hard enough time focusing during the stretch leading up to the dunk off, if he won it, i think it would have been really tough for him to come back down. he would be jacking shots, and doing things out of role for him for the rest of the season.

    as far as the craig hodges jab, that was a bit harsh man. dude didn’t have a whole lot man, he got 8 minutes and 2 shots a game, made nothing, and had no real career. kapono has already passed him in probably every statistical category you could imagine.

    dont get me wrong, i’m a big asshole when it comes to these sorts of things (fuck gibson), but i would have given hodges a pass.

    also, jason d, i can appreciate that he was notified of the rules, but come on man, we’re all adults here. you gotta know the rules of the game before you enter. that’s like saying you didn’t know the rule about getting off the bench during a fight…not a defense.

  17. Jason D said

    raptorstalk –

    If you haven’t noticed he just came to the NBA a few months ago and it was even a surprise to him that he was invited to the dunk contest to begin with.

    Also I’m simply sharing the reason why he did not get to show his full potential at the contest and had to resort to the pass from Kapono.

    and yes, u are an ass. thanks for sharing.

  18. BIGRICKccg816 said


  19. JORDAN said

    Jordan is beast and always will be

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